Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Review

Monday, March 23, 2020

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Review

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I travel to the Middle East quite frequently, therefore it was only fitting that I try out one of the biggest makeup brands to come out of the region. For those of you who don't know, Huda Beauty is a very successful cosmetics brand created by Huda Kattan. She started out as a beauty blogger and ascended way up to a business makeup mogul, while residing in Dubai. In the cosmetics industry, her innovative makeup launches have become very successful throughout the world. I was mostly interested in her complexion products even though she has become very famous for her false lashes and eyeshadow palettes. I particularly wanted to try out her foundation as I was very intrigued by the extensive shade range and the full coverage filter blurring claims. These days everyone and their dogs are using social media filters to perfect their complexions. Huda claims her foundation provides a filter like effect, which means you can walk around in real life looking flawless like your Photoshopped pics, LOL. This too, is one of the few high coverage foundations available on the market as most are medium to semi-full coverage. If you do some research online regarding this product you will see a lot of the reviews and experiences are 50/50. Some absolutely adore this foundation while others hate it with a passion. After using it, I can clearly see why there are such extreme mixed reactions. Keep reading to find out more!

Faux Filter is packed in a square rectangular plastic bottle and comes with 35 ml of product. This of cause is 5 ml more than most foundations and the plastic bottle is meant to be travel friendly and light weight compared to a standard glass bottle. The branding and design of the foundation is very sleek and the plastic feels sturdy and well made. I do not mind the plastic packaging as it does not look or feel cheap. It looks luxe and very well made. The Buff and Blend Face brush that I purchased with the foundation is in a kabuki style with a matte rubber handle. The bristles are densely packed and feel compact. They are made with white synthetic fibres witch blend liquid and cream products easier.

 The foundation comes in 30 shades and are categorised between Fair (100), Light (200), Medium (300), Tan (400) and Rich (500). They are further broken down into Neutral (N), Beige(B), Golden(G) and Red(R) undertones. I purchased the shade Butter Pecan 330N, which is in the Medium category with a Neutral undertone. I could have gone for Baklava 340G (warm olive in tone) and Macchiatto 400G (identical to Butter Pecan with a golden undertone) but settled on Butter Pecan as this matches my neck and jaw line perfectly. The shades do run close together and are quite warm in tone. You could therefore have more than one shade that might work for you.

The consistency of this foundation is thick and creamy. One and a half pumps are more than enough to fully cover my face. Two pumps or more will make you look cakey and overdone. This is a heavily pigmented foundation, therefore a little goes a long way. The coverage is full and covers my under-eye bags and blemishes perfectly, I don't even need concealer when I wear this. For application, I applied it with the face brush and it gave me flawless and even coverage. I do notice slight creasing under my eyes and forehead lines sometimes. To avoid this, I recommend using a sponge to press the creamy consistency into the skin. This gives a smoother and crease free application. Since the foundation is so thick it can soak into the brush and sponge if applied directly. I recommend dotting the product all over your skin first and then blending it out.

 Once applied, you have to set your face with a powder and setting spray. Since the foundation is a cream it has a tendency to move around and slide off, if you do not set it properly. This foundation does transfer so if you hug someone really tightly it might not end well, LOL. In South Africa we love to hug each other. We hug at church, hug at work, hug your family members and so on. You need to set this and take precautions when hugging people. Any translucent powder and makeup setting spray will do the trick. As I said this is a highly thick and pigmented foundation. You have to make sure that your shade matches well, your application is smooth and you lock it in place with a powder and spray. Skipping these steps could prove fatal for your makeup the rest of the day.

 Below are pictures of me wearing the foundation during my professional headshot photo shoot. As you can see this foundation looks absolutely amazing in photos. My skin looks flawless and smooth, it is unbelievable. It really does give a blurring and filter effect on camera. If you are planning to attend an event where there will be a lot of photography, this foundation will be your best friend. It looks very flattering in photos. You can't even tell where the foundation ends and starts around my neck and chin area.

The shade Butter Pecan is a wonderful match for me. For reference I wear Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr' in 290, Too Faced Born This Way in Warm Beige and LA Girl Pro Matte in Light Tan. Faux Filter looks amazing in pictures but in real life, it can look too overdone. I think this is where most people struggle with this product. This is not a natural looking foundation. It is full coverage and highly pigmented. People will be able to see clearly that you are wearing makeup. This product is not good for every day wear. It is better suited for events and glam occasions. It is not light weight at all and therefore would be very obvious on a normal day out and about.

I noticed that the formula of the product changes throughout the day too. The foundation applies very matte at first but later on in the day it becomes luminous and your natural oils start showing through. Depending on your skin type, this could either be great or disastrous for you. Since the foundation applies very matte, it is important to prep the skin with a good moisturiser underneath. This is especially important for dry skin types. If your skin is dry makeup won't look flattering on the face. Hydrate your skin properly before wearing this. Since the product contains Argan Oil, this could be problematic for oily skin types as it starts to show through during the day. It might mix with your natural oils making you look oilier. I don't have any of these problems as I have normal to combination skin but I understand why certain people might hate this.

Also the foundation is heavily scented with an oud fragrance. Arabian oud is a rich woody and sweet scent that is very popular in the Middle East. Fragrances are known to be irritants to sensitive skin when placed in cosmetics. Do be aware of this if your skin reacts to perfumed beauty products. The fragrance does not bother me at all and I personally like this foundation because it works well with my skin type and is long wearing on me. It looks good in person but even better in pictures. Even though it works well for me, I wanted to give you the whole low down on this product, so you can make up your own mind on whether you want to try it or not. I hope you found this review helpful.

Thank you so much for reading this long and in depth post.
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  1. Excellent review Desle. I want to try this but I have dry skin so might skip it. It looks beautiful on you in the photos. Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Bianca. I truly appreciate it! 💖💖💖

  2. Gorgeous Desle! Always bringing the fire! This review was so on point. I think I might just try this foundation. :-)

    1. Thank you Salma. Your comment made my heart smile. Lots of love. 💕💕💕


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