Pamper Sunday: Too Cool For School Coconut Ceramide Mask Review

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pamper Sunday: 
Too Cool For School 
Coconut Ceramide Mask Review

Hi Divas

I purchased these Coconut Ceramide masks at a Sephora in Qatar. I love that Sephora has been stocking more Kbeauty products lately. Their sheet mask range as improved greatly within the store. Too Cool For School is a well-known Korean beauty brand. I have only tried their Pumpkin 24K Gold Sheet Mask. You can read that review here. The brand has some cult products which Kbeauty fanatics rave about. I love trying new sheet masks and the packaging of the coconut ceramide mask looked too cute to resist. When I came across these coconut masks, I immediately wanted to try it. Firstly, I love the scent of coconut. It always seems so refreshing and calming to me. Secondly coconut is known to have many great benefits to our bodies inside and out. These masks were one of the most affordable available in the skin care range. I love finding new products that are budget friendly too.

The mask is filled with freshly squeezed coconut water and ceramides, and is described as having brightening and anti-wrinkle properties too. Coconut water has wonderful benefits to hydrate and soothe dry, dull and irritated skin. You can use it as an everyday moisturiser because it replenishes and hydrates the flakiest skin. It contains anti-bacterial properties which help relieve and prevent acne as well. Coconut water is well known for creating a natural glowing complexion. It helps fade sun tan marks as well as blemishes and pigmentation problems. Ceramides are naturally found in our skin and they serve as protecting building blocks to keep in moisture, retain elasticity and acts as protective walls against pollution and other outside harmful elements. Ceramides are responsible for keeping our skin firm and supple. As we age these ceramides breakdown therefore using skin care which contain ceramides help the skin stay moisturised, firm and healthy.

The mask is made out of a thin cotton fibre and is packaged securely with two plastic protective sheets around it. The actual sheet is very delicate and you should handle it with care when applying it to your face as it might tear. The sheet is drenched in essence and there is a lot of product left over in the outside packaging. I would suggest you keep the rest of the essence in the fridge to use the next day. The sheet mask fits really comfortable on the face and feels very cooling and hydrating. The actual essence has a light consistency but it is not too runny. I absolutely love the fresh coconut scent of this mask as it is not artificial or too overbearing. This is honestly one of my favourite masks I have ever used. It feels so moisturizing and soothing on the face. I could wear this mask for a full hour as it does not dry out easily and sits snug on the face. My skin feels so refreshed, hydrated and calm after using it. It does not leave an unwanted sticky residue as some sheet masks tend to do. The remaining essence on my face blends wonderfully into my moisturiser.

I can truly tell the difference in the hydration levels and suppleness of my skin after using this mask. I would wear it at night and wake up to soft, glowing and healthy looking skin in the morning. I used these during the cold Winter months too and they made such a difference to my skin care routine. I definitely recommend these masks and cannot wait to purchase more. They are available on Ebay too if you cannot get to a Sephora. By the way, follow me on Snapchat @divadesle, to see more crazy sheet mask selfies. ;-)

Thank you so much for reading.
Divalicious Kisses

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  1. I love sheetmasks - they are so quick and easy ! I haven't tried this one before ... but now I need to stalk all the Korean skincare importers locally to find it ... lol.

    1. So true!!! 😁💖 I'm truly addicted to sheet masks.

  2. This mask sounds amazing and is such an incredible find! Going hunting for these for sure! Great review!

    Vina ❤ (Chimocollate Blog)

    1. Yeah, I love them so much. Definitely want more. 💖

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