Essie Nail Polish Review: Limited Addiction and Sew Psyched

Monday, August 21, 2017

Essie Nail Polish Review:
Limited Addiction and Sew Psyched

Hi Divas

Winter is almost over in South Africa. I have not been wearing a lot of nail polish this chilly season due to my work. There were certain moments where I had to refrain from manicures due to characters I was playing on stage. I missed it so much because I love being experimental in my nail art and expressing my creativity. When I was allowed to paint my nails, I realised I stuck to two main shades; red and green. While looking through my nail varnish collection I realised that I had two Essie nail polishes which I had never used before. In fact I have never used the brand Essie before. Crazy I know, coming from a nail art and nail polish fanatic. Essie is an extremely popular nail lacquer brand and is known to be very reliable and versatile. I of cause was very excited to try out this brand for the first time. Both nail polishes are from a mini collection but are available in a bigger size. I have the shades Limited Addiction and Sew Psyched. These were perfect for the Winter season so I thought I would give it a try.

Essie Limited Addiction
I hardly wear red nail colours as I prefer playful pinks and pastel shades. This gorgeous red truly crept into my heart. I feel like this is the best tone of red I have ever worn. It is classy and sophisticated yet daring. I love that it looks so flattering on my hands. It does not give off a cheap or ditsy look. The colour is a little deeper in tint than in the photo above. It's a beautiful Winter red without being too vampy or dark. One coat of the polish applies quite sheer on the nails. You would need two coats for a full effect. I like the shape of the brush on the bottle. It coats the nails well and does not leave uneven application or streaks. After applying a top coat, the lacquer gives a lovely shine and lasts a really long time with minimal chipping. The polish does not look dull or flat. It's vibrant yet rich and perfect for the Autumn and Winter season. It would look great with any outfit too and can be worn to any occasion. It is very classy and would suite any age group. I definitely recommend it, if you are looking for a classic red.

Essie Sew Psyched
This is the most unique shade of green I have ever come across in a nail polish. Usually army green shades tend to look dirty and like a green swamp on the nails. Thankfully this one does not come across as a repulsive marshy swamp. Instead it gives the most beautiful extraordinary shade of green. It looks very attractive on the hands while not being predictable and boring. This is a type of shade that will surely get noticed in a crowd. I love that it is very versatile too. You can wear it with a classic dress to work or a dinner party. You could also wear it like a rebel to a rock concert with torn jeans and leather boots. This colour is not one dimensional at all and can adapt to your outfit and surroundings. One coat is very opaque and covers the nail well. With two coats you get the full effect of the polish. I love that the shade has a slight sheen to it. It does not have a flat monotone colour. It shimmers slightly in certain angles which gives the lacquer more depth. The lasting power is excellent with a top coat too. I recommend this one to any nail polish lovers out there.

As mentioned above, this is my first time using the Essie brand and I am truly impressed with the quality of the nail polishes. I love the shades that I have worn and will totally purchase more. Let me know below if you have used the Essie brand and what your favourite colours are.

Thank you so much for reading.
Divalicious Kisses!

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  1. Desle, that green looks so good on your nails. You've really opened my eyes to something new. I wouldn't have purchased it, but it looks GREAT on! Very nice post.

  2. Wow, your nails are beautiful! I love that red shade. It's so gorgeous. Xxxxx

    1. Thanks Bianca. Yes that red colour is beautiful for every day wear. xoxo

  3. These shades look really classy and they look great on you, Diva Desle. The red has to be my favourite. From reading your review, Essie nail lacquer seems like it is good quality. I will have to try it sometime, especially the red colour. The red shade looks fantastic on you, Diva Desle. It really suits you. Thanks for the review! :D

    1. Thank you Saundy! Yes the red nail polish is beautiful. It's my favourite red ;-)

  4. I really love that shade of green, it looks so pretty. I think it would be great in the fall.

    1. Yes, it is so unique. So happy to have it in my collection. xoxo


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