Pamper Sunday: The Faceshop Real Nature Sheet Masks in Lotus, Peony, Calendula, Red Ginseng Review

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pamper Sunday: The Faceshop Real Nature Sheet Masks Review
Lotus, Peony, Calendula, Red Ginseng

Hi Divas!

As you all know, I am crazy about sheet masks and love trying new varieties. I have discovered some lovely sheet masks on Ebay that won't break the bank. They are all from a well known Korean skincare brand called The Face Shop. These sheet masks are in the Real Nature flower range and come in a pack of three for only $4 (R50). Yes, that is right, $4 (R50)! Three excellent face masks for R50 is such a bargain. One face mask at Clicks or Dischem comes in that price already. Jackpot!!! As you can see I struggle to contain my excitement. I just love finding new skin care products that won't make my wallet cry. Below are my reviews.  Hope you find them helpful.

Red Ginseng: This was my first time using red ginseng and I was pretty taken aback by the strong scent. I had no idea what red ginseng smells like. It takes some time getting used to. I find it quite herbal and medicinal. Red Ginseng has been used in Asia for centuries! Benefits for the skin include anti ageing properties, giving energy and vitality to the skin, anti inflammatory components and more. Out of all the masks I used, I would have to say this one gave the most results. It truly impressed me. Not only did it give moisture to my skin, but my face looked healthy and smooth after two days using this mask. It truly is remarkable. The consistency of the essence is quite runny. You have to be careful when applying it to your face that it does not drip all over the place. The colour of the essence is brown and might stain your clothes. Do wear and old shirt while using the mask. I highly recommend this mask. It gives lovely results.

Lotus: This sheet mask is all about Hydration and keeping your skin fully moisturised. Lotus extract contains Vitamin C and B which boosts radiance and a brighter complexion. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliates and purifies the skin. I find this mask to be very calming and hydrating. It has a milky texture which comforts dry rough skin. I love that the essence has a creamy texture and does not drip down the face and neck. I definitely recommend these if you want a comforting moisturising mask.

Peony: Peony extract has been used in ancient China for medicinal purposes. It is known to have anti inflammatory properties which relieves irritations and treats wounds. This sheet mask is specifically designed for skin radiance. Peony extract brightens the complexion because of the tannin components. After using this face mask my skin is left with a natural and healthy glow. I love the way this mask makes my face feel. I look well rested and radiant. The texture of the essence is gel like and absorbs quickly into the skin. This sheet mask has a lovely floral scent too. 

Calendula: Calendula extract helps soothe dry rough skin. It removes dead skin cells from the surface and treats inflammation. This sheet mask has a floral scent but not overpowering. Definitely smoothes the skin. The mask feels soft and comforting on the face. It is truly great for irritated dry skin. The essence is creamy and nourishing and gives excellent moisture. Since the essence has a thicker consistency it does not drip down the neck as most sheet masks do.

This is me in all my sheet mask glory! Follow me on Snapchat (DIVADESLE) to see more crazy snaps. I am super impressed by the quality of the masks. The actual cotton sheets are sturdy and soft. They fit well on the face and do not break easily or slide off.  All the masks are drenched in essence, so the brand is not holding back on product. I love them and will be buying more. Let me know if you have tried any of the masks and you can recommend some of your favourites to me too.

Lots of love.
Divalicious Kisses!

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  1. I really need to buy some face masks and try them out. I've never tried one before...

    1. Face masks are the best! You won't regret it. ;-)

  2. I like your fluffy, pink headband, it's so cute! :D
    These sheet masks sound and look pampering. I must try them. Thanks Diva Desle for the review.

    1. Thank you so much Saundy. Lots of love. Xxxx

  3. Desle, I've heard of The Face Shop! So glad you broke these down, because the Lotus one sounds right up my alley. For my dry skin! I just saw FLOWERS initially and turned my nose up! LOL But they have some great skin properties. I think we often forget that. You've enlightened me! They all sound wonderful.

    1. I know! Who knew flower extracts had so many beneficial benefits. Glad I could help, Kim. xoxoxo

  4. The Lotus mask sounds fab - I've been slacking in the sheetmask department - I need to stock up on a few and start using them again - Will have to check these out.


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