Pamper Sunday Dr Jart Dermask Micro Jet Brightening Solution Mask Review

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Pamper Sunday: Dr Jart Dermask Micro Jet Brightening Solution Mask Review

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Dr Jart is a fairly new Korean skincare brand that is taking the world by storm. They started online in 2005 and have since expanded their wings across the cosmetic market. I have always wanted to get my hands on their products and am so happy that they are now stocked at Sephora. For those of you who don't know, I am a huge fanatic of Korean skincare, especially their sheet masks. I was very excited to pick up this mask on one of my trips to Sephora in Doha. Sheet masks are a great way to try out new brands without spending a fortune on their ranges. I figured if I like this mask, I would dip my toes deeper into what they have to offer regarding their different skin care lines. The Brightening Solution mask is marketed to those who suffer from a dull complexion and uneven skin tone. The mask promises to provide a more youthful and radiant appearance while visibly brightening pigmentation problems. Since I am a woman of colour, I do have some uneven skin tone on my forehead. This is very common around woman with tan to deep skin, as sometimes our skin tone tends to suffer discolouration due to sun exposure or blemishes. I do want to note that this is not a whitening product but a mask designed to help treat discolouration and dullness in the face.

The sheet mask is made of ultra-fine microfibre that luxuriously softens the skin. Since the mask is made of such a soft fibre it is held together by a mesh netting. The mask contains Niacinamide, Bisabolol as well as, Glutathione which is an anti-oxidant. All these ingredients are very beneficial and effective in treating dark spots, brightening the skin and preventing unwanted pigmentation spots from developing. The ingredients are listed on the back of the packaging and they seem to be very impressive. I love that Niacinamide is so highly listed, which means that there is a high percentage of it in the essence. Niacinamide is one of my absolute favourite skin care ingredients, as it not only brightens skin but aides in preventing premature ageing. With all these vital ingredients the mask does have a medicinal scent when opening and applied on the face but it doesn't last long. The actual essence has a creamy milky and thick texture. It absorbs well into the skin and feels very soothing and nourishing. It hydrates and moisturises the skin too. It doesn't feel sticky or leave an unwanted residue. Instead the leftover serum mixes well with my night cream and my skin is left feeling ultra-moisturised.

The sheet fibre is made of a soft cotton which absorbs the essence well. The mask is drenched in product which I love. The only con I have with the fibre is that it is designed way to small. I could barely fit the holes of the mask over my face without the product dripping into my eyes. I shudder to think what a man might go through if they try to use this. Men are very much into skin care too these days and I'm afraid that this mask might only moisturise half their face. Other than that, the mask fits snug on the face and adheres well. It is very comfortable to wear and I totally forgot it was on and wore it for more than 30 minutes. The fibre feels very soft and nourishing on the face. You really do feel like you are giving yourself a spa treatment at the end of the day.

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After removing the mask and adding my face cream, I couldn't believe the radiant glow that this mask gave me. My face looked so healthy and had a natural luminosity to it. Even though this is a brightening mask, I absolutely love how moisturising this product is. I was very surprised by this as most brightening products do not add that extra hydration. Even the next day, my face looked plump and youthful. This mask would be great as an extra step to treat hyper pigmentation. You will not see immediate results in that area, as dark spots take time to fade. It is a great addition to help in evening out your skin tone. This is an excellent mask that would suite all skin types. It is very well made and the ingredient list is top notch. I recommend it to anyone looking to add a little extra treatment and nourishment into their routine. I definitely want to purchase more when I get the chance.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and love your make up looks.How much does a mask retail for and where can I buy it please?

    1. Hi Lucrishia, thank you so much. Hope you and your family are healthy and safe during this time. You can find a variety of Korean masks at They deliver to your door:-) 💖💖💖💖

  2. Your pink headband is so cute!! I have never heard of this brand. I'm new to korean skincare. I only recently started getting into sheet masks. Loved the review. Xxx

    1. Thank you Salma, sending so much love. 💖 This brand is relatively new to me as well. I'm enjoying their products so far. I'm hoping to purchase more. 🙂


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