Pamper Sunday Goodal Water Full Mask Brightening Review

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Pamper Sunday: Goodal Water Full Mask Brightening Review

Hi Divas

Welcome back to another Pamper Sunday edition. This time, I am taking it all the way back to Korean Beauty. As you may know this is where sheet masks all began and they make the best masks on the market. Goodal is a fairly new Korean brand and they focus on skincare. Their brand name consisting of 'Good' and 'All', incorporates good and natural remedies for the skin. They say their products 'contain all that is good and be good for all'. They focus on harvesting natural ingredients in a safe way that benefits the environment and our skin. Their emphasis is to provide products which create clear and a bright skin tone using modern technology and infusing the skin with vitality and energy of nature. I have used quite a few products from the brand and am therefore very familiar with their style and ingredients. I enjoy almost all their products as they are effective, gentle and easy on the wallet. The only con is that they are not easily available outside Korea. You would have to use international Kbeauty websites, Amazon and Ebay to purchase them. The mask I am featuring comes from the Water Full line. There are 4 variants in the range and I have used the brightening one.

The Brightening mask consists of Vitamins B2, C and E which aids in hyper pigmentation and clears the skin from scars and blemishes. It contains orange water, kiwi extract and sea mineral water for optimum nourishment and moisture. Sea water is very beneficial to our bodies as it contains minerals which naturally heal and soothe irritated and dry skin. The term 'water full' suggest that this mask is filled with maximum hydration. The line is created to deeply moisturize the face while adding brightening benefits as well. I love the bright aqua packaging of the mask. It really highlights the ocean aesthetic and gives a calming effect to the mask visually. It comes in a pack of 5 which is excellent value for money. The actual packaging is very sturdy and is great for travel as the sheet won't get damaged.

The sheet mask has a soft cotton fibre which fits very snug on the face. It feels slightly smaller when compared to other masks. If you have a bigger circumference to work with, you may find the mask a little too small to manipulate on your facial features. The sheet is drenched in essence and feels so moisturizing on the face. This is honestly one of the most hydrating masks I have ever used. I love that the sheet adheres to the skin and does not slide down at all. I could easily go for 45 minutes wearing it without it drying out or slipping off.  The material is really good quality in holding moisture. It feels so comfortable and soft on the skin. The essence itself has a slight creamy texture but it is not milky. There is no stickiness either and the essence absorbs easily into the pores. It does not leave any unwanted residue and it mixes well with any cream you will apply on top. There is a lot of serum left over in the packet and can be used the next day if stored in the fridge.

I absolutely adore the results from this sheet mask. The essence feels so nourishing and hydrating. The next day my skin always looks well moisturized and plump after use. I can really see the benefits when I use the Goodal masks. I just came out of a cold and rainy Winter in Cape Town. We are currently in spring now, thank goodness. My combination skin went through some trials during the cold 3 months. This mask truly helped me to not have a parched and dull complexion. I highly recommend this line and the brand as a whole. They make excellent products for a fraction of the cost. I will keep repurchasing the Water Full line as well as other products. If you are looking for something deeply nourishing and effective give Goodal a try. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. This sounds like a lovely mask.

    Candice ||

  2. Oh very good mask sheet goodal is one of my favorite Korean brands

    1. They are amazing and so affordable. 💕💕

  3. I love reading about your Korean skincare goodies. I love a good sheet mask and love that you also try so many.

    1. Thanks Lynette. I truly recommend this one. It's lovely. 💖💜


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