Revlon Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser Review

Monday, June 10, 2024

Revlon Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser Review

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Growing up hair washing day was always a huge challenge.When I was young, my mom used to roll my hair with the old school curlers. I would stand in the sun for almost half the day to get the hair to dry completely. We later upgraded to a sit-in hairdryer at home, which took 2 hours to dry my hair with the old-fashioned curlers. The results were the same: beautiful bouncy curls. Moving on to high school, we received the nifty blow-dryer that everyone, including the salon, swears by. We ditched the rollers and went straight to the salon process, automatically cutting hair drying time from 2 hours to an hour. Results were just as beautiful as the old-school way, but balancing the brush and the heavy hair dryer in both hands proved challenging. This resulted in significant bicep muscle transformation. If you didn't have a good technique like professional hairdressers, your hair would be dry but wild and static. Fast forward to the present day, Revlon was the first ever hair blow-dry brush I had seen on the market. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a two in one product that would dry and style my hair in a nick of time. I thought this would be a perfect solution for tired arms in addition to saving on packing space when travelling. I have been using the Revlon Salon One Step Hair Dryer brush for more than a year. Here is my in-depth review of whether it lives up to the hype. 

The Revlon styler is described as a volumizing hot air brush. It aims to dry hair and style it at the same time. It promises faster drying time and beautiful voluminous hair without frizz. This blow-dry brush claims to reduce breakage by 36% and add twice as much shine. The styler has a brush and built-in motor with Ionic Technology. The negative ions break down water droplets on the hair, resulting in less damage as the heat is reduced. This process helps to condition and smooth the hair, causing less frizz and static. The brush has a ceramic coating, along with multiple air vents for even heat distribution, reducing further heat damage. This is a blow-dry brush, and should therefore be used on wet hair only. Once your hair is dry, do not go over it again repeatedly, as this will cause heat damage. Blow-dry brushes are designed to dry and style wet hair at the same time, therefore continuous use on already dried hair will result in heat damage.

The Revlon styler is built with a sleek and user-friendly design. It has a slender handle that is easy to manoeuvre while blow drying. The brush head is an oval shape, along with a cool tip at the top. This tip never heats up, which is super helpful when swirling the brush around to create beautiful blowout curls. The head comes in a tangle-free bristle combination. The comb and tufted natural bristles grip the hair well, producing good tension to create sleek blow dried tresses. There are 3 heat settings to choose from, cool, medium and high. The brush can get quite hot if used for long periods, thus the three heat settings are much appreciated for desired results. The hot brush feels lightweight in the hands, making the drying process a pleasant experience. The technique for drying and styling the hair is all in your wrists. You have to swivel the brush to create a beautiful blowout look. The brush and cord make for an easy tangle-free swivel application. 

I have heard that some women struggle to use the brush and say their hair looks more frizzy after use. There is a technique for using a blow-dry brush to get beautiful results. Firstly, you must choose the right heat setting that works for your hair type. I have thick to medium coarse hair. I prefer my setting on medium heat as it gives me the right amount of air to create a beautiful blowout style. If your hair is on the thin side, consider the cool setting, and if your hair is thicker, the higher setting will do. When blow drying my hair, I like to divide it into two sections. I start from the back with one section, working my way up. Always remember, taking smaller sections of hair will likely get smoother and sleeker results, as the heat is concentrated in smaller areas. Bigger sections result in a denser area for the heat to penetrate through. Thus your hair will be fuller but less smooth. Do not go over the same section more than four times in a row, as you will be causing heat concentration on one side alone. Instead, alternate the brush between the front and back sections of the hair you are drying. It causes even results, less damage and a sleek look.

I love The Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumiser. It has cut my hair drying time from 1 hour to 30 minutes. The whole process is a breeze and less tedious. The bristles grip the hair well and the air vents in the brush help for even heat distribution. My hair has experienced less breakage and fallout when I use this brush, compared to a regular hair dryer. My tresses are smooth and have a healthy shine. Cleaning the brush head is convenient because you can easily pick out dead hair with a comb. Additionally, I use a sanitary wet wipe to remove any product buildup or scalp residue left on the brush. The styler is travel-friendly and compact which makes for easy storage. There are two sizes available, depending on hair length and density. The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer is affordable and works exceptionally well. I recommend this nifty product.

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