Pamper Sunday: Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask Review

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pamper Sunday: 
Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask 

Hi Divas

Have you ever purchased a product purely for the cute packaging? Well this is one of those crazy impulsive shopping buys. On one of my trips to Sephora in Qatar, I came across these adorable masks and I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw them. I didn't even think twice to throw it in my basket, the packaging alone had me hypnotized! Sephora has been stocking a lot of Korean brands lately and Too Cool For School has been very popular within the store. The Too Cool For School brand is very well known in Korea but it is a little pricey compared to other mainstream cosmetic brands. This is my first experience with this brand and what better way to test it out than with a sheet mask. As most of you know I am a Sheet Mask Diva! I love trying new varieties and formulas. The sheet mask name Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask had me all sorts of confused and intrigued. Have you ever heard of pumpkins and 24K gold in the same sentence? Me neither! I was very excited to see what this was all about. I swear cosmetic combinations are getting stranger and stranger. I am not complaining though. This Diva loves all things weird and wonderful, LOL.

The product is described as a bio cellulose sheet mask. This means the actual mask is made out of nano sized fibres that are woven together to hold 100 times more moisture than what a normal cotton mask would contain. These masks are drenched in essence and will not dry out. They are stronger than the cotton masks and fit like a second skin on the face. Therefore, the essence is absorbed into the pores more effectively. The mask contains pumpkin fruit extract as well as 24K gold and is paraben and sulfates free. Pumpkin extracts are packed with Vitamin A and C as well as fruit enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These all aid in renewing the skin cells and increasing collagen to decrease the process of ageing. They also soothe and brighten the skin. Who knew that pumpkins contain so many skin benefits. I need to make yummy pumpkin fritters and pies for dessert. It's good for your health, hehehe. The 24K gold firms skin and improves blood circulation. Your skin is left looking radiant and firmer over time. I say a Big YES, to all things gold in skin care. I love that my face and skin cells can glam up from within.

The mask is protected by two plastic film sheets on either side. You have to carefully remove it to apply the mask. This sheet mask is surprisingly flimsy. It is so thin that it truly feels like a second skin on your face. The product is drenched in essence and can drip onto your neck and chest as you are applying it. There is a lot of essence left in the packaging. You can seal it and place it in the fridge to be used the next day. The mask sits comfortably on the face. I love that it did not move around or slide down. You can easily carry on with your daily activities whilst wearing the product. It has a cooling and moisturising effect on the skin. My face instantly felt refreshed and hydrated while using it. The mask definitely targets dullness and dry skin. I wore the mask for 40 minutes and my face looked and felt revitalized. One of the biggest surprises about the mask was the scent. There was absolutely no scent at all. Looking at the packaging, I was expecting a sweet smelling pumpkin and cinnamon latte. To my disappointment it smelled like absolutely nothing. I know that fragrances can irritate sensitive skin. I can understand why they didn't add any artificial scents as this mask is targeted to all skin types. A small glimmer of hope was still inside me for a little something though.

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I enjoyed using the sheet mask. I felt like it did a good job in refreshing and moisturizing my skin. I do think that this is a normal everyday mask and does not do anything spectacular. The packaging definitely outshines the actual sheet mask. I would purchase it for the cute packaging but not for the actual sheet masks. So far, my impressions on the Too Cool For School brand is favourable but I need to try more products to give an honest opinion on whether I truly would recommend them or not. Have you tried anything from this brand? Let me know below. Thank you so much for reading. Hope you found this review helpful.

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  1. You know I love cute packaging! I love pumpkin, but for whatever reason it irritates my sensitive skin. I've tried two masks with pumpkin. They smell great, but irritate me. Maybe its too strong for dry/sensitive skin. So glad you had great results Desle.

    1. Oh wow, had no idea pumpkin could irritate sensitive skin. Who would have thought. I enjoyed using the mask but I purchased it mainly for the cute packaging. ☺️💛

  2. This mask is so cute. I love the packaging. I really want to try kbeauty. Great review! Xxx

    1. Yes, the kawaii packaging gets me every time. 😁😂💙


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