Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review (International Series)

Monday, October 20, 2014

 Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review 
(International Series)

I received the Naked Basics Urban Decay palette earlier this year from my beautiful blogger friend Tasneem. You can visit her blog CityGirlVibe here. She sent it in a birthday gift box along with some other amazing goodies. I never thought that I would be able to get my hands on this palette as it was sold out at the Sephora in Doha Qatar and on online beauty stores as well. So, I was very grateful to receive this awesome gift. If any of you ladies watch YouTube videos, you know that this palette has been raved about over and over again by beauty bloggers. I have been using this palette for months now and can see why it is such a must have and classic product.

The palette comes in a sturdy metal casing with six eyeshadows. All the eyeshadows are matte with the exception of one which has a satin finish with a slight shimmer. Palettes with matte eyeshadows are often very hard to find, which makes this palette so unique and a sought after product. The palette fits quite snug in my hand and is smaller in size than most smartphones. My cellphone is definitely much bigger in length and a little in width. The small packaging makes it easy to travel with, and can fit into any makeup bag. Even though the palette is small it does not affect the quantity and size of the eyeshadows. I have been using this palette everyday for 8 months and I am no where near hitting pan on any of the eyeshadows. Urban Decay, thank you very much for being so generous with the eyeshadow quantity!

Eyeshadow Shades:

The lightest shade in the palette has a white satin colour with a slight shimmer. This is great to highlight the brow bone, the inner corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose. The texture is super soft and silky.

This is one of my favourite shades in the palette. It looks great as a natural eyeshadow on my eye lids because I have a honey skin tone and this is a yellow toned neutral shade. The texture is very matte and soft. It looks very natural on the eyes and the staying power is great.

This eyeshadow has a similar texture to Foxy except it has a pink neutral finish. This would look great on fairer skin toned eye lids. I use this mainly under my brow bone but I do use it as a main base lid colour if I want a cooled toned look.

This is another one of my favourite matte shades from the palette. It is a taupe eyeshadow with purple, brown and grey undertones. I love to warm up my crease with this colour and it is great as a transitional colour as well. It looks lovely on my honey skin tone. I use this shade in my crease everyday as well. I sometimes dust it on my lower lash line if I don't want to do hard black liner but I still want to warm up my eye a little. When I do a smokey eye I like to place this eyeshadow on my lid. It is dark enough for a smokey eye but not too harsh.

This is a medium dark brown shade. I like to use it in my crease and lower lash line to create depth. It strikes a perfect balance of a dark brown where it doesn't look too harsh on the eyes. It is easily blendable so that you don't end up looking muddy or like someone punched you in the face.

The darkest matte shade in the palette is a black eyeshadow with grey and brown undertones. The shadow is a little more powdery than others so I am usually more careful when I work with it because it can have fallout. I line my upper and lower lash lines with this shade if I want a dramatic winged eye.

Looks Created:

Below are a two looks that I love to do. The palette is very versatile in that you can create a soft day time look and a dramatic smokey eye for the night time. All the eyeshadows used in these looks are with the Naked Basics palette only. I did use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as my eyeshadow primer and base.

Day Time Look: 
  Foxy on my eyelids, Naked 2 in my crease and W.O.S with Venus on my brow bone. I tapped Venus on the inner corners of my eyes. I lined my eyes and created a wing using the Crave eyeshadow only. I paired it with a light rosy blush and my favourite pink lipstick Fuchsia Flash by Maybelline.

Night Time Look: 
Naked 2 on my eyelids, Faint in my crease with a little bit of Crave for a deeper cut crease. I used W.O.S and Venus on my brow bone. I placed Venus on the inner corners of my eyes as well. I lined my eyes with Crave and created a dramatic winged liner. I placed a deeper red blush on my cheeks and a sultry red lipstick by Nars called Shanghai Express. I topped it up with Stila Lip Glaze in Cranberry for a more glossy look.

Final Thoughts:

All the eyeshadows glide on the eyes like a dream. They are so smooth and blend easily. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows are fantastic. You can wear them with or without an eye primer. I personally feel this palette is a must have in a makeup addict's makeup bag. There is so much you can do with the eyeshadows, the quality is excellent, the packaging is great for travel and it will take you a very long time to hit pan on the eyeshadows. The neutral shades will suite any skin tone. The palette is user friendly as well. You could be starting out with makeup or be a makeup pro and you won't go wrong with it. This is one of my Holy Grail products for shizzle! ;-)))

P.S You can purchase the palette on rubybox.co.za if you live in South Africa;-)

Have a lovely week Divas!  

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  1. The Naked Basics Urban Decay palette looks very pretty on you, Diva Desle. This colour palette seems worth trying. Thanks for the great blog post! :D

    1. Thank you so much Saundy. Sending you tons of love ;-)))

  2. Hi babe!! Thanks for following me and joining my Giveaway!!! i'm now followig you back! and omg, I have the UD naked 2 palette and now you're making me want this one too!!!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤

    Freebie Giveaway! | Fire Elsa Tutorial

    1. I have the naked 2 palette as well and I love it so much! ;-)

  3. Oh wow that palette looks stunning!!

    Great review!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It is really lovely. You can do so many looks with it;-)

  4. I don't wear eye shadow often but this looks perfect for everyday use x

    1. This is a great palette to have if you just want to do basic makeup. xxx

  5. Great review Desle... I seriously need to invest in this palette !


  6. These palettes look amazing! And the looks u created are so cute... I really need one asap!



  7. They have really good eye shadows! i just purchased Naked 3 and love it.

    1. Eeek!!! I still want to get the naked 3 palette;-)

  8. Lovely review, the shades are all so lovely I'm a big fan natural-earthy tones!!!! ^_^

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thank you lovely lady! Yes this palette is a perfect nude palette ;-)

  9. I may or may not be doing a happy dance because you like your palette.
    It's one of my absolute faves and I knew you just had to have it in our stash too.

    Love and toffee apples! (^^,)

    1. Sending you tons of toffee apple hugs and kisses!! It is one of my faves too. Thank you for making my dreams come true. xoxo


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