Essence Camoflage Full Coverage Concealer Review

Monday, September 18, 2017

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer Review

Hi Divas

I recently went on the hunt for an affordable concealer as I shockingly ran out. I couldn't find one full tube of concealer any where in the house. Such horror, I tell you! When it comes to concealers I usually stick to what I know and tend to purchase my tried and trusted products. On my shopping trip I was feeling a bit daring and decided to try something new. I purchased the Essence Camouflage Concealer. What struck me the most was that it said full coverage on the tube. The product promised to cover dark circles and imperfections without a masking effect. It guaranteed a fresh and concealed look. I was excited to try this new magical concealer because it claimed to camouflage my deepest flaws while being kind to my wallet. I have only ever tried one concealer product from Essence called the Stay Natural Concealer. That one was light as a feather and didn't give much coverage. This concealer however is part of the full coverage Camouflage range which  has a 2 in 1 makeup and concealer base. I had already purchased a new foundation therefore I decided to try out the concealer first and if I like it, would purchase the 30ml 2 in 1 foundation later on. 

The concealer comes in a very sturdy 5ml tube with a bright orange cap. The packaging is quite heavy and bulky compared to most products in this range. It has a soft doe foot applicator that picks up the concealer pretty well and distributes it across the face evenly too. I have it in the shade 10 nude. This is a little too light for my skin tone. I would have preferred the shade beige. Nevertheless I use it to brighten up the darkness under my eyes. To be honest I have only seen two shades in this concealer so far. Both on the shelves in store and the website only display Ivory and Nude. I have no idea if there are more shades in the range or if this is it for the colour selection. I really hope that it is not the case as most women in South Africa would not be able to use this concealer. The product is made in Germany and maybe that is the reason for the limited shade options.

The texture of the concealer is soft and creamy. It is not super runny or too stiff. It actually has the consistency of custard. The formula is very pigmented and a few dots is enough to cover the areas under the eyes. I have used my fingers, a brush and a sponge to blend the product out. I enjoyed the sponge and using my fingers the most as both blended the product effortlessly. The brush caused streaks and uneven patches. It was very difficult to blend and I ended up using more product than I was supposed it. The sponge and finger tips press the concealer into the skin and gives the most natural coverage. The concealer dries fairly quickly therefore you have to blend it out immediately. It is buildable and more than two layers can be applied for heavy coverage. I like to set my face with a translucent powder to lock all the products in place. The concealer sets well with powder and does not move around or flake throughout the day.

I was extremely surprised at how well the Essence Camouflage performed. It covers my dark circles and under eye puffiness like a dream. It does not crease under my eyes or flake off. Even though the concealer is thick in texture and dries quickly, my under eyes do not feel dehydrated or heavy. When wearing this concealer it gives you the full coverage without that mask feeling as it claims on the tube. It lasts a really long time as my face was still flawless at the end of the day. I would definitely repurchase this one if I can find a deeper shade for my skin tone. I think it is a great budget friendly concealer and lives up to its claims. Have you tried this concealer or any product from this range? Do let me know below. Thank you so much for reading. Hope you found my review helpful.

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  1. I didn't know that Essence has a concealer out. I wonder if we have it in Canada. My favorite affordable concealer is from BH Cosmetics. I have to order it online, but it's so worth it.

    1. I have only tried BH Cosmetic eyeshadows 😊💕

  2. This sounds really good Desle, because Essence can be hit or miss. I love a concealer that covers really well.

  3. This sounds like a great concealer - I will have to try it out.

    1. I really like it. Just wish there was a bigger shade range.


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