Makeup Revolution Hyaluronic Fix Spray Review

Monday, May 04, 2020

Makeup Revolution Hyaluronic Fix Spray Review

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Cape Town is getting closer and closer to the colder months as we are in the heart of Autumn right now. With that comes a change in the wardrobe, skincare and makeup routine. I have combination skin and absolutely love matte foundations. I do find that my skin tends to get dry and flaky around my nose and mouth area in Winter. I therefore have to switch things up from my usual go to products in order to accommodate my changing skin. I sometimes purchase a dewy foundation, but most of the time, I end up using matte foundations that I have already opened in previous months. I am not one to waste products and use it till the last drop, I therefore just carry on with what I am using. I do look for products such as moisturises and serums to help me wear my matte foundations a little more comfortably in the chilly weather. I recently found an awesome affordable makeup spray by Makeup Revolution that helps my matte foundations become much more wearable during the Winter time. Hyaluronic Fix promises to hydrate and plump the skin while setting makeup. Most setting sprays I have come across, either hydrate the skin or aides the makeup to last longer. I can hardly find a product that does both. Usually by the end of the day hydrating sprays make my combination skin look too oily and my makeup tends to run. I was super intrigued by the Makeup Revolution claims and decided to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised!

The Hyaluronic Fix comes in the standard Makeup Revolution packaging which is a 100 ml spray bottle. The branding is in rose gold, pink and black compared to the other bottles which are in gold. The product contains Sodium Hyaluronate which penetrates the skin and holds onto moisture, thus giving a more hydrated and plump appearance. The formula contains alcohol as well, which can be drying on the skin but helps in the makeup lasting longer. Do beware of this if you are sensitive to Alcohol Denat ingredients. The nozzle comes with a clear cap and is user friendly. This formula compared to the Sport Fix Extra Hold which I reviewed here, is a lot 'wetter' in consistency. When you spray it on your face, make sure to keep the bottle a few centimetres away from you. I would also advise you to not squirt it directly onto wet mascara or eyeliner. Your products will run because of the wet formula. I usually wait for my mascara and liner to dry, while applying other products and spray this as my very last step. Once sprayed, it is best to fan your face with paper or any object, in order to create circulating air to dry and lock the product in place quicker.

The Makeup Revolution spray coats the face evenly and there is no unwanted spots, residue or white cast. The face looks natural and all the powders are well blended into each other on the skin. I love that my complexion looks natural, and does not have an artificial luminous glow, that some hydrating sprays tend to give. Sometimes, those artificial glows cause the skin to appear oilier than usual. This formula is hydrating and feels very comfortable on the face. It makes my matte foundation look and feel less drying. It helps to eliminate cracks and creasing done by powders or over drying foundation formulas. It doesn't interfere with the matte foundation consistency, instead it makes it much more wearable. Besides the hydrating effects, it really locks the makeup in place to last all day. I was very surprised by this as I couldn't believe that it would be long lasting. I would wear this on hot days and when I am exercising and sweating profusely and my makeup still looked good on both occasions. This is a product that can be used by dry, combination and oily skin types. It is quite versatile and the natural appearance makes it great for everyday use. This is very affordable as well. Do pick it up if you are looking for an effective hydrating makeup fixer.

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  1. I have dry skin, so this one sounds great for me. Wonderful review. XXX

    1. It's absolutely wonderful. I'm sure you would really enjoy it. I can't wait to pick up another bottle. I'm running low. 🙂💖


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