Eucerin Dermato CLEAN Clarifying Toner Review

Monday, March 26, 2018

Hi Divas

This week I shall be doing a skin care review. In the spot light today is the Eucerin Clarifying Toner. I bought this on sale during the festive season. I ran out of my beloved Etude House Wonder Pore toner and was on the hunt for an affordable toner that would be kind and effective to my skin. What drew me most to this specific one was the great price and the fact that it does not contain alcohol. A lot of toners on the market which are kind to the wallet contain ingredients that are pretty harsh for the skin. Toners with too much alcohol content burn and dry out my face. This one is described as a toner that is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. I am not familiar with Eucerin products therefore I was super excited to test this product out.

The toner is packaged in a clear plastic bottle and contains 200 ml of product. That is a lot of product for the price you are paying therefore it is a huge plus for me. It comes with a flat top which I personally do not like. I prefer a raised top as this makes the liquid ease out of the bottle easier. Flat tops tend to mess everywhere if you do not angle the bottle properly when it comes to liquid textures. On the back of the bottle, the toner is described as an extra mild cleanser that tones and refreshes the face. It clears and makes the face breathable thus ready for moisturisation. It does not contain fragrance, alcohol, colours or parabens. This alone makes this particular product an excellent choice. I always check the ingredient list before purchasing skin care. It is very important to know what you are putting onto your body as certain harmful chemicals soak into your skin and enter your blood stream. Making wise choices about your skin care will benefit you and your body in years to come

You can use the toner in the morning and evening to prepare your skin for the last step which is applying your cream. I only use my toners at night therefore removing any last bit of makeup and cleansing my face is very important for me. I like to use a cotton pad and tap a little product on it. I then proceed to wipe my face, cleansing my skin and pores. I am thoroughly impressed with this toner. It cleanses my face perfectly, removing any traces of foundation especially around my forehead line. It works great around my eyes too as it does not irritate the sensitive area. It removes mascara and any eyeliner left after foam cleansing. The toner does not leave any residue or unwanted film on the face. My skin feels refreshed and looks radiant after use and does not have a tight or dry feeling. A little product goes a long way hence the bottle will last a really long time. I am genuinely impressed by the toner and will definitely be purchasing another bottle when this one is finished. I recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive product that is great for all skin types and works efficiently. Have you tried this product or any Eucerin products? Let me know below.

Hope you found this review helpful.
Divalicious Kisses!

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes, they are so gentle and affordable. 😊💕

  2. Eucerin is known for being gentle yet effective on sensitive skin. So glad it worked for you Desle. They make excellent products.

    1. I am really starting to love the brand. 😊💙

  3. You remind me that I should check Eucerin more, they have some great products!

    1. They work great and so easy on the wallet too. 💗💗💗


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