Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Hair Products Review

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kerastase Nutritive 
Hair Products Review

Hi gorgeous Divas!

Hope you are all doing well and having a great day. Don't you just love it when you find an awesome bargain? On the Retail Box website where I sometimes buy my hair care products, I came across an awesome Kerastase bundle that I had to grab a hold of. Kerastase products are the cream of the crop when it comes to hair care. Their products are very luxurious and only used in salons. Kerastase have always done wonders for my hair but they are very pricey so I use it sparingly. When I saw the special on the bundle my mom and I bought a few to try out. As all my beauty fanatics know, you just can't let a good sale pass you by. I chose the Kerastase Nutri-Thermique bundle which came with a shampoo, conditioner and a mask. These products are meant for very dry and sensitised hair to nourish and soften it. I have long thick hair and my ends tend to get very dry and brittle because I blow dry it and use my GHD whenever I wash my hair. Since we are in the Winter months in the Southern Hemisphere right now, our hair has to overcome all the elements. Living in Cape Town, we see a lot of rain, mist and gale force winds that all wreak havoc on our hair turning it into a messy frizz ball! Thanks to these products I am hoping to have a frizz free Winter ;-)

Kerastase Bain Nutri-Thermique Shampoo
The shampoo comes in a 250ml bottle. I must say that I do not like the Kerastase shampoo bottle designs. It is always very hard to get the last drop of shampoo out of the bottle as it is not squeeze friendly. It is oddly shaped and the plastic is firm and hard. I like to use every little bit in all my products and I sometimes have a funny feeling that there is still some product left in the bottle when I throw it away. The shampoo has a syrupy texture and lathers quite well for a salon shampoo. It feels very rich while it foams up on the hair. I love that it cleanses my hair without leaving it dry or hard. When I rinse the shampoo out, my hair feels so soft and detangled. It is actually quite amazing. The shampoo is designed to add nutrition to the hair fibre and lock in moisture. It contains glucose, proteins and lipids which all nourish the hair shaft leaving it soft and shiny.

Kerastase Fondant Nutri-Thermique Conditioner
The conditioner comes in a 200ml bottle and is much easier to squeeze than the shampoo bottle. Here I really feel I am using every last inch of conditioner on my hair. The conditioner has a white creamy texture that soaks wonderfully into my long locks. It wraps the hair with a protective film which prevents the hair shaft from drying out while blow drying it. This product contains thermo reactive polymer, ceramic and xylose, which all acts as a thermal insulator, locking in moisture and preventing heat damage. The conditioner softens the hair and leaves it shiny and detangled. It is not heavy at all and can be used by people who have fine hair. I like to leave it on for 15 minutes for extra softness.

Kerastase Nutri-Thermique Mask
The mask is the real boss out off all the products. This 200ml tub is packed with so much awesome punch! If your hair is feeling really dry, limp and looking lifeless, layer this bad boy to revive it and give it a healthy boost. This gives intense nourishment and nutrition deep inside your hair shaft. It protects hair from future dryness and contains a heat protector to block further styling damage. It contains the same ingredients as the conditioner which is the thermo reactive polymer, ceramic and xylose which all nutrify and preserve healthy hair. This mask is intense and should only be used one every two weeks or so. If you have fine hair this might be a bit too heavy for you. I love this mask as it tames my thick crazy hair and makes it extra smooth and luxurious. 

Don't you just love a Snapchat filter?! Follow me there @divadesle ;-) This photo was taken a day after I washed my hair with the products. Loving the silky look.

*To conclude, I am absolutely loving these hair care products. I recommend it to anyone who has dry and sensitised hair. You can use these products one a month for an extra treat if you want it to last longer too. Hope you found my review helpful.*

Divalicious Kisses

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  1. I tried Kerastase years ago and it was really good. Just as you said, SUPER PRICEY! I think I stopped because it was hard to get here. I had to go to another part of two that had the formula I needed. So that deterred me. LOL So glad you found a sale Desle. It works beautiful with your hair! It came out lovely! Awesome review!

    1. Thanks Kim! Yes I wish it was more affordable. It is a very good investment though ;-)

  2. I love Kerastase too. Their products are amazing. I will definitely check this range out. Retailbox has great hair care products. Xxx

    1. Yes, Retail Box has amazing stuff on their website.Love it!!!! ;-)

  3. My mom loves kerastase, and I always use her products when Im visiting her :D They are so good!!!


    Novelstyle Blog

    1. Hahaha, that is a good strategy. Use your mom's products when she is not looking ;-D xoxo

  4. I would definitely recommend this Kerastase treatments to anyone looking to improve the condition of their hair!


Thank you for your comment:-)