Diva Tea Time: Saffron Tea and The Count Of Monte Cristo Book Review

Monday, June 06, 2016

Diva Tea Time:
Saffron Tea and The Count Of Monte Cristo Book Review

Hello Divas!

It is time for another book review and tea talk. I haven't done a blog post like this since last year. You can read my other Diva Tea Time posts here and here. When I was in Qatar I came across a wonderful tea shop at the souq. I decided to indulge and buy a few teas that I have never come across before. One of those was a beautiful Arabic box of Saffron tea. I am so sorry that I threw the box away as it was quite unique because it had an Arabian tea pot with matching cups pictured on it. I have never seen saffron tea before and it really intrigued me. I kept the box in my suitcase and shared it with my mom back home. Saffron tea has quite a special taste. It is not sweet, nor sour but has a comforting herbal flavour in the mouth. If brewed too long it can taste very bitter. The smell is the most attractive feature of the tea. It has a fragrance of incense mixed with subtle spices. It's a warm and inviting smell. This scent combined with the herbal taste gives you a calm and soothing feeling when drinking it. I would enjoy a cup at night before I would go to bed and curl up with a good book.

 The most surprising thing about saffron tea is all the health benefits that it possesses. Many studies have shown that saffron tea contains fatty acids which help in the aid of vision. It protects the eye cells aiding in clearer sight. The golden tea contains antioxidants which help in the prevention of heart disease and Cancer prevention too. If you drink it on a weekly basis you can improve your overall health in a significant way. Back in Bible days the Roman, Greek and Egyptian people used saffron tea as medicine because they knew all the health benefits that it contains. How amazing is that?! I am very happy I came across this gem of tea. Have you ever tried saffron tea? Let me know below ;-)

The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas Book Review

The Count of Monte Cristo is a classic piece of literature known throughout the world. Written in 1844 by the French author Alexandre Dumas, this book has been published many times in the last century and translated in many languages. I first came across the story when I watched the movie (2002 version) named after the same title. I loved the movie so much and was very excited to learn that there was a book too. I purchased the book in my local book store and started reading with great interest. Soon after a few chapters I realised that the book was extremely different to the movie. The film follows the same premise of a young sailor named Edmond Dantes about to wed his beautiful childhood sweetheart Mercedes and soon to become a captain of a ship. He is then betrayed by his friend and all of the things he loved most dearly and all his future prospects are taken away from him as he is sentenced to a life imprisonment on false charges. The journey of his emotional anguish, torment and despair of ever seeing his family, Mercedes and living out his young life is followed within both the film and novel. 

The most notable differences between the film and book is the array of characters that betrayed Edmond Dantes and their sub plots. In the film only one man betrays him. In the book Edmond Dantes seeks revenge on at least 5 people who had a hand in his demise. The second and major difference is the ending. The endings of both the book and film are vastly different. I was actually so shocked and was wondering if I was reading the right translation. Both the film and novel have great endings. One is very sweet and introspective whereas the other is very dramatic and heart wrenching. I won't tell you which one belongs to the film or book but both endings are amazing. I personally loved the movie and the book even though they are so very different. I encourage you to watch the film and read the book as both will keep you on the edge of your seat.

What I love most about this heart wrenching story, is that it explores the themes of unjust gain at another man's expense, revenge, what is true justice and holding on to hope. So many people will do anything for their greed even if it means trampling and destroying people's lives on the way. What do you do if you are a victim of this injustice? Do you harbour hatred and revenge in your heart? Or will you let God deal with them? Do you believe in the justice of your government or will you make people that did you wrong suffer in the exact same manner that you have suffered and more. If you are caught in a situation where it feels like you will never get out. Do you carry on hoping and living or give up on life? Edmond Dantes had to face all these questions and the story shows his journey of absolute despair, to holding tightly on to hope and revenge burning in his heart keeping him alive. In the end does revenge bring you happiness and restoration or are you the same in heart as the perpetrators who harmed you? 

This is what makes this novel so remarkable. All these themes deals with human beings and their abilities to persevere, hope, the need to seek retribution and dealing with despair. I recommend this book to anyone who loves some epic reading. I do have to warn you that this novel is not light reading material. There are many characters with subplots that are actually very beneficial towards the end. If you read too quickly you can get lost and miss a few things that would be very important later on within the story. This is a novel to be read with great detail. Alexander Dumas never writes anything at random or without a connection to a certain story. What may seem trivial at the time can lead to greater importance later on. I really love reading the book and watching the film. You certainly won't be disappointed with both. 

*I know that this was a very long blog post and I tried my hardest not to give too many important details away as I want to keep you in suspense regarding the film and the book. Hope you like my review. *

Thank you so much for reading. 
Lots of love. 

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  1. I never knew about the benefits or qualities of Saffron tea Desle. So good to know and glad you enjoyed it. The packaging sounded divine. I'm a sucker for packaging also. What a great story! I usually walk away from people like that (I've encountered many) and let God deal with them. I'm not about for getting back or revenge.

    1. Thanks Kim! I love the tea and was so surprised by its benefits too. I usually walk away from people who have hurt me too and let God deal with them. Sometimes you end up hurting yourself even more if you try to seek revenge. Lots of love. Xxxx

  2. Thank you for the education! I am a tea lover myself, because i know the benefits lf it and would love to taste it one day.

    With the book- the story is so touching and this what we experience in most times of our human lives, I will usually have plans(of how I am going avnmenge) in my head when I am angry at people that did me wrong, but after a while I realize that am just human I can't carry that much baggage, I walk away and trust me I will forget you.

    1. Big yay for a fellow tea lover! :-D So true Lebo! Our human weakness limits our power in seeking revenge. We always end up failing at some point. It is better to leave it in God's hands and trust in his sovereign judgment. It is hard though :-) Thank you for the great comment. Xoxo


Thank you for your comment:-)