My 10 Beauty Mistakes: Lived And Learned!

Monday, October 03, 2016

My 10 Beauty Mistakes: 
Lived And Learned!

Hi Divas!

Since I started my blog back in 2012 I have learned so much about beauty. I feel that I have come a long way regarding cosmetics. I have learned by trial and error what works for me and what does not. Just because a makeup trend looks amazing on a model in Cosmopolitan magazine, does not mean it would look great on me. Beauty products are not only meant to enhance your natural beauty, but they are also a fun way to express your personality and your creativity. Looking back at some old photos I have made a lot of mistakes along the way. Let me share some with you.
P.s. Don't judge me! Hahaha

 1. Wearing Toasty Foundations: Back in high school I was not too concerned about foundations and BB creams did not hit the western market yet. There were no Youtube tutorials to show me what to do or give advice on choosing the right base for my face. If I saw a foundation shade that looked brown enough for me to wear to an event, I would buy it. Whether it was too toasty brown for my skin tone, too oily or too dry I didn't care because I had no clue. I just wanted to slap some stuff on my face because that's what you were suppose to do when you wear makeup. Of cause today teenage girls everywhere have tutorials and how to magazine spreads for days on choosing the right foundation for your skin tone and skin type in 2016. We have come a long way, people ;-)

2.  Matching My Eyeshadow, To My Lipstick, To My Top: So the logical explanation to this makeup monstrosity is the age old rule that everything must match. I blame my mom for matching everything when I was three from my dress to my bag to my shoes! Only joking, love you mom! ;-). Back in the day if I was wearing a mauve pink top, I obviously had to wear mauve pink eyeshadow and a mauve pink lipstick to match and make everything flow into one big pink horror story. I thought I was cool and looked amazing but in reality I looked like a hot mess. Never again! LOL.

3. Wearing A Thick White Pencil Line Across My Top Eyelids: Why was this trend a thing back in the early 2000's? I remember my aunt coming to visit us at our house for the holidays and she was wearing a crisp white pencil line across the top of her eyes where you would place your black winged liner. She recommended the white pencil to me and I of cause went out and got a white and silver pencil too. I would wear this look to church sometimes. God was probably smiling down on me saying '' No Desle, No!''

4. Not Cleaning Up My Eyebrows: For a long time I never gave a second thought to my eyebrows. I always had thick eyebrows so I never thought about filling them in or touching them up. My mom plucked my eyebrows for the first time when I was 17 for my high school matric dance. I nearly cried my eyes out from pain and vowed to never do that again. Well, I'm still sticking to that promise. Any way, I look back at photos now and I could have at least brushed my eyebrows and made them a little neater when I would go out. Thank goodness, that I discovered eyebrow gel, because those suckers keep your brows neat and tidy all day.
5. Not blending my eyeshadows: By now everyone knows that the secret to great eyeshadow looks are all in the blending. Blend till you can't blend no more. Since I didn't invest in makeup brushes back in the day I would use my fingers and those retro eyeshadow sponge applicators to apply all my eyeshadows. The result were harsh eyeshadow lines and angles that would not look flattering on any body. Hell No!

6. Not Wearing Concealer: Why didn't I know that concealer is the magic wand in your makeup bag? I swear my under eye bags and dark circles were crying out for cover.

7. Not Using A Night Cream: Night creams are important! At night your skin rejuvenates itself. You are not in the sun, so your skin can absorb all the nutrients from your nightly skincare routine. You will wake up with a more moisturised and youthful face if you use a good night cream. This would have helped me a lot back at university when I was out late at night partying. Uhmm... for the record mom I was in the library all night studying. Hehe ;-)

8. Licking My Lips: I used to lick my lips a lot when I was younger. It would cause rings around my mouth. It would look really sore and red. I'm talking to you LL Cool J, licking lips is bad for you! Invest in a good moisturising lip balm. You can use a sugar scrub or toothbrush to exfoliate your lips too and get rid of crusty skin.

9. Leave The Hair Gel Alone: Do you guys remember when hair gels and using normal conditioners as leave in conditioners were a thing? Well all that created was product build up and dandruff galore. A big fat NO! I learned to thoroughly wash and rinse out product build up not only on my hair, but brushes too. You scalp will thank you for it.

10. Lastly Don't Forget To Love Yourself: Beauty products are meant to enhance your natural beauty. Not change who you are and make you super insecure about yourself. It's important to take pride in the way you look and look after yourself but not to the extent of trying to erase who you really are. Accept your little imperfections and don't beat yourself down about them. Those things make us unique. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know any beauty mistakes you might have committed back in the day. 
We can laugh together ;-)
 Lots of Divalicious Kisses.

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  1. Desle, these were so much fun to me! I made so many. Nearly took off all of my eyebrows. Read that olive oil was good for your hair and ended up saturating mine to an oily mess. LOL I'm still learning blending of eye shadows. That's my goal for next year! I really want to master some eye shadow looks. Pass 2 of them and I get lost. LOL One time I put so much gel in my hair, it became a hard mess!HaHaHa

    1. Hahaha, oh gosh Kim that hair gel story is funny! The eyebrows are always a scary thing to deal with. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Lots of love. xoxo

  2. Haha thank you for sharing this! Mistakes everyone makes

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. LOL Oh gosh! I had such a good laugh. Partially at what you said and partially that I was victim to so many of them. I still struggle with the foundation drama so much but luckily I am heading the right way...FINALLY. Two years ago I was still the girl with the bush brows because I was emotionally scared after I had my waxed and threaded for my matric dance. I had a major unibrow! I had such a good giggle at "God was probably smiling down on me saying '' No Desle, No!"

    1. Those foundation shades are a problem!!! Yes, luckily brands are catching on with the different foundation tones. Lol, thanks for sharing Tasneem and letting me know I am not alone. Mwha Xxxxx


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