Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid Review

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid Review

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This is going to be a long post, so grab your popcorn and coke and hold on to your seats! In this post I am featuring Urban Decay's Color Correcting Fluids. There are 6 shades in the range and I have four of them. These correcting fluids are described as a light weight formula that instantly conceals flaws, blurs imperfections while leaving an illuminated and bright skin. They are infused with Vitamin C and E which brightens and repairs skin from sun damage. At first glance colour correcting products can seem a little daunting to use. It literally looks like something that belongs in a 5 year old colouring box. Yet, just as a child learns how complimentary colours work in art class, so do we learn how to correct our flaws with colours in makeup! Colour correcting is an innovative makeup technique that has been used by makeup artist worldwide. They create flawless looks on all the A-list celebrities you see walking the red carpet. Now you can have this magical technique right in your own makeup bag and look flawless too.

The Urban Decay Color Correctors come in 5ml of product and sleek tube plastic packaging similar to their concealers. In each tube the colours are visible which make it easy to identify when using the products especially in a hurry or on the go. Each colour targets specific problems on your face. The Yellow corrects dullness and instantly removes darkness on the face. The Lavender shade illuminates and brightens any sallowness (unhealthy yellow or brown tint on the skin). The Peach corrects any under eye dark circles and dark spots. Lastly the Green shade covers redness and fresh blemishes. Each colour cancels out any unwanted pigmentation or blemish colours on your face. For example, green cancels out redness and peach cancels out darkness on the skin. Once blended you create an even canvas to apply your foundation. Your skin will appear smooth and blemish free with no pigmentation problems. We use this makeup technique as a temporary solution to your problem. Great skin care will eliminate the problem all together but makeup helps us to conceal and hide it in a jiffy. It's like magic I tell you!

The Urban Decay correctors have a pastel tone to them but they are highly pigmented. A little goes a long way when using them. The formula is light weight and glides like a dream on the skin. The liquid texture covers all the specific areas well and blend out effortlessly. I like to use my fingers to press the product into my skin. I only blend it out half way, as too much blending may remove the product altogether which defeats the purpose in the first place. The key to using these products is to spot conceal and not apply these with a heavy hand all over your face. Stand in a mirror and observe your skin. Do you have under eye dark circles? Are there any red patches on your skin? Does your face look dull and need an extra boost of radiance? If the answer is yes to any of these questions you can use a tiny amount of the colour correctors to hide and conceal. As you can see below, I used the peach shade under my eyes to conceal my dark circles. The yellow tint I placed on the bridge of my nose and eye lid area to brighten and highlight. I too placed the lavender colour on my forehead, cupids bow, chin and top of my cheek bones to highlight and illuminate the area. I had some blemishes on my cheek and forehead therefore I used the green to spot conceal and cover redness on the sides of my nose and mouth.

Welcome to  my SEXY face...

You have to apply colour correctors before you blend out your foundation. It is important to note that you do not have to use all the colour correctors at once. Only use those that are needed for specific problems at the time. The Urban Decay correctors sit comfortably on the skin. It dries down to a semi matte finish, hence once you apply your foundation it does not feel like you are tugging over the extra product on your face. It works well with applying any foundation and wears pleasantly under any base. It does not move around or break down on the face throughout the day either. The Results are astounding. Look at my skin before I applied foundation and now look at my skin after foundation below. My face looks completely flawless! I am blemish free and it looks like I have an Instagram filter on my face. These colour correctors are amazing and do an excellent job in concealing and blurring unwanted pigmentation problems. They really are great products to have in your makeup kit. I even applied these on my mom and sisters face and they were just as surprised as I was. My sister has dry skin, where as I have combination skin and it worked perfectly on both our skin types.

 I look normal again.... Well Almost! ;-)

These correctors really do give a full coverage makeup look. I love that it is not heavy on the skin but looks perfect. It blurs yet illuminates my face. It does not drag it down or look cakey. I prefer to use these products on special occasions as it covers up all my deepest darkest secrets. On an everyday basis I prefer a more natural makeup look. My face does not look this flawless on an average day therefore I prefer to use these as an extra ''va va voom'' step when I really want to look glamorous and pristine. If you suffer from serious pigmentation issues, using these everyday will be effortless, as they are very user friendly and do an amazing job. The only two cons I have with these products are that they do not have enough shades for all women of colour. These shades on offer are very pastel and may look grey on deeper skin tones and not cover anything in fact. The second con is the price for the amount of product you are getting. It is quite steep even though it works like magic. Despite these cons, I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for an excellent high-end colour corrector. They will not disappoint.

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Bath and Body Works At The Beach Collection Review

Bath and Body Works 
At The Beach Collection Review

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It has been a wonderful Summer in Cape Town. I have been enjoying being out doors and taking advantage of the sun. In Cape Town, the vibe during the warmer months are always very joyful, relaxing and adventurous. We love to be out and about exploring different places and having fun experiences. My absolute favourite thing to do during the Summer time is going to the beach. I could stare at the sea for hours. I love the feeling of warm sand between my toes and the sea air blowing through my hair. It's one of the most wonderful feelings to me. When I saw the Bath and Body Works At The Beach collection in Qatar, my heart skipped a beat! To have the beach experience in a fragrance bottle sounds like total bliss to me. I just had to purchase it and take it back to Cape Town.

At The Beach Fine Fragrance Mist
The body mist is packaged in a beautiful 236ml sea blue plastic bottle. It reminds me of clear cyan ocean waters. It has a very tranquil and classy aquatic style to it. I love the fine touch of the gold cap as it gives a sophisticated look. The packaging is chic and serene therefore any age can appreciate it. The fragrance is described as a vacation scent with Frangipani, Coconut, Bergamot and Sea Salt as its main notes. At the first spritz the scent of frangipani and coconut definitely burst through. The white flower, frangipani is soft and sweet whereas the coconut has a fresh and tropical scent. The blend of these two aromas transports us into a paradise holiday destination. The citrus bergamot and the savoury sea salt scents are base notes that subtly seep through. They make a great combination in toning down the sweet and fruity main notes. This fragrance has a wonderful balance of sweet summer mixed with refreshing and cooling waters. I love that it is not overpowering or weak. It strikes just the right notes to make this a graceful yet fun holiday fragrance. The only gripe I have with this mist is that it is not long lasting. After a few hours the scent fades and I have to spray one or two times again. I wish Bath and Body Works made this into an actual perfume. I would be all over that fragrance as it would last longer too. If you love scents that transport you to tropical beaches and paradise destinations, then this one is for you.

At The Beach Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel
I bought the travel size in 74ml. How I wish I purchased the full size tube. I adore this shower gel. It has a similar cyan shade to the fragrance and the consistency of the gel is perfect. It has a very moisturising feel to it and it lathers well. Thanks to the shea butter and Vitamin E, your skin will feel soft and refreshed after using it. It will refresh tired and sun kissed skin. The gel as a soft coconut beach scent but the shea butter definitely tones it down and overpowers it. The packaging is so cute too. Anything with seahorses and starfishes immediately makes my heart happy. This tube draws inspiration from the gorgeous coral reefs in design.

At The Beach 24 Hour Moisture Ultra Shea Body Cream
I too bought the body cream in the 70g travel size. How I regret this decision so much! Please remind me to always purchase full sizes at a Bath and Body Works store next time. Unlike the other products, the cream is packaged in a white tube with fun summer motifs on it. This is a lovely shea butter cream that has hints of coconut and frangipani. It is great to use after a long hot day as it moisturises and soothes the skin. I would apply this all over my body at night and I would wake in the morning smelling like a sweet fresh coconut. I love that it is not the tacky artificial coconut scent that everyone hates. This one smells like a real fresh coconut with a blend of citrus and sweet aromas. The cream as the perfect consistency for hot days. It makes the skin soft without feeling too heavy.

***Have you tried any of these products? Please let me know below. I hope you found this review helpful. ***

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Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream Review

Himalaya Herbals 
Revitalizing Night Cream 

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Have you heard of the brand Himalaya Herbals? I first saw it in stores in the Middle East and later on I came across it at a Clicks store in South Africa. I was super intrigued by this brand as the prices are budget friendly and the ingredient list of the products are very impressive. Himalaya Herbals was founded in India and has branched out to many countries around the world. Their skin care products are based on ayurvedic (ancient Indian Medicinal practice) components and 100% active herbal ingredients. They are vegan, cruelty free and do not contain alcohol or parabens. They believe in taking care of the body while being kind to nature. I find this to be excellent in today's age as most cosmetic brands make products at the expense of nature and our animal kingdom. I appreciate brands that care about sustaining our environment. I decided to try out the Revitalizing Night Cream as my first product from the brand. I was on the hunt for a new night cream that would be kind to my skin and wallet. I think I found the best one to date!

The Revitalizing Night Cream focuses on three major points. They are to renew skin cells, hydrate, nourish and maintain moisture in the skin plus repairing any skin damage whilst sleeping. These three components work with the everyday renewal cycle of the skin as we sleep. Two major ingredients in the cream to assist this process is White Lily which are rich in antioxidants and helps repair skin damage. Another ingredient is, tomato rich in Flavonoids and Alpha Hydroxy Acids which assist in skin renewal. The main focus of the cream is to provide moisture and restore the skin thus creating a healthy revitalizing face. The product contains the standard 50g's and is packaged in a heavy glass tub. I quite like the packaging as it looks and feels classy but might be too heavy to travel with.

The consistency of the cream is light weight yet creamy in texture. It applies well on the face and blends effortlessly into the skin. It does not leave a white cast or sticky residue. It melts wonderfully into my face. A little goes a long way but you can add a few layers if your skin needs the extra moisture. The product has a strong floral scent which might be a little too much for someone who is sensitive to fragrances. I personally do not have an issue with it and it does not linger on the face once blended out. I love that this cream is light weight yet hydrating. It is especially perfect for Summer months when you don't want anything too heavy on the skin but still want to moisturise the face thoroughly. It makes my skin look and feel healthy and radiant. When I wake up in the morning, my face does not look dried out or dull. I recommend this to all skin types as it is perfect as a daily night cream. I adore that it vegan and animal cruelty free too. It does not contain harsh ingredients like alcohol or parabens. The price is perfect for someone on a budget. I give this product a 10/10. Have you tried any products from this brand? Let me know below.

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