Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Nude and Rose Gold Lipsticks Review

Monday, October 14, 2019

Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Nude and Rose Gold Lipsticks Review

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As most of you may know, I have truly been loving Makeup Revolution products. They offer such good quality for their budget friendly price tag. I honestly don't know how they keep creating pigmented and long-lasting products for a fraction of the price. If you are a makeup addict but cannot afford high end products or get your hands on Sephora collections, you seriously don't have to have any FOMO, (Fear of Missing Out) explanation for my mom, LOL. Makeup Revolution has an array of cosmetics that will make you look like a super star. This post is not sponsored by the way, I wish! To add to my growing collection, I have two lipsticks that look very similar in packaging but perform very different on the lips. The first comes from the Iconic Matte Nude Collection and I have the shade Inspiration. This was gifted to me when the brand first launched in South Africa. The second lipstick I purchased, is from the Rose Gold collection in the shade Diamond Life. I will be reviewing both below and you can decide which one would be better suited to your needs or if you want get both. It's your prerogative to do what you want to do! ;-) Did you sing that line along with me? LOL.

Both lipsticks are packaged in a beautiful gold bullet that is very similar to the iconic MAC lipsticks. The design is sleek, pretty and very classy. It looks good displayed on a vanity and would look even better being whipped out for a touch up at a party or work function. At first glance the lipsticks look identical but at closer inspection there are differences in collections. The Rose Gold collection has the deep rose gold colour with a mirror like shine on it. You can clearly see your face in the bullet. The Iconic Matte collection on the other hand has a blurry out lay and resembles a matte texture. I like this special touch which Makeup Revolution added to the design of the different lipsticks. It makes it easier to identify at first glance when choosing a shade that you want. The actual weight and feel of the lipsticks are quite light and the packaging is very sturdy with a good grip and clasp when opening and closing it. This makes it travel friendly when you are out and about in cold or hot weather. One thing I hate the most, is when lipsticks are not properly secured and you open your bag to find it either leaked or rubbed off everywhere. What a nightmare! Also, to note these lipsticks are vegan and cruelty free which is wonderful for the environment too.

Iconic Matte Nude Revolution in Inspiration
This collection has 5 shades of nude and Inspiration is described as a nude with brick undertones. Honestly, I do not get brick undertones on my complexion when I wear it. On me this nude shade displays very peachy undertones. It's actually a great peachy nude for someone similar to my complexion as it does not make me look like the walking dead. It's flattering and wearable on its own. This shade is very versatile and can be mixed with any lip liner or lipstick. I love to use it as a base colour and glide any lipstick on top for a more wearable and muted look. It's a good mixer shade to have in your collection. I do have to note that the lipstick shade in the bullet is much darker than when swatched or worn on the lips. The lipstick looks deeper and richer in tone but when swatched it is very light. I love the texture of this lipstick on my lips. It is matte but has a creamy formula and glides on really smoothly. It is one of the best formulas to wear on a long day as it is matte, very opaque and does not dry out the lips.  

Rose Gold in Diamond Life
This collection too comes in 5 shades and Diamond Life is described as a berry red hue. It does display a berry tone on me but it actually leans to a deep pink berry more than red on my lips. The shade is very flattering on all skin tones and would look amazing on deeper complexions as those berry tones would really shine through. The lipstick has a totally different formula to the Iconic Matte. The texture feels thinner and glides on as such. It has a high gloss finish and a visible sheen to it. Since the texture feels thinner, the lipstick has a tendency to bleed. You have to be careful when you apply it as it is very pigmented and can rub off on the sides of the mouth. It would be best to use a mirror whenever you apply it and clean up with a cotton tip or concealer on the edges. This formula does have a tendency to show off dry patches on the lips as you can see in the photo below. It emphasizes flaky skin and therefore do make sure to exfoliate your lips before you wear it.

For me, the Iconic Matte is a clear favourite. I absolutely adore the texture and longevity of the lipstick. The shade Inspiration looks very flattering on me and I love that I can use it to change the colour and formula of my other lip products. I recommend this lipstick for those who are searching for a comfortable creamy matte nude. The Rose Gold lipstick is a wearable shade for me but I am not one for glossy formulas. I prefer a matte texture over a glossy one any day. The lipstick is not long lasting and transfers easily when eating and drinking. It is not an easy colour to wear as it can get on your teeth and bleed on the sides of the mouth. If you are someone that loves a high gloss look then this will be great for you. I definitely want to purchase more shades from the Iconic Matte collection.

I hope you found this review helpful. Have you tried these lipsticks. Do they tickle your fancy? Let me know what your thoughts are below!

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