Loreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation Review

Monday, July 30, 2018

Loreal True Match 
Super Blendable Foundation Review

Hi Divas

Can you believe that I have another foundation review for you? I feel like 2018 is the year of finding that perfect base. If you read any of my foundation reviews before, you will know that I love a full on matte base. I have normal to combination skin; therefore I prefer a foundation that is matte and will keep me looking somewhat oil free throughout the day. I love the formula and feeling that a matte base gives too. It may sound horrendous to you, but the feeling of a stone wall canvas is very appealing to me, hahaha. I hate any sort of dewy finish or the feeling of foundation sliding down my face, it truly gives me the chills. So, when I decided to reach for the L'oreal Super Blendable Foundation in store and give it a try, my inner self wanted to slap me in the face. There is a reason for this madness, though. It's currently Winter in South Africa and the weather has been particularly cold in Cape Town. We have had lots of rain and even snow on some mountains. My combination skin was shook and I even had to change my skin care to a much more hydrating one, read here. I therefore needed a foundation that would not dry out my skin, but not be too dewy either. L'oreal True Match sounded like a perfect combo for me as it is marketed as being hydrating, skin like, has SPF 17 and giving good coverage without a cakey mess. 

L'oreal True Match foundation is one of the OG's (Original Gangsters) in the makeup world. This foundation was around before most trendy cosmetic brands existed. It had and still has an extensive shade range that caters to different undertones. The packaging and formula has changed slightly since its original launch but it still stands strong among the rest. The foundation is packaged in a 30ml glass bottle with a plastic top. It does contain a pump but this is where the product falls flat for me. The pump is really short and stubby, which makes it difficult for the product to disperse mess free. The liquid tends to drip down the bottle if you do not angle the pump properly. I have to wipe and clean the top after use as it leaves residue on the plastic. Overall the bottle is sleek and comes with the standard amount of product. I just wish they designed the pump a little better. It looks chic on a vanity and is travel friendly too as it does not feel heavy despite it being a glass bottle. 

Most reviews claim this foundation is their all time favourite and holy grail product which they can depend on. I always wanted to try it but I never did, as stated above that I always purchased matte finishes instead. This foundation has a skin like and breathable texture. It is very light weight but gives great coverage. It's pigmented and covers blemishes despite its light formula. It contains micro match pigment technology that adjusts to the true shade of your skin tone. I bought the shade 3.D/3.W Golden Beige. I originally wanted 4.D/4.W but that was out of stock. Looking at the swatch it is one shade lighter than my skin tone, but once blended it adjusts and matches perfectly to my skin. This foundation gives a radiance satin finish. It is not fully matte nor is it dewy. It gives a wonderful balance for those that want a natural skin like feeling. The formula does contain minuscule flecks of gold. You can see it in the bottle but once blended on the skin those flecks of gold are not visible to the naked eye at all. For application I use a brush and blend one to two pumps onto my face depending on the coverage I want. Sometimes I even skip concealer with two pumps and set with powder. The brush does take a while to blend it out as the foundation takes time to dry. I feel a sponge would work better as it would press the foundation into the skin and not move it around so much as a brush. Using a brush is convenient for me though as I like to pump foundation directly onto it and apply it to my face.

The foundation wears like a dream throughout the day. It sits so comfortably on the skin. Sometimes I even forget that I am wearing makeup. This formula looks so natural and perfect on me. It does not oxidize, flake or slide down my skin. I can see why most people rave about this product. What I love most about this foundation is that any skin tone can find a shade that matches or will work for them. In 2018 it is still so hard for people to find their foundation shades amongst various brands. It is sad but a horrible reality! This is a good natural and affordable product. It gives sheer to medium coverage and can be worn every day. This is currently my favourite Winter foundation at the moment. I would have to skip on this in the Summer time as I need a matte formula to control my oils. By the way the makeup and look you see in the photos above has been my go to Winter look. I have been wearing my black Stellenbosch University hoodie all day and every day. It's so comfy and warm. I like to reminisce about my crazy campus days too when I am wearing it, LOL.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know your thoughts below. 
Thank you for reading.
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  1. You always have beautiful photos Desle. I love this foundation too. It covers well and feels light on my skin. Xx

  2. I Love your foundation reviews - please keep them coming! I have learnt so much from your great reviews. And you are slaying that hoodie look!

    Much love
    (Chimocollate Blog)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Vina! 💗💗💗


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