Pamper Sunday: What is a Hydro Gel Mask? Koelf Gold Royal Jelly Review

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pamper Sunday:
What is a HydroGel Mask?
Koelf Gold Royal Jelly Review

Hi Divas!
I am aware that you guys are just getting over the sheet mask craze but have you heard of Hydrogel masks? I know, I can't keep up either! Well hydrogel masks are the new skin care craze to hit the cosmetic industry by storm. It all started in Korea (because that is where great skin care exist) and is at this very moment slowly seeping into a store near you. For those of you who know me, I am a sheet mask diva! I use one every Sunday and I got my mom hooked too. I swear I can never go back to a two step skin care regime after trying Korean products. Those days are gone and moved on. You can read my sheet mask review here, where I explain what they are and their benefits if you are interested.

What is a Hydro Gel Mask?
The difference between a hydrogel mask and a normal sheet mask is in the material. Sheet masks are usually made out of cotton fibres that are soaked in essence. Hydrogel masks are made up of water and essence turned into a gel or jelly like substance. This texture holds twice as much moisture and nutrition than a normal cotton fibre mask. As you wear it, the gel slowly melts into the skin. The hydrogel mask also adheres to the skin much better and you can go about your daily activities with no fuss. Normal sheet masks do not stick to the skin easily and you need to tilt your head sometimes to have them stay on. Hydrogel masks can be worn for up to 45 minutes because they hold more moisture, whereas sheet masks are worn for 20 to 30 minutes because they dry out quicker. The hydrogel mask essentially has the same benefits as a sheet mask. They both give moisture and nutrients to the skin but are made up of different components. I would say that a hydrogel mask is a higher end version of a sheet mask.

Koelf Gold Royal Jelly HydroGel Mask Review:
 My skincare stash consists mainly of cotton sheet masks. I was very excited to try this mask because it was my first experience with a hydrogel and I have never used the brand Koelf. Koelf falls under the Korean skincare brand Petitfee who are famous for their face masks and hydrating eye patches. I chose the Gold Royal Jelly mask because it claimed to provide moisture as well as improve elasticity to the skin, aka decrease wrinkles and prevent ageing. ;-)  Some ingredients consist of green tea and mugwort extract. All beneficial in hydrating and soothing the skin. The mask has beautiful gold packaging but unfortunately has no English instructions. Also the tagline, ''The mask of Elves'' is hilarious to me and I have no idea why that tag line is there. What do elves have to do with hydrogels? Do elves have beautiful skin? Hahaha, I have not got a clue. Any way all my information I got online and not on the packaging.

The mask comes with plastic covers on both sides to protect it. The texture is soft and jelly-like, so do be careful to not tear or break it when you apply it on your face. The hydrogel is gold in colour and is made up of two parts. One is for the top half of the face, the other for the bottom and there are extra pieces for your eyes and nose. I like to use these extra pieces on my neck. The actual mask fits very well on the face but it does feel kind of heavy. It does not stick as well as it claims. So I end up laying on the couch any way and not doing other activities. The mask can definitely be worn for 45 minutes or more. It is very moisturising and feels so soft on the skin. When you are done you can pull it off and pat the extra serum left in the gold packet onto your skin. The mask feels very luxurious and super hydrating. My face is left soft and looks radiant after use.  I cannot comment on the anti ageing claims as I have not used it long enough to see any visible effects. It will revive tired and dull skin, thus making you look more youthful and vibrant.

 Do I recommend HydroGel Masks?
Yes, I do recommend these masks. They feel very moisturising and rich on the skin. Do I think they are better than ordinary sheet masks? No I don't. While hydro gels feel super luxurious, I think that cotton sheet masks give me the same hydration and skin benefits. It would all depend on what mask you personally prefer. I enjoy using both but would probably stick to sheet masks because of the price difference. Hydrogel masks can cost twice as much as a regular sheet masks. If I see a hydro gel mask I really like I would definitely buy it but I don't think it is a necessity. Have you tried any hydro gel masks? Let me know below! Hope you found this review helpful.

Thank you so much for reading.
Divalicious Kisses!

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  1. Everything NEW starts out of Korea! They are absolutely amazing. That is so interesting that both give the same amount of moisture. So good to know! I have some sheet masks I have to try. I bet I will be hooked. Thanks Desle! Girl you always keep me up to date. LOL

    1. Yes, Kim Korea has amazing skin care and cosmetics innovations. I would love to travel there one day and shop up a storm! You should totally give your sheet masks a try. I think you will be hooked too. ;-)

  2. Your reviews are always so informative and fun to read. I learn something new everytime. I never heard of hydrogel sheet masks. You got me intrigued and now I want to try one. 😊😂💗

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. It really warms my heart. You should totally give sheet masks a try. I think you would like it. Xxxx

  3. I still haven't tried a sheet mask. So behind on everything! These masks sounds great. I need to try them.

    1. Yes, you should totally try them Western brands have been making them too. So they are not hard to find. ;-)

  4. Seriously love that you got me hooked on sheet masks too. I only used mine once I felt that my face was in need of some serious TLC. I actually can't wait to travel again so that I can Buy a few sheet masks at Sephora. I'll be sure to pop a few in my basket for you too. You can definitely see that this one is different to the normal cotton sheet mask. Great review lovie.

    1. Thanks beautiful!! Yes Sephora has an awesome selection of masks. They have really stepped up their skincare game. 💕💕💕


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