Favourite Hair Protein and Moisturising Deep Conditioner Reviews

Monday, August 05, 2019

Favourite Hair Protein and Moisturising Deep Conditioner Reviews

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My hair has taken a serious toll this Winter. It has been incredibly chilly and wet in Cape Town. I am not complaining though, as last year we had serious drought therefore we need all the rain that we can get. Of cause this wet weather and gusty winds has not been kind to my tresses. My hair tends to become very dry, frizzy and dull in the colder months. To combat this and add some life and vitality back into my hair, I have been doing some deep conditioning treatments. What is the different between a normal conditioner and a deep treatment, you may ask? Well, deep conditioners are concentrated with more nutrients and has a heavier consistency than a normal conditioner. These hair masks are designed to deeply penetrate the hair shaft and give maximum nourishment to your hair. Most are required to be left at least 20 to 30 minutes on your hair and some can be left over night. Do read the instructions of each mask as you don't want to overdo it and not see the intended results. Most masks should only be used once a week or once a month (depending on your hair condition) as they are concentrated and your hair does not need an overload of treatment. Deep conditioners are designed for all hair types and no matter what state your hair is in, you will greatly benefit from a mask. 

Protein vs Moisture
 There are two types of masks to choose from depending on the condition of your hair. The first is a protein mask and the second is a hydrating/moisturising mask. Protein masks are created to strengthen weak and brittle hair. As our hair is naturally made up of protein, by adding extra protein to damaged hair, it will help restore and build up the hair shaft to a healthier state. Hydrating masks adds much needed moisture to your hair making it bouncy, shiny and overall healthy. Our hair needs a balance of both protein and moisture to be at its optimal best. Though depending on your hair type, you may need a little more of one over the other. Please not that each hair type has different needs and requires different treatments. I may need more moisture but you may need more protein. It is important to assess your own hair and do what is best for you. This is sometimes by trial and error, using different products, but once you find out what your hair truly needs you can work from there and build your hair up to its beautiful natural state. I will be giving my recommendations of hair masks below with reviews. Hope you find it helpful.

Favourite Protein Hair Mask

Kerastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte
 This is one of the very first protein masks I have ever used on my hair. It is in the Core Resistance range of Kerastase which has the green packaging and holds 200 ml. This mask is wonderful to use on over processed, dyed and heat damaged hair. It goes deep into the hair shaft, treating badly damaged cells as well as strengthening the hair and preventing split ends. The light weight consistency of the mask melts into the hair. It helps with detangling and your hair is easy to manage and comb through. It has a slight floral perfumed scent which does linger on the hair after you use it. I have been using this mask for years and I always repurchase it. It is not heavy and can therefore be used on all hair types. It leaves the hair with a very smooth and shiny finish. If you have curls, it may weigh it down a little bit as it slightly straightens the hair shaft when you use it. It leaves the hair super shiny but with a sleek appearance and feel. If you want more volume and bounce then this may not be the mask for you.

L'oreal Professionel Pro Fiber Reconstruct
This mask is pure gold and should only be used on damaged hair as it is heavily concentrated. If you have normal hair with no concerns or your hair cannot handle a lot of protein then this mask should not be on your wish list. If you have a very damaged cuticle and cortex from chemical treatments, dyes and heat damage this mask will be your best friend. There are 3 masks in the Pro Fiber range and the Reconstruct variant was created to rebuild the hair shaft from root to tips. This treats breakage and very weak hair that snaps easily. The compounds reconstruct the hair thus making it stronger and more elastic. It provides lasting care and protects the hair from further damage. The formula is thick in consistency and a little goes a long way. It has a creamy texture but is quite stiff. It will not drip or slide down the tub when you tip it over. This mask can be used on all hair types, despite its thick texture. It surprisingly does not weigh hair down, nor does it make the hair super sleek. In fact, my hair has volume and lots of shine when I use this. The scent in this one is beautiful and stays on the hair for days after you use it. It comes in 200 ml of product but it will last you a life time as a little goes a long way and you really only need to use this once or twice a month. I highly recommend it for those who are really struggling with badly damaged tresses.

Favourite Moisturizing Hair Mask

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
The word 'balm' is so appropriately used as this is no ordinary conditioner. Actually, it does not have a creamy texture at all. This is a thick emollient almost salve like product that coats the hair shaft with maximum moisture. This is like Vaseline but for your hair! The treatment balm is designed for thick and course hair that needs intense moisture to help with rough texture and add suppleness and shine to dry, lifeless hair. It contains Vitamin E and peptide complex's which nourish and coat the hair thus protecting it from drying out even further. It basically adds moisture and locks it in. It comes in a whopping 250 ml of product and will last you for more than year as you don't need to use a ton of it. Unlike the other tubs, this one is packaged in a squeeze tube which is very convenient and gives a mess free application. You can always cut the tube in half to remove all the product when you are almost done with it. I love drenching my dry ends in this as it smoothes it and prevents further damage. If you have fine to normal hair this would be too overpowering for you. Your hair will feel greasy at the roots and look quite limp. It does not promote volume but instead smooths the hair from root to tip. For thick hair that is difficult to manage, you will honestly adore this product. I only use this in the Winter months as it protects my hair from drying out and adds tons of shine.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask
There has been so much hype around Moroccanoil products when it first launched, I truly wanted to try it to see what the fuss was all about. I decided to purchase the deep conditioner as a starting point into the brand. The product comes in a large 250 ml tub and will last you a long time as the texture is thick, therefore a little goes a long way. The consistency is very creamy and the mask penetrates easily into the hair shaft. It does not leave the hair feeling weighed down or heavy. It feels quite light on the hair despite the thick and creamy texture. The mask contains argan oils which are very nourishing for your tresses. This is a great mask for all hair types as it is agreeable on fine and thick hair. It leaves the hair moisturised but not feeling greasy. There is volume and shine in your hair when you use it. Curly girls will love this as it does not alter the style of your curl but only moisturises your hair. It has a lovely light coconut scent which lingers slightly on the hair after washing it off. If you are looking for an all round deep conditioner that hydrates hair and leaves a healthy shine, do look into this one.

Deep Conditioners are very beneficial to your hair, no matter your hair type. It is important to give your hair the much needed TLC it deserves. You can prevent damage and wimp dull hair by using a mask at least once a month. There are many great products on the market that are created for any specific problem regarding your hair. Do research and use things that are best for your hair. The condition of your hair not only depends on genetics, but also diet and how you take care of it. Your hair is a part of you and keeping it healthy will not only make you look good but boost your self-confidence too. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know any of your recommendations or thoughts below. All the products mentioned in this post was purchased on Retailbox (Not Sponsored!).

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  1. Love this post Desle. It's so informative and I learned something new. I want to start adding protein into my hair routine too. I have been dyeing my hair and it causes some breakage. The Loreal mask seems great for me. Xoxo

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  3. Oh great products all the products are new to me so is good to read about them

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  4. Aaah you suggested quite a few good ones. The last few months I have been neglecting my hair - so I will look into these ones for a boost.

    1. These products really are great. I have been using them for more than a year. 😘💕

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