Makeup Revolution Unveiling South Africa 2018

Monday, October 01, 2018

Makeup Revolution 
Unveiling South Africa 2018

Hi Divas

Last week Makeup Revolution hit South African Clicks stores with a bang! It was honestly one of the biggest surprises to hit our beauty community as the brand was launched in such a nick of time. I have watched many Youtubers using all their wonderful products but never had any experience with them until now. For those who are not aware, Makeup Revolution is a British cosmetic company which manufacturers affordable, high quality and cruelty free products. What makes this brand so revolutionary (see what I did there), is the fact that they target all areas of makeup as well as skincare and hair care too. They have a variety of complexion products, different tones of highlighters, blushes, all shades of lipsticks and tools to suite any demographic, gender and age. To me the most iconic factor about the brand is the amazing price point. All the products are super affordable but there are no exceptions on quality regarding packaging, pigmentation and lasting power. You honestly get budget friendly cosmetics with such high value. It's truly remarkable and revolutionary!

Makeup Revolution had their amazing opening event at the Clicks store in the V&A Waterfront located in Cape Town. I asked my sister the day before if she would like to be my plus 1 and accompany me. To my surprise she happily said yes and we woke up at 5:00 in the morning to skip the rush hour traffic and be on time. Truly sisters are absolutely the best! She sacrificed her sleep and her PHD work to support me as she knows what a makeup fanatic I am. The actual unveiling of the cosmetic stand within the store was wonderful. Bloggers and makeup addicts alike were all there to view and test the new products. To see all the different array of palettes, lipsticks and colours made my heart skip a beat. Once the unveiling and speeches were done we all rushed to the stand to play. The atmosphere was very exciting and inviting. There was a Revolution photo section where we could take home a memory of the morning and we too all received a lovely goodie bag at the end. My sister and I had a blast and it was so great to share this experience with her.

Below is a list of all the products I received and picked out at the opening:

*Makeup Revolution Sport Fix Extra Hold Makeup Fixing Spray
*Makeup Revolution Bake and Finish Luxury Baking Powder
*Makeup Revolution Baked & Strobe Highlighters in Vivid Golden Lights and Moon Glow Lights
*Makeup Revolution Conceal &Define Full Coverage Concealer and Contour in C6 and C8
 *Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade in Dark Brown
 *Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick Black Felt Eyeliner
*Makeup Revolution Pro HD Smoky Eyeliner
*Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit in Noble
*Makeup Revolution Lipsticks in Iconic Matte Nude Inspiration and Rose Gold Diamond Life
*Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert Soft Makeup Sponge

 As I mentioned above, I have never used Makeup Revolution before hence, I am so excited to play! I am looking forward to using the concealer, baking powder, makeup fixing spray and highlighters as I have heard so many great reviews about them. Hope you are ready for the many product blog posts in the future. Thank you so much for reading.

Divalicious Kisses

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  1. Awesome that you could attend the opening. It looked great. I was excited when I heard Makeup Revolution was launching here. I managed to buy an eyeshadow palette and lipstick at Clicks. A lot of the products were sold out over the weekend. Great post! Xxx

    1. Awesome that you got some great goodies.😁💖 I definitely want to get the blush palette next.

  2. I have the Soph x Revolution highlighter palette and I am in love. I am going this weekend for an eyeshadow palette... maybe I should wait for your reviews! Also, BIGUPS to your sister, flip that is love and dedication right there. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the products you got.

    1. Yeah sisters are the best!!! I didn't get eyeshadows because I have so many palettes already. 🙊 Their highlighters are really great. 💖

  3. Awesome post, Diva Desle! Sisters are the absolute best!!! :D. So great that you could attend the launch of Revolution and receive lovely makeup goodies. I am keen to try this brand. Lots of love and hugs to you! :)

    1. Thank you so much Saundy. Yes, there is nothing like a bond between sisters. Hope you get to try the products soon. 💙💜💗

  4. Awww how cool is your sister ? I ordered the foundation , concealer and highlighter online . :) Yo got some amazing goodies.

    1. The concealer is amazing!! I want to try the similar foundation too. Yes sisters are awesome. 😁💖💙💜

  5. I haven't used any Makeup Revolution products yet, but with a great launch matched with these appealing products which you have showcased so brilliantly, I'm now dying to try the Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit and Baked & Strobe Highlighters.
    Your sister is amazing btw!
    Lovely post!

    Vina ❤ (Chimocollate Blog)

    1. Thanks so much Vina. I'm loving the highlighters and lip kit. I recommend the concealer too. 😘💙💜


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