The Body Shop Reed Diffuser: Vanilla & Tonka Bean And Jasmine & White Frangipani Review

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Body Shop Reed Diffuser:
 Vanilla & Tonka Bean
Jasmine & White Frangipani

Hi Divas!

This is possibly the longest blog post name I have ever had in all my life, Lol! I never blog about decor or items for the home except on the odd candle review. This week I have something very different and out of my comfort zone. I will be attempting to review some lovely decor and fragrance products for the home. I received two lovely reed diffusers by The Body Shop quite a long time ago. I personally love home fragrance diffusers as they keep your rooms smelling fresh and beautiful throughout the day. I love a good smelling home, so I always have scented candles and room sprays on hand to keep the house fragrant. The great thing about reed diffusers are that they give a subtle scent that lingers throughout the house. They last a really long time and you don't have to worry about sprays that may possibly damage fabrics. Reed Diffusers are a great way to set a gorgeous ambiance in your home depending on the fragrance you choose. The Body Shop offers up to 7 different fragrances in their reed diffuser range. I shall be reviewing two of them on the blog today. 

Each diffuser is packaged in a tall rectangular box with a pretty water painting representing the scent it holds. There are 10 reed sticks in each pack along with a vase filled with the fragrance which is held tightly closed by a rubber top. The fragrances are filled with essential oils and Community Fair Trade organically grown soya oil. This is a low maintenance diffuser that is meant to give off an ultra fine fragrance in the room. For best results, remove the rubber stopper from the vase, place all 10 reeds in the essential oils and let it soak. I like to turn the reeds around and place the dry side into the oils, so that the wet side of the reeds can work its magic in the air. The reeds then disperse a soft and beautiful scent. What I like most about The Body Shop diffusers are that the fragrances are not overpowering at all. Some household scents are too strong and can cause headaches or nausea while eating. This one is so light it's comforting and alluring at the same time.

Vanilla & Tonka Bean Reed Diffuser
 The star note in this diffuser is of cause the exotic tonka bean. Tonka Bean is well known for its aromatic fragrances. It smells similar to vanilla but with a hint of spice. This scent is very oriental and leans towards a cinnamon and amber scent with sweet vanilla. In this particular diffuser the mixing of vanilla with the spicy tonka bean gives a gorgeous sweet vanilla with a hint of spice fragrance. It's very unique and so inviting. It is a warm and welcoming scent. This would work great for a living room and bedroom. If you love vanilla scents like I do, then you will definitely love this one. I love it so much that I sometimes pick up the diffuser just to get a good whiff of the reeds. I swear it puts me in a trance. ;-)

Jasmine & White Frangipani Reed Diffuser
Jasmine is one of the most well known scents in aromatherapy and perfumery. It comes all the way from Asia and is a bright and happy fragrance. White Frangipani is a sweet and fruity scent almost tropical like. Mixing these two notes together you get a sweet, fun and feminine fragrance. To me the diffuser smells like an island and reminds me of summer. It is very lady like and might not work for a guy's bachelor flat. It would be perfect in your room or living room during hot summer days. It's stronger than the vanilla and tonka bean diffuser. It definitely gives a lot more punch. 


In conclusion...
The Body Shop Reed Diffusers are a great investment for your home. They are sold at a great price and last for almost half a year. One the box it says that the fragrance lasts only for 8 weeks but my diffusers definitely lasted up to 6 months. They are a great way to keep the home smelling good and they have a classic stylish look that would look good in any decorated room. The best thing about these diffusers are that they are totally recyclable. You could fill your vase up with a new essential oil fragrance or use the vase to display flowers or anything you like. I recommend these to anyone who is looking for a budget friendly diffuser. Have you tried any of these? Let me know below!

Hope you found this review helpful.
Divalicious kisses.

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  1. Diffusers do make rooms smell so good! Love the scents of these Desle. The prices are always so good. Very economical. I want to try scented oils that you put in a machine. I've been seeing different bloggers use those. Right now I just have candles and Bath & Body Works wall plugs. And girl, I'm mad with you! She's pretty, but you're prettier! You're gorgeous Desle! Your hair is fab! Your makeup is always on point! And you're super talented! Some amazing guy has to swoop you up! I'm praying for you. Hope everything is alright my friend.

    1. Bath and Body Works candles are my favourite. They smell so good. I never heard of the scented oils placed in machines. I need to check this out ;-) Aaah Kim, this is why I love you. You know how to knock me back to my senses. Thank you for your kind words and well wishes. PMS is a horrible thing. It makes one feel down and out. I'll be ok. Lots of love. Xxxx

  2. I did not know they made diffusers! This looks as if it would smell super good!


    Novelstyle Blog

    1. They have a great selection too. I love it because they are so simple and classic ;-)

  3. I really like these reed diffusers, they really make a room smell great. I would like to try these ones that you reviewed. Thanks, Diva Desle!


Thank you for your comment:-)