Halloween 2016: Valak Costume, The Conjuring 2 Movie

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween 2016: Valak Costume,
The Conjuring 2 Movie

Hi Divas!

I have been super busy these past few weeks and therefore it has been so quiet on the blog. As you are reading this I am currently in the Middle East doing a theatre show there. Since October is known for the month of Halloween, I wanted to do something fun on the blog regarding the day. I decided to do a makeup and costume look based on the character Valak which is a demon from the movie The Conjuring 2. The film was released earlier this year in South Africa and I went to go watch it with my mom. I watched The Conjuring 1 a while back when it first came out. It scared the heck out of me and I was excited to watch the sequel. Both movies are based on true life events which makes the premises of the films even scarier. I must say that I have never laughed so much in a horror movie, the way I did in The Conjuring 2. I was sitting in the cinema and laughing with tears rolling down my face. Not because the movie was funny (it was scary actually) but because there were two 12 year old boys who had sneaked into the cinema and watched the movie next to me. Their reactions were priceless!!! Their heads were constantly in the popcorn box, or their eyes were scanning the floor because they couldn't handle the horror. They were scared out of their minds and their reactions made me crack up laughing. I have never seen anybody watch a movie with their head literally in the popcorn box like they were. Priceless stuff!! Moral of the story is: Children please obey the age restrictions. You will sleep better at night! ;-) Hahahaha, LOL

Valak Tutorial:

White Face:
Since I don't have a white face base makeup, I decided to use my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk Lait and drew it all over my face. I then used a beauty sponge and my fingers to blend it out and create a white canvas. It takes a while to blend and get the right coverage but it works if you have limited products. I then set my white face with my Essence All Matte Fixing Powder.

Black Eyes and Lips:
For the eyes and lips I painted them black with the Maybelline Eye Studio Black Gel Liner. You don't have to be neat and precise in this step because you will be blending it out. I then took an eyeshadow brush and applied the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette black eyeshadow in Crave all over the eyes and lips. After that I shaded the areas on the outside of the eye rings and lips to create depth.

Contour the Nose:
The nose is the most difficult step of the whole look. You have to try to contour the nose to look more witch like, as Valak's nose. To do this I used a fine small makeup brush and out lined my nose with the Maybelline Studio Gel Liner. Next, I used the eyeshadow Crave again to blend and shade. Take your time with this step. I messed up a lot of times but went over it with the white jumbo pencil to correct it. I still don't think it's perfect but it will do. 

Contour the Face:
For the face I added cracks using the gel liner and eyeshadow again with the same thin brush. I also contoured my cheek bones, jawline and smile lines with the same products using the same technique. You can add and blend as much as you want in this step to create the look you want.

The DIY Nun Costume:
This step was pretty easy too. I placed a white spaghetti top and pinned it around my head. I set another white top and wrapped it around my chest area. I then took a white cardboard sheet, cut it in a rectangular shape and layed it across my forehead with the sides tucked in underneath the white spaghetti top. You can use any black cloth to drape over your head and around your body to complete the nun look.

Completed Valak Look

This is actually a really easy makeup look you only need about four products. So what do you think of the completed look? It sure is convincing and will scare the pants off anyone. I hope my church pastor does not see this demon tutorial. He would probably want to pray over me. Hahahaha! You can add yellow colour contacts to your eyes to really make the look believable. I unfortunately do not own contacts, so I had to do without it. If you want to know more about the demon Valak then go watch the movie. I am not giving you any clues to WHO or WHAT, SHE/ HE/ IT is. LOL for days!!!;-)

Thanks so much for reading.
Divalicious Kisses

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  1. Desle, you did an awesome job and I love the story behind the look girl! Those poor little boys. Gosh, I blame the theater for not restricting them. There should be someone at the door of that movie (to make sure the underaged don't get in HaHaHa). I don't know if I could handle that movie! I bet it will scare you. Nonetheless you did an excellent job.

    1. Thank you so much Kim. I loved your Halloween look too. It was so cute. Yes, I agree with you. Those cinema doorkeepers were not doing their job!

  2. Such an interesting makeup look! Too bad we don't celebrate Halloween. I watch scary movies with my head in the popcorn box too!

    1. We don't celebrate it in my country too but I love going crazy on the blog ;-)

  3. I loved this scary look! I didn't do Halloween celebrations but I will definitely remember this one as an option when I'm invited to a dress up party! Thanks Desle x

    1. I don't do halloween celebrations too. But I love playing around with makeup and costumes. Always super fun! xoxo

  4. The boys reaction to watching Conjuring 2, is sooo funny!!! They should have been refused entry into the cinema, in the first place. Now they will be traumatized for life, LOL! You do the Valak-look so well, Diva Desle. So creative!

    1. Those boys are totally traumatized for life! LOL for daysss. Thank you so much Saundy. xoxo

  5. I love the effort and outcome you did Desle! It's scary and I love the work you put into it. FantASTIC !


Thank you for your comment:-)