Pamper Sunday Sephora The Silver Mask Review

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Pamper Sunday Sephora Sheet Mask Review

Hi Divas

Welcome back to another Pamper Sunday edition. I love Sundays as these are my relaxing self-care days, where I can indulge in much needed TLC for my body. This week I am bringing to you the strangest mask I have ever tried. This is the Sephora Silver Mask Glow Booster. I picked this up at a Sephora a while ago when I was working in Doha, Qatar. This mask intrigued me the most as it is made out of foil and contains diamond extracts. Now we all know diamonds are a girl's best friend, therefore if I can get some bling into my skincare routine, that would be real luxury living! The mask too claims to illuminate, smooth and moisturize dull tired skin. I am going to need all these promises to work as this pandemic world of late is stressful and it shows in my dreary looking complexion.

The Sheet mask is well packaged in a silver futuristic design and is enclosed by two protective mesh sheets inside. The mask is foiled on one side only and the white fabric on the back should be placed directly onto the face. Sephora states the silver look is for an awesome selfie, therefore I'm assuming that the foiled section is solely for aesthetics. The mask holds a generous amount of essence as the sheet is drenched in product. Excess serum can be stored in the fridge to be used the next day. The essence contains diamond powder extracts which is known to remove dead skin cells thus causing a brighter complexion. It too helps to stimulate collagen production, reduces the appearance of sun damage and increases deep hydration. Clearly diamonds turn out to be a real best friend indeed.

This is honestly one of the weirdest masks I have ever worn. It is comfortable to wear and does not slide down the face. It feels heavier than most masks as it has an extra foiled layer to it. The sheet fits snug on my features and I had no problems with it being too small or too big over my face. The essence feels very moisturising on the skin and has a cooling effect. I could wear this for more than 30 minutes without any hindrances. My face looked visibly brighter and felt smoother after use. This is a fun mask to try out and wear. The illuminating and hydrating benefits are for the moment but it won't give any long-lasting effects. I would say that the mask is quite gimmicky and not needed within your skin care routine. It's great to try out for fun and as stated selfie purposes. You won't be missing out on any skin care secrets if you don't pick this up. I am glad I gave it a try though. I enjoyed looking like a futuristic character from a Sci-Fi movie.

What do you think of my new look? Let me know down below.

Thanks so much for reading.
Divalicious Kisses.

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  1. Definitely sounds like something I would try just to say I did :) I do like that they considered the selfie part as well Lol!

    Lauren //

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