Pamper Sunday: Innisfree Manuka Honey Sheet Mask Review

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Pamper Sunday: 

Innisfree Manuka Honey Sheet Mask Review

Hi Divas!

It is starting to get chilly in Cape Town. I therefore had to change up my skin care routine quite a bit. I have combination skin but during colder months my skin tends to get dry and flaky on my forehead and around my mouth area. The best way to add an extra boost of moisture to my face is through a sheet mask. I love how convenient and super effective they are. I swear, they are miracle skin care inventions. Innisfree is a well known Korean beauty brand. They specialise in skin care products but have branched out into makeup too. Their It's Real range consists of a variety of sheets mask to target specific skin care needs. The manuka honey variant is specifically formulated for dry rough and irritated skin. Manuka honey originates in New Zealand, made by bees through the manuka bush. This magical honey is known to help heal acne and eczema. It is filled with beneficial nutrients that improve skin tone and give vitality to the skin. It is a wonderful healing and moisturising product. I love that I can get the benefits of the honey in a little sheet mask.

Besides the manuka honey, the mask contains jeju green complex which consists of green tea, tangerine and cactus extracts that all aide in soothing and moisturising irritated and dry skin. The mask is packaged in a pretty and classic sheet pack. The cotton sheet is triple layered to hold as much moisture as possible. The pack is filled with essence and the sheet is drenched in it. I love that the cotton sheet has a soft and thick texture. It adheres really well to the face and is soaked in the serum. It fits my face perfectly and I can wear it for 30 minutes and more without it sliding off my face.  The essence has a clear thick serum texture. Even though the mask is heavy with essence it does not drip down the neck area. The sheet is strong enough to hold all the product. The mask feels very comforting and hydrating on the skin. The essence absorbs easily into the skin. I like that it does not sit on top of the face leaving an unwanted film. It blends wonderfully into the face. There is no specific scent to the mask. In fact, it kind of smells slightly medicinal. This is great as most fragrances tend to irritate people with sensitive skin. 

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I can't stress enough how comforting and soothing this mask is. It honestly feels like I am having a spa day when I wear it. It is so nourishing and hydrating. I like to wear it for 30 minutes and pat the remaining serum into my skin. I usually do my sheet masking at night and I wake up with the most moisturised face in the morning. It definitely takes away any dry patches I have along my face. This is a wonderful pick me up and moisture boost product. I usually buy my Korean products on Ebay. These are sold in a pack of three for under R100 ($10). This is an absolute bargain compared to sheet masks sold in stores near me. If you are looking for an affordable alternative, do give this a try. You won't be disappointed.

Thank you so much for reading.
Divalicious kisses.

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  1. OOOOHHHH !! I love sheet masks . I have tried some of the Innisfree range but haven't tried this one yet ! I will have to add the Manuka Honey one next time to try - my skin can use the moisture boost.

    1. Yes Innisfree is the best!!! I really liked this one. I definitely want to order more. 😁🌟


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