Pamper Sunday Sephora Pineapple Face Mask Review

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Pamper Sunday: Sephora Pineapple Face Mask Review

Hi Divas

I will be shining a spotlight on a lovely mask I picked up at Sephora in Doha. Sephora have really been stepping up their game when it comes to skin care lately. They have added a variety of masks and other facial products to their range. This is awesome news as the actual Sephora Collection brand is the cheapest in store among the other high competitor brands they sell. Now a days as consumers, we have to be more careful about our spending habits in this global economy. I love that they are providing cheaper alternatives without lacking on ingredients and quality. The Pineapple Face Mask is marketed as a pore perfecting and smoothing sheet mask. It promises to be a second skin which quenches the face within 15 minutes. The mask says that it tightens pores and smooths skin texture. I don't really have a problem with enlarged pores, nor do I have textured skin. I do have pores in the normal areas on the sides of my nose which become slightly visible under really bad cakey foundation coverage. I did test out this mask on my monthly red robot visits, as that is when my skin tends to throw a temper tantrum leaving me with unsightly zits.

This mask is enriched with pineapple extracts which are very beneficial for the skin. Pineapples are filled with Vitamin C and Beta Carotene which are great antioxidants that help to diminish wrinkles, and treat damaged skin from sun exposure and free radical pollution. It also improves skin texture and promotes collagen for firmer skin. Pineapples are not only great to eat but contain a number of health benefits that aid in youthful and healthy skin, making you look and feel better from the inside out. As I mentioned above, I don't really have problem skin so I was curious to see how this mask would perform on my face. I do believe in prevention is better than cure, therefore any ingredients that prevent skin damage is a yes in my book. When opening the mask, you get a sweet pineapple scent that hits you right in the face. This scent smells so good, that it actually makes me want to eat the mask, instead of putting it on my face. It smells like a refreshing pineapple cocktail. It reminds me of Summer and makes me want to have pineapple juice on the beach. Don't worry though, as this aroma is not pungent and won't last long on your skin. You therefore won't have to worry about unwanted insects sitting on your face being attracted to sweet pineapple sap, LOL.

The actual sheet mask fibre is very thin and you should be careful to not tear it when applying it on your skin. It is a good size and fits snug on my face. It does not slide down but stays put and I can carry on doing other things while the mask is working its magic. The package says to leave it on for 15 minutes, but I always wear sheet masks for 30 minutes and more. This mask is well coated in essence but not drenched in it. It therefore does not run or drip down the face and neck. Since the essence has a slightly thick gel like texture it tends to dry out quicker on the face than most masks do. Not to worry though, as your skin will still soak up the maximum amount of serum on the sheet. I even squeezed out excess from the sheet mask and reapplied it to my face at the end. The mask fibre feels really soft on the skin and has a soothing effect which is great to wear after a long day.

I loved the overall performance of this mask. It visibly made my skin look so much smoother. It even feels soft and smooth to the touch. The mask did a wonderful job in improving the surface texture of my skin. This sheet mask would be great to use before makeup as it provides a smooth and soft canvas for foundation to glide on. As far as pores are concerned, I didn't see any visible results in diminishing the look of them. They still looked the same to me. I guess you would have to continuously use pineapple extracts to see improved results. Nothing is cured overnight. This mask is not overly moisturising or hydrating though. If you have very dry skin, you might not like this product or you would need to apply a heavier moisturiser on top. I like the performance of this one on my skin and would like to buy more in the future. By the way have you seen the cute bright packaging of this sheet mask? It is absolutely adorable and fun. I love it so much and it makes me want to purchase more, just to display on my desk.

Hope you found this review helpful.
Thank you for reading.
Divalicious Kisses.

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  1. Such pretty packaging and the way you styled the photo is so creative. Love it!! Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Bianca! Yes it's so pretty. The main reason I purchased it. 😁💞


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