Neutrogena HydroBoost Skin Care Range Review

Monday, June 18, 2018

Neutrogena Hydro Boost
 Skin Care Range 

Hi Divas

We are currently in the heart of Winter in South Africa. Cape Town has been wet, windy and quite chilly. I had to switch up my skin care routine to adapt to the change of season. I have combination skin which gets oily in the t-zone area. During the colder months, my forehead and the skin around my mouth can become dry and sometimes flaky. Changing your trusty skin care routine can be a daunting task as finding the right products to work for you at an affordable price point can be difficult. I decided to give Neutrogena a chance as the claims were quite promising and the prices were super inexpensive. I too was drawn to the striking blue packaging in the store. There is something about the colour blue that eludes to moisture and refreshing skin. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost range consists of 7 products all aimed at boosting hydration. I shall be reviewing four products from the range. Each product contains Hyaluronic Acid which is the key ingredient in the Hydro Boost products. It aids the skin in holding moisture thus keeping it hydrated and healthy looking. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in our skin. I love the concept of using these types of ingredients helping increasing our moisture barrier. On to the reviews!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser Facial Wipes
I hardly ever use cleansing wipes unless I really have to. I find them rather wasteful. What drew me most to these wipes are that they can remove waterproof mascara and the toughest makeup while giving moisture to the face. Some makeup wipes contain high levels of alcohol and can be pretty drying on the skin. Waterproof mascara is very difficult to remove therefore I was interested to see if these wipes would get the job done. The wipes are quite silky in texture and smell amazingly fresh and slightly sweet. They contain a cleansing lotion which removes makeup effectively. They remove all traces of makeup and waterproof mascara without stripping the skin of moisture. These cleansing wipes are extremely moisturizing. It feels like you already applied a cream after you use it. They do not leave an unwanted residue but they do give moisturisation. The only con I have with these wipes are the quantity. There are 25 wipes in a packet but the average cleansing wipes come in 30 to 40's in a packet. These are pricier than your normal cleansing wipes too. I therefore feel that even though they work amazingly well, they are not economical in the long run.

 Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser Water Gel
The cleansing gel is packaged in a 200ml pump bottle. I find the quantity quite generous for the price. I therefore feel it is a good budget purchase as you get more product for your coins. The cleansing gel is a little runny in texture. It lathers well with water and removes dirt from the face. It feels refreshing on the skin and does not leave any residue or a tight and dry feeling afterwards. One pump is enough to cleanse your whole face, unless you are wearing a full face of makeup, you would have to double cleanse and go in with a second pump. This is a good every day cleanser but it is not effective enough to remove heavy makeup or thoroughly cleanse pores. If you are someone who is looking for an affordable refreshing cleanser and you don't wear a lot of makeup then this would be lovely for you. I on the other hand, need something more potent to thoroughly cleanse my face and pores as I wear makeup every day. 

 Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser Micellar Water
This is one of my favourite products from the whole range. I was really surprised at how well it worked as this was my first time using micellar water. Micellar water is similar to a toner. It contains oil molecules that attract and draw out dirt from your pores. It dissolves and removes dirt while leaving your moisture levels intact. This is unlike normal cleansers that strip moisture from the skin. What I love most about this micellar water is that I don't have to rinse or cleanse my face again. It does a wonderful job in removing any traces of makeup and excess dirt. It is gentle on the skin and feels so light and refreshing. I would definitely purchase this again. The product comes in a 200ml plastic bottle and it would last you a long time as a little goes a long way. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
This is my absolute favourite product from the Hydro Boost line. It totally deserves a big gold star. There are two creams in the range but the water gel variant is the ultimate winner. I have used the gel cream targeted to dry skin but it does not come close to this one, therefore I am not reviewing it here. The cream comes in a standard 50ml tub. It has a soft light creamy texture that melts into the skin. It locks in any serums and essences which you have applied before the last step. The cream is truly hydrating and keeps in moisture despite its light consistency. It lasts well throughout the night and I do not wake up with a dehydrated face nor an over oily face either. My skin looks plump, smooth and refreshed in the morning. I sometimes mix it into my daily SPF moisturiser in the mornings too, when I feel I need a little extra love and care. It blends well with other cosmetics and makeup products. I would definitely purchase this again when I run out. It's a good quality and effective low budget moisturising cream.

 These products do contain fragrance and have no anti-ageing benefits. These are the only true cons from the range for me. Over all I am very impressed with the Hydro Boost line. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry skin and looking for something more cost effective. These products have kept my skin moisturised and healthy through this chilly weather. Have you tried any of these products? Do let me know below. I hope this review was helpful. I have been using these products for more than two months now and feel I could give an honest intensive review. Sensing lots of love.

Divalicious Kisses

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes it's great and so affordable. 😁💗

  2. The hydro boost water gel sounds amazing. My skin would probably drink it up! LOL I'll have to give it a try. The micellar water sounds amazing as well. I haven't tried Neutrogena products for awhile. I stopped using wipes. There's a big movement saying they are polluting our oceans, so I just use a cleansing balm instead. Great review Desle!

    1. Yes I agree with you about the face wipes. I think you should give the moisturiser a try. It is really helping my skin this Winter. 💙💙💙

  3. The Hydro Boost Water cleanser seems similar to the Bioderma foaming gel cleanser but at a better price.
    I have combination skin as well and although I've been interested in trying the Hydro Boost Water Gel and and Cleanser I was usure about trying them out. Definitely going to give them a try now.
    Love your detailed review!

    1. I haven't used the Bioderma one. Yes, this is very affordable for a gel cleanser. It's pretty basic and gets the job done. 😊💜

  4. Thanks very much for the very good and useful review, Diva Desle. I am now keen to try the Neutrogena Hydro Boost skin care range. Lots of love and big hugs!

    1. Thank you so much for reading Saundy. Kisses 😘😘😘


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