Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

Monday, March 09, 2020

Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara Review

Hi Divas

I picked up the new Too Faced mascara last year at Sephora and only recently started to use it. I only open mascara's when I run out of the one's I am currently using. I don't like having multiple mascara's open at the same time, as these are the products that tend to dry out quickly and expire easily after the first use. This is the first mascara that I have tried from the brand as I never bought the original Better than Sex mascara. What drew me most to this lavish purchase is the extraordinary packaging. It is so eye catching and beautiful. It appealed to my pink loving and creative nature. I have never seen such a unique design in a mascara before and it definitely gets full marks for me in the design department. The metallic pink wand with the geometric angles is innovative and aesthetically pleasing. I am glad that they named this mascara Damn Girl! instead of some sexual innuendo, because I feel those suggestive titles are super unnecessary when it comes to makeup. Call me a prude, but that is just how I feel. Apart from the beautiful packaging and more appropriate name, does it actually live up to the hype of giving ''shamelessly thick and curled lashes'' though? Well that is another story, so keep reading to find out my experience with it.

Too Faced developed this mascara to give intense thickness, voluminous lashes with a long-lasting curl. The formula of the mascara is a creamy mousse with whipped melting waxes and innovative polymers which give extreme volume, lift and lasting curl. It promises to give flexible lashes without flaking or smudging throughout the day. The mascara is said to last up to 24 hours with intense black lashes. Even the brush design is unique as it is created to resemble an infinity shape, which looks like the number '8'. This is a dual fibre brush with long and short bristles which combs through and lifts individual lashes. The mascara promises great volume, flake resistant curl that stays lifted and glam all day long. After 24 hours your peers are supposed to say ''Damn Girl!'', after looking at your lashes, LOL. My experience with this mascara is somewhat 50/50 on the 'Will I buy it again?' spectrum.

Firstly, the applicator is unnecessarily too big. This says a lot coming from me, as I have big eyes and can work with a lot of large brushes. I found this brush a little too cumbersome for my liking. Since the brush is massive, I find it difficult to actually get close to the base of my lashes and coat them evenly. The brush is so large it tends to transfer product on my upper lash lid thus messing up eyeshadow around my top lash line. This is super annoying if you spent a few minutes perfecting your eyeshadow look and have to wipe it away with an ear bud because of unsightly black transfer. The big curve in the middle of the brush makes it awkward trying to grip the lashes in one sweep. The brush is not tapered at the end either, therefore you really struggle to grab hold of the inner lashes without smudging product on your face. All these problems would be resolved if they kept the design of the brush but made it smaller in size. As I said, I have big eyes, so I shudder to think want someone with a smaller eye frame than mine would go through.

The actual formula of the mascara coats the lashes evenly and creates intense black volume. The consistency is a mousse like texture and it is not too wet or runny. More than two coats can cause clumping since the mousse texture is thicker than most mascaras. After two coats the lashes are well lifted with a slight curl. It does not give an intense curl but there is a slight wave. I love that my lashes feel great throughout the day since it does not dry them out or cause that hard-crisp feeling. The formula is comfortable to wear all day long and the lashes do not droop but actually keep their dramatic hold. This does live up to its claims of being smudge proof as there is no flaking or smeared marks on the face. As you can see above my lashes look great. They are super black, full of volume with a slight curl. The lasting power is wonderful at the end of the day. The mascara removes easily with your makeup cleansers too. You won't have to worry about tugging the delicate areas of your eyes to get it off.

I think you can gather that I have a dilemma with the Damn Girl! mascara. I love the dramatic effect this product gives my lashes. It looks so glam and voluminous. The formula is comfortable on the eyes and it has great lasting power. It really does what it suppose to do but the brush is just too large for my taste. The bristles are comfortable to use though and the wand sits perfectly in my hand. It's just that, the application takes longer since I have to be really be careful in not poking my eye out or transferring product on my eyeshadow. Would I purchase this again? I don't know. My lashes look great but to get there is a process that I do not have time for. The packaging of this mascara is beautiful, therefore it is such a pity about the oversized brush design. What do you think? Can you work with such large applicators or would you skip it? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I absolutely understand your preferences about the big brush, I have the same: D This mascara gives a nice effect:d Regards:**

    1. Thanks for reading๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, the mascara gives great results.

  2. Excellent review! This mascara is beautiful but I also don't like big brushes that make a mess. Thanks for your honesty. Beautiful pictures as always. Xo

    1. I love the packaging. Such a pity about the big brush. ๐Ÿ’–


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