Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter Review

Monday, February 04, 2019

Too Faced Candelight Glow Highlighter Review

Hi Divas

This will be my first makeup review for 2019 and what better way to start off than with some extra glow. I have been lusting after the Too Faced Candlelight glow highlighter for a long time. I have always wanted to have it in my makeup addict collection but I seem to always put it aside for another purchase. When I was in Qatar in March 2018, I finally through it in my basket without hesitation and headed straight for the till. There is a plethora of highlighters out on the market right now, each promising a shine that will blind you and anyone that dares to look at your direction. When I truly started getting into makeup a few years ago, this highlighter was one of the OG's (Original Gangsters) to hit the market. By the way, I had to add the parenthesis in that sentence because my mom reads my blog and she has no idea what the 'OG' SLANG means, LOL. So why did I want this highlighter in particular if there are many out there bigger, better and brighter than this one? Well, it's Too Faced and I honestly can say that I am a groupie to the brand. Also, there is something classic and nostalgic about this highlighter which I truly gravitate towards.

 The highlighter is described as a soft, radiant and romantic glow. It aims to resemble the illumination of a romantic candlelit room. It contains Photolite technology which refracts light to soften and diffuse the skin, making you look lifted and radiant. It comes with a instructional sleeve to show you how to achieve day and night glowing looks. The product is packaged in a pretty pink and gold ombre box, along with a white and gold sturdy round compact. It has a full well fit mirror which is great for travel and touch ups on the go. The compact is made out of plastic but it is durable and therefore won't break easily if dropped accidentally. Inside, the highlighter is split into two sections and has the Too Faced logo as well as a candle chandelier embossed on to it. I love the pink, white and gold colour scheme. The aesthetic makes me feel like a princess when I use it. The compact is quite bulky compared to newer sleek designs on the market. I do wish it was a little slender in design.
The Candlelight Glow comes in two variants and I have the Rosy Glow shade. There are two distinctive hues in the compact. One being a champagne gold and the other a light pink glow. When swatched, the two shades are super close to being almost indistinguishable. The pink side seems to be slightly deeper and warmer in tone but honestly when worn on the face there is no apparent difference. I therefore love to swirl my brush in both sides of the compact to get equal amounts of the pigment. The formula of the highlighter is beautiful. It is well pressed and there is not a lot of fallout when you pick it up with a brush. There are tiny amounts of glitters which create beautiful sparkles on the face without looking tacky and overbearing. The texture is buttery soft and workable. You can use a brush or finger to get an equal desired effect. I love to use a tapered kabuki brush to sweep the highlighter across my cheekbones and use an eyeshadow brush for the bridge of my nose, brow bone area and inner eye corner highlight.

As you can see in the photos above the highlighter gives off a beautiful warm and natural glow. I love that it looks so classy and gives an illuminating look from within. The shade is lovely and would work on any skin tone and age group. I used this highlighter on my mom and she looked amazing. Her skin was radiant and looked so fresh. This highlighter is versatile as you can use it every day for work and layer it up for a party or evening out. It definitely has that romantic and warm summer feeling to the skin. I recommend it, to anyone looking for a classic, reliable and illuminating highlight. If you are looking for something that would stand the test of time then totally give this OG a try.

Thank you so much for reading.
Divalicious Kisses

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  1. This highlighter is so pretty and looks beautiful on you. 💕

  2. Wow ! The packaging is the cutest ever ! And that glow - I am such a sucker for highlighter lately - every new one I see I feel like I need it in my collection - lol.

    1. Yes the packaging is gorgeous and so different from the rest. Yes I have to stop myself from buying more highlighters. 😊💞💕

  3. This is such a beautiful highlighter. Lovely post and gorgeous photography.

    1. Thank you Vina. It's my favourite highlighter right now. 😘💙💕


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