Christmas Eve Rituals 2020

Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Eve Rituals 2020

Hi Divas

What an absolutely strange year this has been. I can only thank God and give my Lord Jesus all the praise for carrying me and my family through these turbulent times. I am grateful for so many things but most importantly, that I can celebrate Christmas with my loved ones. Many people around the world have experienced great loss, and if you have, I send my biggest hugs to you. This time of year, always reminds us that the treasures of life lies in the love and fellowship of those most close to us. Even though Christmas will be a bit different this year, some traditions shall remain the same in my house. Firstly, I decorated the Christmas tree and lounge, which was a workout of note. Secondly, I will be helping my mom bake some delicious festive cookies and cook up a storm for the huge Christmas lunch. Thirdly, I will be enjoying my Christmas Eve pamper rituals that I love to do every year. I will be sharing these with you in this post. Christmas Eve is a wonderful day that is always filled with joy and excitement for things to come. These are my relaxing diva traditions that ushers me into the festive spirit.
 Christmas Bedding
One thing that truly gets me into the holiday cheer is stripping my bed and placing new clean sheets with decorative duvet covers. It gives a wonderful atmosphere into my room. It exudes happiness and brings hope. Letting go of the drab year and ushering in a brightness of new beginnings. Whenever I walk into my room, I feel lighter and uplifted when I see my ornate bedding. Decor can truly change the ambiance in a room. This year I opted for crisp white sheets with a beige and gold ornate duvet design and my sleeping pillows in a touch of light pink! I am a pink fanatic so I cannot leave it out no matter what the colour scheme. LOL. Getting into my bed every night has been such a relaxing treat. I love it.
 Christmas Pampering
On Christmas Eve, after all the cooking, I love to do a big pamper session. I wash my hair, scrub my body head to toe and do my manicure plus pedicures. Even though I am not going anywhere on Christmas day due to the pandemic, I will still go ahead with my beauty session. I want to look and feel good while having Christmas service online too, LOL. I love to lather my body in beautifully scented body washes and creams. I have particularly enjoyed Bath and Body Works Beach collection. It has a gorgeous Summer and coconut fragrance which puts me into the holiday mood. Plus, the scent lasts a really long time on the body. I purchased it when I could still travel and go to Sephora. Sigh, I don't know if I will ever get it again therefore, I will indulge in it while I can.
 Christmas Sweet Treats
As I mentioned above, I help my mom with the majority of the Christmas baking. She makes a variety of decorative cookies and the best part is that we get to feast on them with a cup of hot milk with cinnamon, Milo or Karak tea on Christmas Eve. We love to sit in the lounge with scented candles and the Christmas lights flashing, while watching movies or a Christmas show. It's always fun as we laugh and relax together. We do not open presents during this time as we do that the next morning. This year there actually won't be any presents as we decided to rather forego that tradition in light of what is happening around the world. Honestly spending time with my family is the greatest gift for me. 
Christmas Pyjamas
After munching on way too many Christmas cookies, I make my way to bed. I love to sleep in pretty holiday PJ's as they give me comfort and a joyful sleep. Since I live in South Africa, we experience Christmas in the Summer time. I usually wear cute pyjama shorts and tank tops to keep cool at night. How adorable are these PJ's below from Mr Price. They are perfect for me as I am a coffee addict and the heart print is just so pretty. They are very comfortable to wear and combined with the Christmas bedding and cookie munching, I have the best sleep. It is truly the little things that bring me the most excitement and pleasure.
I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God bless you and shine His love on you. I want to thank you for your continuous support throughout this year on my blog and my social media accounts @divadesle as It is greatly appreciated. I too want to send out a special thank you to my blogger friend Kim form A Very Sweet Blog. Thank you for your amazing kindness throughout the year. Lastly, I want to thank my family for all their love and support. 

Thank you so much for reading.
See you all next year!
Divalicious Kisses.

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  1. Hey Diva :)
    I really loved reading about your yearly Xmas traditions. Especially the part about the holiday bedding. What a great detail to brighten up your own mood. Christmas Eve is the main festivity here in Germany, so I will be celebrating already, but might be doing a major pampering session on the 23d. Since my bf put a sheetmask in my Advent Calendar, I should really use it. ;)
    Happy holidays and have fun baking with your mom.
    Xo, Luchessa.

  2. LOVE IT!!! Thanks, Diva Desle. So inspiring, uplifting, colourful and joyful. Hope you had a joyous and blessed Christmas, and have a very happy and blessed New Year. Lots of love, Saundy xxx

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