Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Hi Divas!

This is my long awaited Too Faced Born This Way Foundation review. Too Faced is my absolute favourite brand at Sephora. If I could own every Too Faced product ever sold at Sephora I would have lived a happy and full life. No jokes! When the foundation first launched, my heart was aching to get my hands on it. The foundation is described as a 'I woke up like this' coverage. Yes honey, sign me up for that FLAWLESS look! Before I move onto my review, I want to send a huge shout out to Kim from Avery Sweet Blog. I literally stalked her Too Faced foundation blog post till I was blue in the face. Read her foundation review here! I purchased my bottle at Sephora in Qatar. I had a strategy before I went in. After stalking Kim's blog post and figuring out my foundation shade, I decided to walk in Sephora with confidence, pick up my shade and walk straight to the till. Why am I telling you this, you may ask? Firstly, Sephora consultants are sometimes known to give people wrong shade advice. I know this because it has happened to me before. Some are not truly trained and end up guessing what your shade is, like the rest of us. Since I was in a foreign country I couldn't afford to make any shade mistakes with my Hard Earned Money and No Return Policy since I will be more than a 1000's of kilometres away in my own country when I finally break open the bottle. Hence, I did just that! I walked into Sephora picked up the bottle and walked straight to the till. NO REGRETS!

On to the Review:

Born This Way foundation promises to give medium to full coverage while still looking like a second skin. It claims to blur imperfections, and give an undetectable makeup base, hence the 'Born This Way' and I woke up like this' name and tagline. The product is infused with Coconut water to hydrate the skin, Alpine Rose to brighten the face and encourage elasticity. It also has Hyaluronic Acid for a smooth and vibrant appearance. The foundation is packaged in a gorgeous 30ml frosted bottle with a black cap and pump with touches of gold. Too Faced is known for their beautiful packaging and this product deserves full marks in that department. There are 24 shades in the range and I have it in Warm Beige. This is truly the most exact shade match I have ever had in my life. I usually struggle to find my true shade in foundations. I almost always have to mix and match base colours. This foundation shade matches my skin tone to perfection. When I apply the shade you cannot tell the difference between my neck and face, it just blends into one. I am super impressed. In Winter I do have to lighten it slightly. I would mix my Catrice foundation or my Peripera BB cream for a lighter colour.

The texture of the product is like a yoghurt. It is not too stiff and not too runny. It has a creamy consistency. I adore that the foundation has a pump. It definitely gives a mess free application. One pump is enough to cover the whole face for an everyday natural look. I usually do one and a half pumps for a full face. It covers well while still looking natural. With two full pumps it gives me super full coverage to the point where I don't feel like I need to wear concealer sometimes. I have applied the foundation with my hands, brush and a makeup sponge. My best application is with my hands. I prefer this method as I get full coverage while still looking natural. The sponge absorbs way too much product and this foundation is like gold to me so I cannot afford to waste a drop. The brush gives a lovely finish too. If I apply two pumps, I definitely buff it in with a brush for even coverage. On an everyday basis I use one pump and use my hands for a natural look. Once applied on the face it blends well onto the skin. It does not sit on top of the face giving a mask like appearance. It truly looks like your skin but better.

As you can see in the photo above my face looks flawless and so natural. I just love the coverage this foundation gives me. It feels so lightweight on the skin, yet covers dark areas and imperfections. The foundation dries down to a matte and sometimes semi matte finish, depending on your skin type. I have combination skin, therefore I always set my face with a powder. It blends well with cream products and powders too. It does not transfer or move throughout the day. I found that whether my face is dry, oily, or whatever moisturiser or primer I use, my foundation still blends effortlessly and sits comfortably on the face. I have no dry patches, or problems with it sinking into fine lines. I have worn this product in the heat of Summer and the cold chilly Winter and I have to say it has never given me any problems. The coconut water and hyaluronic acid truly help in giving a smooth, radiant and healthy face. It truly is remarkable. I once asked my mom if she could tell if I was wearing anything on my face. She said my face looked perfect but she couldn't tell if I was wearing foundation or not.

 Final thoughts:
There are so many mixed reviews online regarding this product. Many people love it while many hate it too. I am totally in love with it, cannot live without it spectrum. I have no idea why, but this foundation has truly worked well for my skin. I am going to come out and say it, this is my holy grail foundation. I have not used anything to date that has impressed me this much.I loved it so much that I bought a second bottle. If I ever get the chance I would buy a third bottle for safe keeping, LOL. Let me know your thoughts down below. Do you love or hate this foundation? Is it on your wish list? Thank you so much for reading.

Hope you found this review helpful.
Lots of love.
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Pamper Sunday: The Faceshop Real Nature Sheet Masks in Lotus, Peony, Calendula, Red Ginseng Review

Pamper Sunday: The Faceshop Real Nature Sheet Masks Review
Lotus, Peony, Calendula, Red Ginseng

Hi Divas!

As you all know, I am crazy about sheet masks and love trying new varieties. I have discovered some lovely sheet masks on Ebay that won't break the bank. They are all from a well known Korean skincare brand called The Face Shop. These sheet masks are in the Real Nature flower range and come in a pack of three for only $4 (R50). Yes, that is right, $4 (R50)! Three excellent face masks for R50 is such a bargain. One face mask at Clicks or Dischem comes in that price already. Jackpot!!! As you can see I struggle to contain my excitement. I just love finding new skin care products that won't make my wallet cry. Below are my reviews.  Hope you find them helpful.

Red Ginseng: This was my first time using red ginseng and I was pretty taken aback by the strong scent. I had no idea what red ginseng smells like. It takes some time getting used to. I find it quite herbal and medicinal. Red Ginseng has been used in Asia for centuries! Benefits for the skin include anti ageing properties, giving energy and vitality to the skin, anti inflammatory components and more. Out of all the masks I used, I would have to say this one gave the most results. It truly impressed me. Not only did it give moisture to my skin, but my face looked healthy and smooth after two days using this mask. It truly is remarkable. The consistency of the essence is quite runny. You have to be careful when applying it to your face that it does not drip all over the place. The colour of the essence is brown and might stain your clothes. Do wear and old shirt while using the mask. I highly recommend this mask. It gives lovely results.

Lotus: This sheet mask is all about Hydration and keeping your skin fully moisturised. Lotus extract contains Vitamin C and B which boosts radiance and a brighter complexion. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliates and purifies the skin. I find this mask to be very calming and hydrating. It has a milky texture which comforts dry rough skin. I love that the essence has a creamy texture and does not drip down the face and neck. I definitely recommend these if you want a comforting moisturising mask.

Peony: Peony extract has been used in ancient China for medicinal purposes. It is known to have anti inflammatory properties which relieves irritations and treats wounds. This sheet mask is specifically designed for skin radiance. Peony extract brightens the complexion because of the tannin components. After using this face mask my skin is left with a natural and healthy glow. I love the way this mask makes my face feel. I look well rested and radiant. The texture of the essence is gel like and absorbs quickly into the skin. This sheet mask has a lovely floral scent too. 

Calendula: Calendula extract helps soothe dry rough skin. It removes dead skin cells from the surface and treats inflammation. This sheet mask has a floral scent but not overpowering. Definitely smoothes the skin. The mask feels soft and comforting on the face. It is truly great for irritated dry skin. The essence is creamy and nourishing and gives excellent moisture. Since the essence has a thicker consistency it does not drip down the neck as most sheet masks do.

This is me in all my sheet mask glory! Follow me on Snapchat (DIVADESLE) to see more crazy snaps. I am super impressed by the quality of the masks. The actual cotton sheets are sturdy and soft. They fit well on the face and do not break easily or slide off.  All the masks are drenched in essence, so the brand is not holding back on product. I love them and will be buying more. Let me know if you have tried any of the masks and you can recommend some of your favourites to me too.

Lots of love.
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Diva Tips: Difference between Foundations and Concealers

Diva Tips:
Differences between Foundations and Concealers

Hi Divas

Have you ever done something out of habit or because everyone else is doing it, you do it too? That is how I feel sometimes when I apply makeup or see others applying makeup on their faces. When it comes to the beauty world, we as makeup fanatics tend to follow Youtube gurus religiously and copy everything they do. After all they are looking flawless and we want to be beautiful too. Do you ever question why we do what we do? Why do we need a concealer if we have a full coverage foundation? When do we apply concealer? How does everything work together? For someone who does not have a clue about makeup application maybe puzzled by all the 200 steps we do everyday to achieve a gorgeous face. In today's blog post I am going to break it down for you. This post is for those who are curious and new to the makeup realm. Of cause if you are a makeup connoisseur yourself, feel free to leave any tips below. Here we go!

What is a Foundation?
Foundation is a colour correcting base that is meant to even out skintone and give you an overall perfect complexion. It is applied all over the face and neck area with either hands, a brush or makeup sponge depending on the type of base. There are many different formula's of foundations like liquids, creams and powders all catered to your specific skin concern. Women who have oily skin tend to love powder foundations as it gives a matte finish. Women with very dry skin go for liquid luminous foundations for an all day hydrated glow. It is important to always buy a foundation that is suited to your specific skin type and not only the skin colour. This will give you the most natural finish and optimal skin benefits.

What is a Concealer?
Concealer is a more concentrated form of foundation. It is packaged in smaller tubes or jars and has a higher pigmentation. Concealers are meant to spot correct any areas on the face that need slightly more coverage. Areas such as dark under eye circles, eye puffiness and blemishes around the face. Since concealers are packed with higher concentration of pigments it covers imperfections easily. You only need a tiny amount on an area to blend and have excellent coverage. Concealers can be blended out with fingers as the warmth of your hands help blend it out seamlessly. You can also use a sponge or foundation brush.

Why don't we just use Foundation or Concealer only? Why do we need both? 
As mentioned above, foundations are lighter in coverage than concealers. To fully cover blemishes or under eye darkness and puffiness, it is going to take a lot of foundation layers. When applying foundation you want to look as natural as possible and not like a cake layered in icing. In order to cover certain areas, foundation will need to be layered on. Even if you are spot layering, the skin will still crease, flake and look like a mess. I have seen women layering foundation to cover blemishes and it never has a happy ending. The face always looks textured and not even toned. I do agree that there are many high coverage foundations on the market that can cover any sin you ever did. Always remember to use those sparingly and not cake the face. The same concept applies to concealers. Since concealers are heavily pigmented, applying it all over your face can end up making you look like you are wearing a full on mask. If you do not blend it out correctly it can crease heavily on the forehead area especially. Plus concealers do not come in an array of shades like foundation. It will end up being a little too light or dark for your actual skin tone. To even out your entire complexion it is best to find a foundation that matches your skin completely.

When do I apply Concealer?
There is much debate about which comes first, foundation or concealer? I personally prefer to use concealer after I apply foundation because I use it to not only cover my dark circles but to clean up any eyeshadow and eyeliner marks around my eye area. Concealer can be used to correct makeup mistakes and used as a primer before applying eyeshadow. I think it is your personal preference on using either one first. If you are going to be using a powder foundation it is important to always apply liquids and creams before hand. Applying liquids and creams on top of powder can lead to difficulty blending out and heavy creasing. Use the powder to set your concealer and make it last longer.

So where do you go from here?
Firstly, find a foundation and concealer routine that works for you. This will be by trial and error and sometimes money wasted. Trust me, once you find something that works for you, you will never regret it. There are so many different types of foundations and concealers that are excellent which will suit your budget and skin needs. Do remember, not every thing works for everybody. I personally love BB creams and liquid foundations with a little bit of concealer and a mattifying powder all over the face. On the other hand my mom does not like liquids on her face every day. she prefers to use concealer first and dust a foundation powder over her face to set everything. You want to have natural beautiful radiant skin. Do what works for you and makes you happy.


I hope this super long post was helpful. Feel free to leave any tips below.
Thank you so much for reading!
Divalicious kisses.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Review

Urban Decay Perversion
Mascara & 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil

Hi Divas

I hardly show case any Urban Decay products on my blog therefore I am so excited for this review. I bought the Perversion mascara and 24/7 Glide on Pencil at Sephora because it was sold as a duo. Again, I was standing in a queue and couldn't resist throwing this combo in my basket. I purchased these last year but am only using it now. I have seen many big Youtubers using the mascara in tutorials and raving about it. I know from reviews and experience that higher end mascaras and eye liners are usually not as great as drugstore products. Higher end mascaras tend to get clumpy and dry out easier. Higher end eye liners tend to have a shorter life span too as they break easily and are not that durable. I mostly buy my mascaras and eye pencils at Clicks from affordable brands like Essence, Maybelline and Rimmel. How do you feel about the difference between higher end and drugstore mascaras and eye liners. Do you notice a difference or is it all in my head? LOL! On to the review. ;-)

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
This mascara is described as a lengthening and volumizing product. They promise ''Bigger, Blacker and Badder'' lashes in one sweep. That tag line totally sounds like an action hero in a movie, hehehe. The mascara is packaged in a gunmetal colour wand with the iconic urban decay purple brand name on it. The product is quite big compared to other mascaras I have used. The tube is thicker but not heavy as it is made out of plastic. The actual wand is large in size too compared to most mascaras. There are many bristles layered in a zigzag pattern to coat and reach every eye lash. I have super big eyes so the size of the wand is not a problem for me. I think if you have particuarly small eyes, you might find it hard to control the wand without smudging product on your face.

The formula is made up of Hairdensyl and Honey extract to stimulate hair growth and nourish the lashes.The texture of the mascara is creamy. The product glides really well onto the lashes without clumping. There is a definite sign of lift and volume in my eye lashes with just one coat. You can layer this mascara too and it won't smudge or cluster the lashes. The bristles separate the lashes well giving that false lash look. I do not wear false lashes at all so this mascara is perfect for me to create that effect.  I love how this mascara makes my lashes look and feel. The formula is not heavy or sticky on my eyes. It does not dry out my lashes or cause irritation and flaking. My eyelashes look beautiful and I love the glamorous effect it gives when you layer it. The colour is a true black and looks flattering on the eyes. I love this mascara and recommend it if you are looking for a dramatic glam look.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Perversion
I had no idea that there are so many shades available in the 24/7 collection. When I looked on the Sephora website, I counted 35 pencils all in an array of colours. I think it is really great there are so many varieties to choose from. I have the true black shade in Pervasion. I am so super impressed with the colour of this liner. It is one of the truest black shades I have ever seen. It's a deep intense black that reminds me of Kohl and charcoal liners which women in ancient Egypt and India would use to adorn their eyes. This is a super creamy eye pencil that glides on like butter. I have never used such a soft and creamy eye pencil before. The liner applies smoothly on the eyes. The formula is quite soft therefore pressing too hard can cause smudges. You need a controlled hand if you want to achieve a perfect winged liner. Since the product is so creamy when you apply too much pressure it is difficult to control the application of the liner. I recommend using a light hand when drawing a wing.

So how do these pencils perform throughout the day? It lasts pretty well. There are a few smudges under my eyes but nothing too major to complain about. With a setting spray the liner lasts long with minimal smudging. You will need an eye makeup remover to thoroughly cleanse any traces of the product on the eyes, as a foam cleanser is not enough to remove all the product. When it comes to packaging the pencils are made from soft plastic and paper. You will need a good sharpener for the pencils as it is not a twist up liner. I would have preferred if the liners were in a twist up casing as the texture of the pencils are very creamy. This makes it difficult to sharpen because you feel you are sharpening some of the product away. Also, beware of not sharpening to much or the tip may break off.

I adore the mascara and would definitely purchase it again. It lasts all day and is easy to remove with a foam cleanser. The 24/7 Glide on Liner performed well but I probably would not repurchase it. I found the texture a little too creamy for me. I personally prefer a slightly stiffer eye liner when it comes to texture. If you like creamy liners then definitely purchase this one. You will love it. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know below!

Hope this review was helpful. Thank you so much for reading.
Divalicious Kisses.

Sephora Collection Makeup Haul

Sephora Collection Makeup Haul

Hi Divas

As most of you may know, I have been to Qatar many times. On each trip I do a crazy shopping haul and purchase things that are not available in South Africa. One of my first and most important stops is SEPHORA!!! I remember the first time I was in a Sephora store back in 2013. I was so excited and overwhelmed, I didn't know where to start and what to buy. I was on a budget too and had to be wise on what I spend my money on. The Sephora Collection brand stood out to me because they had an array of cosmetics all at affordable prices. Each time I went on my little trips I would buy a product from the Sephora counters. The Sephora Collection brand never disappointed me. I feel that this brand has excellent quality and deserve more hype and praise than what they are getting now. I would like to share some of my absolute favourite products from the brand with you.This is going to be a LOooooong review, so get your coffee and your snacks! ;-)

Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Powder: This is one of my favourite products from the Sephora brand. I love it so much that I am on my second powder compact. The product is described as an ultra light foundation that gives a smooth and air brushed complexion. This is a baked powder infused with green tea extract and radiance boosting minerals. It is designed as a powder foundation that gives a flawless finish with a no makeup, makeup look. I have the shade Light Nude as I bought it as a brightening setting powder and not to be used as a foundation. Since the actual pigment powders are so finely milled, I prefer to lightly sweep this under my eyes on the top parts of my cheeks and top of my forehead and chin area. All the places I like to highlight I would dust this powder on my face for a natural radiant glow. It truly is amazing. It gives my face an airbrushed look and sets my makeup without caking up. The packaging is solid and with 7g of product it lasts a really long time.

Sephora Shimmering Bronzing Powder: I admit that I bought this bronzing compact mainly for the packaging at first. I couldn't resist the beautiful orange sunray design on the compact and inside the case. To my surprise, this turned out to be a wonderful multi purpose bronzer. I chose the shade Light Seychelle Cruise as I didn't really know what to expect and I am not much of a bronzing person since I am tan already, LOL. I use it to give a sun kissed glow to my cheeks and as a lovely warm toned eyeshadow. The bronzer comes in three different colours. There are two tones of brown and a lovely shade of a rosy pink. There is also tiny specks of shimmer in the product. It is so small that it hardly shows up on the face. It does give a pretty radiant glow though. When you mix all three pigments together you get a natural warm sun kissed colour on the skin. The bronzer works perfectly on the eyes as a transition shade too. I have already mentioned that the packaging is beautiful but the compact is great for travel as it is durable and comes with a good sized mirror. I definitely recommend it and would buy another one if I ran out.

Sephora Colourful 5 Shadow Palette: If my memory serves me correct, this was one of the first products I bought from Sephora. The eyeshadows are from the Colourful 5 collection. There are 8 palettes in the range all consisting of 5 shadows. I chose the Pale to Rich Taupe palette which is a neutral toned compact filled with brown and skin toned eyeshadows. There are no names for the eyeshadows so I will refer to them by colour. The darkest shade is a rich matte chocolate brown great for the crease and lower lash line. There are three satin shades consisting of a golden brown with slight glitter specks in it which can be used on the lid or crease for a smokey eye. There is a beautiful satin taupe shade that has purple and brown undertones and looks lovely on the lids as a sultry look. The next satin shade is a creamy champagne shadow that would look flattering on any skin tone. It is my favourite eyeshadow in the palette. The last shade is a full on glitter pearl eyeshadow which can be worn as a topper over the champagne satin shade or as an inner corner eye highlight. The quality of the shadows are wonderful. They are pigmented and blend easily. I will do a more in depth review on this palette at a later stage.

*I have used all the Sephora products for this makeup look. I started off by setting my foundation with the Sephora baked face powder. On my eyes I applied the eyeshadow palette for a glam smokey look. For my transition shade I used the bronzer and for my brow bone I dusted the baked face powder all over it. I coated my lashes in the Sephora mascara and dusted my cheeks with the bronzer as well. For the lips I used the beautiful R61 cream lipstick. *

Sephora The Mascara Volume, Length & Definition: This is a mini version of the actual mascara. I picked this up while waiting in the queue at Sephora. They usually have travel size products at the till area and I just couldn't resist this little cutie. This mascara promises to give length, volume and define your lashes all in one sweep. I have the colour 03 Ultra Black. This size is really great to travel with and throw in your purse. It gives lovely volume and definition to my lashes. The shade is a true black and coats the lashes really well. I like the size of the wand. The brush is thick and filled with bristles which grab the lashes easily and gives good volume and lift. This is not a waterproof mascara and has a tendency to smudge before it dries. Make sure your mascara is completely dry before you attempt to place any eye makeup on the eyes or setting spray. I have exercised in this mascara and it does not run or flake. It also removes easily with a cleansing face wash. I recommend this mascara for travel. It's a good mascara for a quick fix but not for a glam night out.

Sephora Rouge Cream R61: I love Sephora lipsticks. They are seriously good quality. They have an array of shades to choose from. Each colour is highly pigmented and rich in texture. The formula of the creams are beautiful. It glides on the lips effortlessly without it bleeding or smudging everywhere. The creams feel comfortable on the lips and give a slight shine. Your lips will look plump and vibrant. I have the shade R61 Lucky One, which is a deep pink rose. It's like a browny pink tone and looks very flattering on the lips. This is my second lipstick from the Sephora Collection and I totally want to purchase more. The packaging is a sleek black plastic case with the Sephora label in bold silver letters. The design is stylish yet sturdy. It won't break easily and looks lovely displayed on a vanity table.

Let me know if you tried any of these products below. Thank you so much for reading.
Lots of love.
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Netflix Shows I watched and Totally Loved!

Netflix Shows I watched and Totally Loved!

Hi Divas

Since Winter is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere, what better way to spend those cold grey days cuddling on the couch watching our favourite series. By cuddling, I mean holding my pillow tightly with a cup of  hot chocolate all by myself, LOL. I have been loving Netflix lately and found some really great shows to watch. When it come to series and films I like to expand my horizons and watch things that are not so mainstream sometimes. I feel like if you only stick to what you know, you miss out on what the rest of the world has to offer. Besides the obvious Hollywood shows there are many popular shows from other countries that have really intrigued and surprised me. I would like to share these with you along with some not so original favourites. Here we go....

1. Good Morning Call: This is one of the best series I have ever watched. If you like all things girly, romantic and kawaii then this is for you. The story is based in Japan and draws inspiration from a popular Manga with a similar name. A clumsy and silly girl named Nao has a huge crush on the all popular high school hunk called Uehara. They accidentally sign a lease for the same apartment and to their surprise have to end up living together because they have no other option and are desperate for accommodation. Nao is absolutely in love with Uehara and feels completely shy and self conscious around him while Uehara is an aloof , haughty and unapproachable guy towards Nao. This show is hilarious and so much fun to watch as you follow their journey throughout the year of trying to live in the same space with each other. It's a sweet, comical and fun show.

2. Dexter: Oh my gosh guys, I had no idea that I could love a serial killer so much. Dexter is a show that seriously messes with your mind. There are 8 seasons and each one has you hooked to the core. Dexter is about a serial killer who lives by a moral code which his adopted father Harry taught him. He only hunts and kills people who ''deserve it'', such as murderers, rapists and fellow serial killers. Dexter has a constant need to kill but he is not a monster. He knows he has a problem and tries to keep it under his control. He loves his family very much and would do anything for them. In a way you feel sorry for Dexter and you are always rooting and cheering for him to succeed and not be caught by the police. Like I said the show messes with your mind!

3. Pretty Little Liars: Every body and their dog watches this iconic series. I say it's iconic because it is one of the most popular shows of this era. Even my mom asked me one day if they ever found out who that stalker, ''A'', is. I swear I nearly spit out my tea!;-) If you don't know the story by now, it's about 5 high school girls who go through an horrific tragedy. Their all popular and leader of the pack friend, Alison goes missing and is believed to be dead. The remaining girls all get stalked and harassed by a person named ''A''. At first they think it is Alison herself coming back to haunt them but as time goes on the story as so many creepy twist and thriller turns you just don't know who A is any more and if there is more than one A or not. It's an amazing show that will keep you hooked.

4. Drop Dead Diva: This show is really cute and super sassy. I admit, the only reason I clicked on it was because it had the word 'Diva' in it. Superficial, I know! The story is comedic, filled with drama and a touch of fantasy. Deb a ditsy model and Jane a highly intelligent successful lawyer both die on the same day. Deb refuses to accept the fact that she has died and presses an unauthorised button in heaven which sends her soul straight down back to earth but only to find out she entered Jane's body instead. The drama unfolds as Deb tries to deal with her new curvaceous figure, highly intelligent brain and high power job. She desperately wants to convince her fiance Grayson who she really is but fails every time. This series does a great job in balancing comedy with serious lawyer case story lines.

5. The Lizzy Borden Chronicles: Why is there only one season of this? I just cannot deal! If you cannot stand blood and gore then this show is not for you. The story is based on a real life woman named Lizzy Borden who was accused of murdering her parents back in 1892. She was infamous for being the town serial killer. She was never found guilty for the murders and lived an ostracised life with her sister. The series runs wild with this storyline and there are many twist and turns which make the show so juicy. Christina Ricci plays the scary female lead and does an excellent job. Christina is so believable in her role, it literally brings chills up my spine.

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6. Siyaasat: If you enjoy historical dramas then you will like this one.This is a Hindi serial that is based in ancient India during the Mughal Empire. The plot revolves around a Prince, Salim, who falls in love with a beautiful and intelligent commoner named Mehrunissa. Throughout the story they have to fight for their love while dealing with political turmoil within the royal family. It's a story about forbidden love, endurance and political deceit. What I love most about the series is the beautiful costumes and palace decor that is portrayed. It is interesting to learn what people wore and found fashionable during that time. Also how people lived and their relationships and customs which are so different in today's world.

7. The Bates Motel: Based on the iconic Alfred Hitchock movie Psycho, this series follows the life of Norman Bates before he became the infamous shower killer. Norman is a quiet and introverted boy who has an unusual attachment to his mother. He seems to have psychotic breakdowns where he commits murders but does not remember what he has done when he wakes up. His mother Norma played by Vera Farmiga is not the most stable of people and she has a great  impression on the molding of her son. This series is filled with thriller, intrigue and suspense. Vera Farmiga's performance as Norman's mother is particularly amazing.

8. How to Get Away With Murder: If you haven't watched this show, where have you been? Viola Davis deserves like 100 awards for her portrayal as Annalise Keating. Annalise is a highly successful lawyer and lecturer at a prestigious university. She has a team of law students who intern and research for her. They get caught up in a web of murders,  infamous law cases and dirty secrets. The more the students try to clean up the mess, the more they get entangled in a bigger and tighter web. Viola Davis manages to play Annalise as a super intelligent, no pushover, sexy yet venerable woman.This is a show that should not be missed.

9. Jane The Virgin: To be honest I did not think I was going to like Jane The Virgin as much as I do now. I thought this was going to be one of those cliche Hollywood series with crappy gag lines. Um, hell no! This show is hilarious and worth the watch. It is all about a Catholic Jane who promised Chastity to her grandma until the day she gets married. On one of her random gynaecological appointments, her drunk and emotionally unstable gynaecologist accidentally artificially inseminates her. Jane ends up falling pregnant while still being a virgin. This show is hilarious as it follows Jane trying to explain to her family what exactly happened and her preparing for motherhood. It has a telenovela style of writing and directing which makes the episodes even more juicy and fun to watch.

Let me know what your favourite shows are at the moment below. 
Thanks so much for reading.
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Essences Gel Nail Polish Manicures in 08 Whatever! and 03 Give Me Nude, Baby!

Essences Gel Nail Polish Manicures in
08 Whatever! and 03 Give Me Nude, Baby!

Hi Divas

 I am so excited to do a blog post today. I have been wanting to blog for a while but I was having Internet problems with my service provider. Thank goodness things are up and running again and I can finally connect to the world wide web. This week I want to share two nail polishes that my mom and I picked up on one of our Sunday shopping trips. We always stop at the Essence stand when we go shopping to see what is new and popping in the cosmetics department. Essence always has great quality and affordable products. I decided to buy a white nail polish as I have ran out of my old one. My mom bought a beautiful pink nail varnish and I of cause had to borrow it for ''research'' purposes, LOL. These polishes are all part of the Essence Gel nail polish family. They have an extensive range of shades and the price is under R50. On to the reviews...

Essence Gel Nail Polish in 08 Whatever!
This is a pearlescent baby pink nail varnish with a slight duochrome finish. It has a purple sheen to it when displayed in the sunlight. The consistency is a lovely balance in that it has a medium thickness. On the first application the colour covers the nail really well and you can see the slight purple duochrome shade shining through as it reflects the light. If you want a sheer application then one coat would be enough for you. I proceeded to apply the second coat but with a much thicker stroke. At this point the polish leaned more to the baby pink spectrum and the duochrome sheen faded slightly. On the third coat the duochrome was hardly visible at all as you can see in the photo above. My manicure looks like a solid baby pink. I love that you can build up the shade to the intensity that you want. You could play around with the polish to create your desired affect. I think this polish is really beautiful on its own. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a pretty pink girly shade.

Essence Gel Nail Polish in 03 Give Me Nude, Baby!
This is a white nail varnish with tiny gold specks of glitter in it. The specks are so tiny that it gives off a shimmery finish without looking like a chunky glitter mess. The glittery specks can only be seen up close but is not visible on the nail from a far. In the sunlight the nail shines like an iridescent white polish. It looks beautiful and very ethereal. Upon first application the polish is thick in texture, yet it applies really sheer. This nail polish is not opaque at all but leans more to being a nail topper than an actual white base. Since the polish is thick but applies sheer you need quite a few coats to get the desired white effect you see above in the photo. The polish also takes a while to dry since it is gooey in texture. I recommend applying a solid white base first and applying a top coat of this on top. You cannot use this polish to stamp or draw nail designs as it is way too sheer. This is a lovely polish but it is not a necessity to have in your collection. I think it makes a great nail topper though.


Have you tried any of these polishes? What do you think of my manicures and which is your favourite one? Let me know below. Thank you so much for reading!

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