Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream Review

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Himalaya Herbals 
Revitalizing Night Cream 

Hi Divas

Have you heard of the brand Himalaya Herbals? I first saw it in stores in the Middle East and later on I came across it at a Clicks store in South Africa. I was super intrigued by this brand as the prices are budget friendly and the ingredient list of the products are very impressive. Himalaya Herbals was founded in India and has branched out to many countries around the world. Their skin care products are based on ayurvedic (ancient Indian Medicinal practice) components and 100% active herbal ingredients. They are vegan, cruelty free and do not contain alcohol or parabens. They believe in taking care of the body while being kind to nature. I find this to be excellent in today's age as most cosmetic brands make products at the expense of nature and our animal kingdom. I appreciate brands that care about sustaining our environment. I decided to try out the Revitalizing Night Cream as my first product from the brand. I was on the hunt for a new night cream that would be kind to my skin and wallet. I think I found the best one to date!

The Revitalizing Night Cream focuses on three major points. They are to renew skin cells, hydrate, nourish and maintain moisture in the skin plus repairing any skin damage whilst sleeping. These three components work with the everyday renewal cycle of the skin as we sleep. Two major ingredients in the cream to assist this process is White Lily which are rich in antioxidants and helps repair skin damage. Another ingredient is, tomato rich in Flavonoids and Alpha Hydroxy Acids which assist in skin renewal. The main focus of the cream is to provide moisture and restore the skin thus creating a healthy revitalizing face. The product contains the standard 50g's and is packaged in a heavy glass tub. I quite like the packaging as it looks and feels classy but might be too heavy to travel with.

The consistency of the cream is light weight yet creamy in texture. It applies well on the face and blends effortlessly into the skin. It does not leave a white cast or sticky residue. It melts wonderfully into my face. A little goes a long way but you can add a few layers if your skin needs the extra moisture. The product has a strong floral scent which might be a little too much for someone who is sensitive to fragrances. I personally do not have an issue with it and it does not linger on the face once blended out. I love that this cream is light weight yet hydrating. It is especially perfect for Summer months when you don't want anything too heavy on the skin but still want to moisturise the face thoroughly. It makes my skin look and feel healthy and radiant. When I wake up in the morning, my face does not look dried out or dull. I recommend this to all skin types as it is perfect as a daily night cream. I adore that it vegan and animal cruelty free too. It does not contain harsh ingredients like alcohol or parabens. The price is perfect for someone on a budget. I give this product a 10/10. Have you tried any products from this brand? Let me know below.

Hope you found this review helpful.
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Bianca Smith
6 February 2018 at 13:02 delete

I have seen these products at Clicks and have always wondered about this brand. Thank you for the review. I am always on the lookout for affordable skin care. Xxx

Kim Alston
7 February 2018 at 19:20 delete

I haven't seen this brand here Desle, but it sounds like an excellent night cream.


Thank you for your comment:-)