Loreal Infallible Fixing Mist Review

Monday, May 16, 2016

L'oreal Infallible Fixing Mist Review

Hello beautiful Divas!
I am back for another beauty product review. Before jetting off to the Middle East I was looking every where for an affordable makeup setting spray. When I saw on social media that the L'oreal Infallible Fixing Mist has hit stores in South Africa I immediately went on the hunt for it. Everywhere I went it was either sold out or not in the local stores yet. On one of my last shopping trips before flying, I finally found it at Clicks. I grabbed one and ran to the till. I had no idea if this was going to work or not but I really needed something to take with my overseas. I am so happy I found this product because I would have bought the Mac Fix Plus spray and I really did not want to purchase that one. I have used the Mac Fix Plus spray before and it is good for setting and refreshing makeup but it does not extend the wear of your makeup. I needed something strong and durable. I was even contemplating using hairspray if I didn't find the L'oreal mist. Thankfully I did!

The mist is packaged in a 100ml white plastic bottle with a pump and cap. The bottle is not completely opaque so you can totally see the consistency of the product and how much liquid is in the bottle. Since I popped it into my suitcase I was very worried that it would leak on the plane. I wrapped it in zip lock bags and prayed that it would be okay. I am so pleased to report that the bottle held up on both my flights and was in perfect condition. It did not leak at all. Yay! The actual liquid has a milky colour. There are some white powdery bits and two balls that settle at the bottom of the bottle. When you shake the spray the two balls help mix the white powdery bits into the rest of the liquid. You then spray this all over your face two to three times after applying your makeup. The mist promises to set and extend the wear of your makeup with its micro fine liquid texture. It also states that it is anti-fade, anti-melt and anti-crack.

I really needed all these anti claims to work in my life! I was doing five shows a day in Doha with the average temperature reaching 40 degrees. By 14:00 some days the temperature would reach a high of 45 degrees. I was doing shows at various schools with air con but a lot of my time was spent on the road in cars travelling to schools in scorching temperatures. The struggle was real! I needed my makeup to last all day in sweltering weather. Let me tell you something. It sure did! My makeup lasted all day, no fading, no cracking and no melting! I was so super impressed. I did my makeup in the morning before heading out and sprayed this bad boy on my face and it lasted all day long. I did not need any touch ups. Whoop! This spray kept me matte and none of my eyeshadow or blush flaked off. I went out dancing one night at a jazz club in Doha. When I came back to the hotel my hair was an absolute mess, but my makeup was flawless!

I am so surprised at how well it works. I wasn't expecting such great results. If you are looking for an affordable makeup setting spray then do consider this one. It works amazingly well. I do have to stress that this is a makeup setting spray and should only be used after applying all your makeup and not as a primer or refreshing spray. This keeps your face super matte. If you have very dry skin or you spray way to much of the product your face can feel tight. I definitely recommend it to those who are combination to oily skin. For those who want a spray to use occasionally when you go out and you want your makeup to last at a party or wedding then this is a great option.

Hope you found this review helpful.
Lots of love.

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  1. I was just about to buy that MAC spray! LOL Desle, I am impressed with how it kept your makeup in place during those long days and HEAT! L'Oreal makes excellent products at a great cost point. Will definitely look into this. Thanks for the review.

    Also, thank you so much for my gifts! That scarf is GORGEOUS! I love the colors. The pouch and beauty products will be making there way into my beauty room. I love everything Desle. Thank you.

    1. Such a pleasure Kim!!! So happy that you received your gifts. Sending you tons of love. xoxo

  2. i need this! I haven't used hair spray yet but i have been using this super compact powder that is for scarring and they work really well

    1. You should definitely try this spray. Thank you so much for your comment ;-)

  3. I never used a makeup setting spray. To be honest, I did not even know they existed! I will check it out, as my make up doesn't last long :S


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    1. Yes it's a thing now, Lol. It's lovely and helps blend the makeup together and makes it last longer. xxx

  4. If it performs in 40 degree weather, it's a must-have!


Thank you for your comment:-)