The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range Review

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Body Shop 
Wild Argan Oil
Range Review

Hello Divas!

The Body Shop is one of my favourite body products stores around. Their shower gels and body butters always feel very luxurious and are great value for money. They have an array of different scents to choose from, which I love. You can seriously never get bored in testing and trying out new flavours in the shop. Some smell good enough to eat! I recently came across the Wild Argan Oil range that was relatively new to me. What intrigued me most about the range is the emphasis on argan oil. Argan oil is known for being a liquid gold for hair. I have used many hair care products containing argan oil and it always made my hair feel soft and look shiny and healthy. I had no idea about the benefits it has on the skin, so I was interested to find out.

Argan oil is made from the kernels of an argan oil tree which grows naturally in Morocco. It contains high levels of Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids. These are essential in preventing premature ageing, fading stretch marks, scars and warts and healing all sorts of difficult skin problems. It also prevents split ends in hair, nourishes nails and acts as a natural UV protection on your body. Moroccans have been using this miracle oil for centuries in healing all kinds of different body ailments. I was therefore very excited to find a range from The Body Shop that contains a high concentration of this amazing oil. We are currently deep in the heart of Winter in South Africa and my body and hair definitely needs some extra love and care for these cold months. Below are my reviews on some of the products in the range.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
This shower gel comes in the standard 250ml bottle. It looks very similar to the honey range so do check the label before purchasing it. I personally prefer this scent to the honey shower gel. Argan oil has a difficult scent to describe. It is almost like a warm nutty smell with a hint of sweetness to it. The body wash has a warm and inviting smell. It calms and rejuvenates the senses. This shower gel lathers well and cleanses my skin while leaving it feeling moisturised. I would definitely purchase this over and over again.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub
The scrub is packaged in a 200ml tub. It contains walnut shell powder and argania spinosa shell powder as the exfoliant. The scrub is not sticky or foamy in texture. It dissolves easily on the skin. It is best applied to the body with your hands. Scoop out half a handful on your fingers and rub it on your skin in circular motions. You will feel the exfoliants are rough in texture and remove dead skin cells easily. Once washed off with water your skin is left with an argan oil shine and feeling to it. This scrub is only meant for exfoliating. It does not lather up at all. You will need to use a shower gel to wash your body properly. This is a great product for a quick exfoliating session. I love that it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. It has a stronger scent than the body wash too. Beware that the packaging can get a little messy as it is not in a tube. So be careful when applying it.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil For Body and Hair
Spoiler alert: This is my absolute favourite product from the whole range! This is a solid oil packaged in a 50g metal tin which is perfect for travel. It is described as an oil to nourish dry skin and hair. To be totally honest, I had no idea how to use this product or what it was for so I just kind of tossed it in my cupboard and forgot about it. Until one day, my hands became so unbearably dry and cracked, I was willing to try anything to relieve it. My hands were so dry and cracked from the Winter cold that it would burn and itch when I applied normal hand cream to it. I remembered the solid oil tucked away in my room and I found it hidden deep in my cosmetic case. I had no idea if it would work but I thought I have got nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. 
My goodness! This product worked 10 times better than I ever expected. The product has a margarine like texture. Once applied, your body heat melts it and it soaks into the skin. It turned my crusty hands into a soft baby's bottom overnight! I gave some to my mom to try as she was suffering from the same problem and it healed her very dry hands too. This is seriously a miracle oil! I like to apply it at night before I go sleep and I wake up to gorgeous soft hands in the morning. I am really not exaggerating. This product is amazing on very dry and cracked or inflamed skin. If you are suffering from the same problem do give this product a try. I used a small amount on my hair and I did not like the result. I think it was a little bit too sticky and heavy for my hair type. If you have a thicker and coarser hair type than mine you might like this product on your hair. I give this full marks on my skin though.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter
This body butter was a bit lack lustre for me. Don't get me wrong. The body butter ticks all the boxes in the nourishing and moisturising department but the product didn't 'wow' me at all. I love The Body Shop's body butters. They always smell amazing and leave my skin feeling so good. This one however does not smell like anything at all. While I was applying it I was excited for that Argan scent but to my disappointment it was so subtle and completely 'meh'. The body butter moisturised my skin but I didn't get any amazing results. It's an average body butter. You will find much better ones in the other ranges at the store.


My favourite product out of the range is definitely the Miracle Solid Oil. I urge you to give this product a try. It really saved me from embarrassing Winter wrinkled hands;-) Have you seen or tried any of this range? Let me know below.

Thank you so much for reading beauties. 
Hope you found my reviews helpful.
Lots of love. Xxxx

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  1. I've always heard about Argan Oil for hair. I've tried Josie Maran and it was nice. I've seen these products and just like you Desle, was wondering how it worked on skin. So glad the oil worked for your hands. I have to keep this in mind for the winter months. It will definitely help my dry skin. Awesome review.

    1. Thanks Kim. Yes, this range is perfect for Winter. I had no idea how great argan oil is for hair and skin. xoxo

  2. I saw this range in the body shop too. The miracle oil sounds amazing for dry skin. I need to try that. Excellent review! Xx

    1. Yes the miracle oil is my favourite product this Winter. It really is amazing. Thank you for reading Bianca. xxxx

  3. I've never tried the Body shop, we don't have it here! Their products look really interesting though!

    1. I love their products. It feels luxurious and it won't break your wallet ;-)


Thank you for your comment:-)