Pamper Sunday Hiddencos Americano and Latte Mask Review

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pamper Sunday:
 Hiddencos Americano and Latte Mask 

Hi Divas

What is better than coffee? Nothing, because coffee is EVERYTHING!! I am not ashamed to admit that I am a serious coffee addict. I swear there is nothing that warms my soul more like that first cup of dark liquid goodness in the morning. It is the first thing I do when I wake up. Ask any of my family members. They will gladly tell you that I switch on the kettle to make me a cup of java before I even open my eyes, LOL. It's not just the high that coffee gives me when I drink it. It's the smell and taste that sends me into nirvana. What would life be like without coffee? I shudder to think. Besides coffee being a wonderful and magical drink, it gets a really bad rap in mainstream media. Coffee is a natural God given substance, which when used in moderation, gives beneficial benefits to your body including your skin. Who knew that coffee could have amazing skin benefits like anti oxidants, improving circulation, being anti-inflammatory, protecting against UV rays as well as making skin smooth and bright. What better way to have these benefits than in a sheet mask. Hiddencos is a Korean skin care brand which came out with these mind blowing coffee masks. Sadly there is not much information on the brand on the interwebs so I cannot give you any more info than this. What I can say is their coffee masks are the BOMB.COM, LOL.

Americano Mask
This is the first mask I used from the range. It is packaged in the cutest coffee cup design. I just love the aesthetic detail that the brand invested in the packaging. It's honestly the cutest thing ever. This mask is described as a revitalizing ampoule mask with real Arabica coffee extract straight from Colombia. It is marketed as highly moisturizing as well as anti-bacterial and has anti-oxidants too. The main ingredients consist of Coffee extract which prevents inflammatory skin, prevents bacteria growth and helps prevention of psoriasis. Phyto Oligo is a plant extract that is anti-inflammatory and aids in keeping the skin moisturised. Fructan, a natural plant ingredient which helps retain and hold water. Portulaca extract prevents sensitivity to skin and soothes it. Witch hazel extract prevents sun damage and heals inflammation. While Chamomile water treats acne and dermatitis issues.  

This mask has a super strong filter coffee scent. It smells like a real americano coffee freshly brewed. This scent is heaven to me but may be over whelming to some who cannot stand strong scents. The essence is very thin in texture and has a tendency to drip down your neck. Be careful when using this mask as the essence is brown in colour and may drip down and stain clothes. The actual sheet is made of thin cotton and is drenched in essence. It is soft and comfortable to wear on the face. It feels very moisturising and soothing on the skin. I would wear it for 30 minutes and pat the rest of the essence into my skin. My face definitely feels revitalized and awake after I use it. Even the next day, my skin looks and feels refreshed and alive. There is quite a bit of essence left in the pack and I like to put that in the fridge to be used the next day. This mask would be great to use in the morning as it gives an energized feeling to the skin.

Latte Mask
This mask is packaged in a cute orange coffee takeaway design. It is marketed as a brightening and whitening mask. By whitening they do not mean skin lightening, rather treating pigmentation problems to get your skin back to its original skin tone. Along with the Columbian Arabica coffee extract the mask contains Adenosine and Niacinamide which aides in wrinkle prevention and helps brighten skin. Hyrulonic Acid is the magical ingredient that is natural found in our skin to retain and hold moisture. Aloe extract is excellent in treating irritated skin. Cetella extract reduces inflammation and Betaine contains amino acids that moisturise and give a healthy glow to the skin.

The mask lives up to its name as it has a complete milky texture. It smells exactly like a creamy coffee which is kind of crazy because it totally confuses the mind. My brain keeps sending signals to my mouth to take a sip because the scent is making my brain associate it with a latte. I keep opening my mouth wanting to take a gulp while wearing this mask, hehehe. Again, if you are sensitive to scents this may be a real trigger for you. The essence has a thicker texture than the Americano mask. It therefore does not drip down the neck. It is white in colour so you won't have to worry about it staining your clothes. The mask fibre feels very soft and comforting on the face. It is soothing, moisturizing and calming on the skin. I love the way this mask makes my skin feel. My face feels so nourished and soft after I use it.

Do you like my sexy selfie? Follow me on Snapchat @DIVADESLE for more craziness. I absolutely enjoyed using these face masks and all the wonderful benefits each one has. The masks made such a difference to the way my skin looks and feels. I personally love the Latte mask the most and will definitely purchase that one again. It truly gave such great results. The Americano mask was good but the formula was a little too runny for me. Have you tried any skin care products containing coffee extracts? Do let me know below. Also tell me if you love coffee as much as I do, LOL.

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  1. The packaging ! It's sooo freaken adorable ! I love sheetmasks ... I have way too many but I still keep on buying them ... cause you can never have enough right ??

    1. Absolutely!!! You can never have enough sheet masks. 😁💗

  2. These look like amazing masks.The Americano sounds like my cup of coffee. I can imagine the mind games between wanting to taste the mask with the glorious coffee scent. Great enlightening review. Suddenly I'm craving a latte��.

    Vina ❤ (

    1. Hehe, definitely mind games for sure!! 😂💜💕💜💕

  3. This was interesting Desle. I've only tried coffee scrubs, which are a little too harsh for my sensitive skin. Love the packaging for these! They are just too cute.

    1. I have never tried coffee scrubs before. I love these because they are so gentle and moisturizing. 💙💗💙💗


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