Throw Your Nasty Crusty Makeup Away!

Monday, August 01, 2016

Throw Your Nasty Crusty Makeup Away!

Hi Divas!

I know we all have that one makeup product that no matter what animal species are growing on it, we just refuse to throw it away. Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about. It might be your first foundation colour match you ever bought, or that lipstick that was discontinued two years ago. We all have a cosmetic product that for nostalgic or emotional attachments we just won't let go of. I know it can be hard sometimes because it is in our comfort zone or that product was so damn expensive you don't even want to think of your money going down the drain. As most things in life, including yourself, makeup has an expiry date. It's gonna kick the bucket some day. Most beauty products actually don't have expiry dates printed on them. Therefore it is easy to forget and keep using old makeup. You should take note of when you bought your cosmetics and if the formulas have changed for the worst over time. We all have to be aware that whatever me put on our skin gets absorbed by our bodies. For some our skin is resistant to many things. For others it is a different story and can lead to serious skin infections, breakouts and allergies later in life. Below is a guideline as to when to throw that nasty makeup away!

1.Liquid Foundations and Cream Products: *6-12 Months Lifespan!*. Most foundations come in liquid formulas. The components in liquid products break down and separate faster than dry ingredients. As with cream products such as concealers these can become hard or flakey. Check your makeup to see if your foundation consistency has changed and become lumpy. Sometimes oil would separate from the foundation and sit as a another layer on top. When this happens throw it away.

2. Powder Foundations, Blushes, Bronzers and Loose Setting Powders: *2 Years Lifespan!*. Unlike liquids, powder products last longer as the ingredients are dry and bacteria takes a lot longer to grow on them and break it down. Sometimes powder products can form a layer of crust on them due to oils that we transfer from our skin onto our makeup products. You can scrape the crusty top layer off and the product will be fine underneath. If your powders have been in your makeup draw for more than 2 years, throw it away. Bacteria is still swimming around on it and you do not want to transfer those buggers on your face. Eeww!

3.Eyeshadows: *2 Years Lifespan!*. As with powder products most eyeshadows are dry pigments so bacteria won't break it down quickly. Here again, a top layer of crust may form on your eyeshadow due to oils transferring from your fingers onto the product. You can scrape the top layer off and your eyeshadow will be good as new. If you see that the whole eyeshadow has turned hard and crusty, not just the top layer, then throw it away. That eye infection ain't worth your time!

4. Mascaras: *3 to 6 Months Lifespan*. This is a hard one. I know I struggle to throw my mascara away after 6 months if I feel that I can still get some use out of it. Unfortunately bacteria breeds very quickly in mascaras. We are constantly pumping air into the tubes making it a bacteria's play ground. Mascara formulas therefore break down fairly quickly. To prevent your mascara from expiring in a jiffy, try to not pump your mascara. Rather twist it inside the tube if you need more product. You can tell when mascara has reached its end. When the formula gets hard and very clumpy then it's time to toss that bad boy.

5. Lipsticks: *12 to 18 Months Lifespan!*. Oh gosh, I fail again! I have lipsticks from 2010. Let me just go hide my head in shame. Lipsticks are creams and the formulas tend to change over time. They can become either flakey, separated or start having a watery texture. Sometimes lipsticks change according to the weather as well. It all depends on whether it was stored in a hot humid environment. Lipsticks are also a big breeding ground for bacteria. Excuse me while I purge my old nasty lipsticks.

 6: Eyeliners in Pencil, Creams or Gel Formulas: *6 Months to 2 Years Lifespan!*.  Pencil eyeliners can last for 2 years has they can be sharpened to remove bacteria and make it good as new. Gel liners and cream liners last for about 6 months. They become dry, hard and cracked. If you see your pencil liners and gel liners become crumbly and hard. Throw it away. It's time to move on.

Help you found this helpful.
Lots of love.

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  1. Desle, I love the title girl! HaHaHa You saw my two throw outs on snapchat! LOL It's important to do. Things get old and are not good for you. Excellent post.

    1. Hehehe, thanks Kim! Yes, I remember your epic makeup throw out snaps ;-)I did some epic makeup throw outs too. xoxo

  2. Nooooo!!! I think Im a makeup hoarder! I do not buy much, and do not use much... so it lasts super long.... though it has to be super wasted :S


    Novelstyle Blog

    1. Lol, I guess if you haven't used it yet iy's all good. But yes it is so expensive to throw old makeup away but it must be done ;-)


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