Summer Favourites 2019 And GIVEAWAY

Monday, January 21, 2019

Summer Favourites 2019

Hi Divas

Welcome back to this crazy blog of mine. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year. I cannot believe how fast the holiday season flew by us. I feel like we were just preparing for Christmas, I blinked and now it is all over. Time truly does fly when you not paying attention. I have no complaints though, as I had a very relaxing and super chilled vacation. I think it's my most stress free one to date. Most of my holiday consisted of me stuffing my face with food on the couch but I did enjoy the great Summer weather that my beautiful city Cape Town had to offer. Below is a list of all the little things I enjoyed this Summer 2019. I say little as my list is nothing spectacular or exceptional. It is in those content little moments where you find your soul is at its happiest moments.

1. Summer Sunsets in Cape Town:
Sunsets in Cape Town are always a spectacular site to see. The ombre colours in the sky looks like a beautiful masterpiece painted by God. I love admiring the views on hot summer nights overlooking the mountain or ocean. It's a priceless scene that will be etched in your heart forever.

2. Baking Christmas Cookies with Mom:
My mom and I did some epic baking this Christmas. We made butter cookies, pecan nut biscuits, chocolate romany creams filled with a real chocolate centre and South Africa's favourite hertzoggies which are jam tarts. We too made chocolate mousse and Oreo cookie cheesecakes for our desserts. My mom is amazing in the kitchen and she did all the hard work. I was her little helper decorating everything and taste testing of cause, LOL. I love sharing these moments in the kitchen with my mom. They are memories that will be cherished.

3. Bath and Body Works At The Beach Range:
I absolutely love the Beach range from Bath and Body Works. I have been slathering the shower gel and lotion all over my body almost every day. The scent as a mix of sweet coconut that reminds me of all things Summer. It is moisturising too without leaving the skin greasy and therefore great to use after a long hot day. I have done an in-depth review on it here.

4. Elie Saab L'eau Couture Perfume:
If there is one fragrance brand that represents my true scent, it would definitely be Elie Saab. There is something about their perfumes that enhances my natural essence. The L'eau Couture collection is a fresh, fruity and beautiful scent, consisting of green almonds and vanilla. I have been wearing the perfume and shimmering body lotion whenever I stepped out the house. It is feminine, gorgeous and encapsulates me in a bottle.

5. Beach Hair and Sunkissed Skin:
Embracing my natural roots and tanned skin has been so freeing this Summer. I wanted to give my hair a break from all the heat damage of blow dryers and straight irons. I opted for light serums and leave in conditioners to create perfect beach curls. To enhance my tan skin, I used shimmering bronzers on my face and shoulders for an intense glow.

6. Shorts and bright Sandals:
Don't you just love when you find staple fashion pieces that will never go out of style? I love adding clothing items to my wardrobe that are fashionable but no limited to fading trends. This is exactly how I feel about my yellow River Island shorts and Pick n Pay diamante sandals. They are chic items that represent my style and will never look outdated and old. I have been loving pairing them in different styles and wearing them in all sorts of ways. I purchased these items on a sale too, which is a big win in my book.

7. Copious amounts of Ice Cream
Summer and Ice cream goes hand in hand. They are like Ying and Yang. You just cannot have one without the other. I took full advantage of the holiday binge season and went a little crazy with my sweet indulgence. Every single calorie I put in mouth was worth it and I have no regrets! YOLO!!! Now back to my 40 minute HIIT workout sessions, I go.

To start off the New Year, I always love to do a little giveaway on Diva Desle. I will be giving away this beauty hamper filled with fun cosmetic treats:

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All the best!

Thank you so much for reading. 
Divalicious Kisses

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  1. Wow loved reading this post it was such a pleasure. Thank you

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  15. New to your blog,new follower on Facebook and instagramenjoyed reading the post.Loved lots of the goodies you reviewed.This is such a fabulously awesome hamper,I'd love to be the lucky winner πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ’…πŸ˜πŸ’‹

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