Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Golden Beige Review

Monday, April 09, 2018

Wet N Wild Photo Focus 
Foundation Golden Beige 

Hello beautiful Divas!

I have been wanting to do a review on the Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation for quite a while now. Unfortunately life got in the way and I didn't have the time to do it. I finally have a day free to write this overdue blog post. I have been using the foundation for more than a month now and am almost done with it. There have been many rave reviews of this foundation all over YouTube. Beauty fanatics have even compared it to the higher end Estee Lauder foundation. I have never used the latter product but the fact that they said it was comparable to it, made my heart leap for joy. If I can find a foundation that is a fraction of the price yet similar to a trusty higher end brand, then I am definitely there like a bear to try it out.  Finding my shade proved to be a very difficult task at first as the range available is very small in South Africa. There are only about 6 shades sold on the shelf. Using a shade finder website, it matched my skin tone to Golden Beige the best. It took some time to get my hands on it as most of the time my shade was sold out. When I finally saw it one fine day, I immediately grabbed it and ran to the till.

The Foundation claims to be a high performance base which adjust to different light conditions. It contains light diffusing particles that provides a filter for the face and prevents flash back. The main elements of the product are for your face to look flawless in person as well as on camera. We live in a highly social media age, where filters on selfies are constantly used for flawless skin. Wet n Wild wants to give you that perfection in a bottle. It also claims to be your skin but better foundation. It is packaged in a standard 30 ml glass bottle and a black plastic cap. The most surprising aspect of the packaging is the weird plastic spatula attached to the cap. You are supposed to scoop the product out and apply it directly to your face. This can be a little unhygienic as you are transferring bacteria from your face back into the bottle. The spatula application can get very messy too as product tends to build up around the bottle neck area. I personally prefer a pump which is much cleaner and hygienic.

I applied the foundation both with a sponge and a brush. I found that the product blended much better with a wet sponge than a brush. The sponge presses the product into the skin, whereas the brush tends to move the product around a lot. The foundation takes some time to dry down, therefore I felt that the brush kept moving the foundation around causing streaks. Hence it takes longer to blend the foundation out with a brush than a sponge. Once dried down the foundation is super matte. You do have some trouble blending another layer of foundation on the dried surface. I suggest blending another layer together with the first layer before it completely dries down. This gives a medium coverage. It looks quite natural on the skin. You can build it up slightly but you won't get a full cover effect. I love that it looks like second skin and does not look unnatural or overdone.

I have combination skin and get oily in my t-zone especially during the summer time. The foundation wears well throughout the day. I like that it does not transfer or cake up on my face. I would wear this foundation on a daily basis to work and the mall. I find that by late afternoon, some of the coverage would sometimes wear off around my nose area. On hot days I would have to blot excess oil from my chin and forehead. I wear SPF moisturiser every day, but if my skin was particularly dry for a certain time, the foundation would look dry around my mouth. This foundation definitely gets affected by your skin type and skin care. It worked best when I moisturised well. This is a good foundation and is actually high quality compared to other lower end foundations. The price is excellent as well. When it comes to the photo claims the foundation lives up to the hype. It looks flawless on pictures and there is no flashback in photos. Your skin looks great on and off camera.  The foundation is good but it is not a holy grail for me. I think it performs well on good skin days. If you are looking for an affordable good quality base then be sure to give this a go. The shade range available is very limited which is disappointing considering I live in a multi-racial country where women are all shades of the rainbow. Nevertheless, if you can find your shade it is a lovely drug store option.

Hope you find this review helpful.
Divalicious Kisses

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  1. The shade match looks really good on you Desle. Isn't it funny how some foundations work better with sponge application than brush application. Glad you tried this. Even though it's not holy grail status it seems great for daily wear. Thanks for this review.

    1. Thanks Kim! Yes I agree it is quite strange that certain foundation formulas work better with a brush or sponge. ☺️💛

  2. Thanks for the indepth review. I really want to try this foundation but was unable to find my shade too. It looks great on you Desle. Xx

    1. Thank you! Let me know what you think of it when you do. 💗💗💗

  3. Would love to try this out as a cheaper alternative to using Clarins daily. Finding my colour match hasn't been easy hence to sticking to what I know lol! Brilliant review nonetheless

    1. Thank you so much! Yes the price is fantastic for every day wear. 😁💜


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