NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Review

Monday, April 25, 2016

NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Review

Hi Divas!

Welcome to my blog! A place where makeup junkies and fellow crazy people can hang out with me. Today I will be reviewing a contour product by NYX called Wonder Stick. If you watch YouTube makeup tutorials you would know that there was a time when it was all about that contoured and chiseled face! Every brand was coming out with a contour palette and every beauty Youtuber was carving out their face like a professional sculptor. I was never on the contour bandwagon as I was too lazy to care because it was an extra step to my already long makeup routine. Plus all those products on my face tend to look super cakey when blended in with my foundation and powders, so I just gave it a skip. Unfortunately for me I wasn't blessed with beautiful supermodel bone structure. In fact I have no cheekbones and a whole lot of chubby cheeks on my face. So I would probably benefit the most from that contoured life but I just can't handle those cumbersome contour palettes. They just look clumsy and unnecessarily big to me. In comes NYX Wonder Stick. A petite and nifty product that I can pop in my makeup bag and be super inconspicuous on my vanity table while giving me that contoured life look. Whoop!


The Wonder Stick comes in 4 shades and I have it in WS02 Medium Tan. It is shaped like a chubby stick and has two sides to it. One is a contour stick and the other a highlighting stick which rotate up and down with a plastic cap. The highlight shade is matte and has a light but bright coverage. The contour shade is a matte taupe brown that looks quite natural on my skin tone and doesn't leave that horrible orange streaks. I love the packaging of the stick as it is small and super convenient. I have two products in one which can fit into the smallest travel bags. NYX gives a reasonable amount of product as it is quite similar to cream concealers that I own from other brands. The box comes with pictures and a step by step guide in how to achieve that perfect contour. For those who watch a trillion beauty videos like me you definitely don't need a guideline as the contoured rules have been etched into your brain already. For the newbies out there NYX does a great job in explaining where to shade and highlight on the face.


How to Contour and a Key Tip:
As you can see in the photo above I used the lighter shade to highlight the bridge of my nose, under my eyes, centre of my forehead and chin area. Basically you draw a highlighted tree with the base down your nose and the branches across your forehead. Draw upside down triangles under your eyes to get a glowing effect on your face. For the contour we want to fake it till me make it and carve out those non existent cheekbones. Draw lines from your ear to the centre where your nostrils end right under your cheekbone line. Suck in those cheeks and create fish lips for a more precise measurement! Then draw contour lines on the sides of your nose, around the end of your jaw line and across the tops of your forehead. Now here is the key that defines a gorgeous contoured face from a disastrous one: BLEND, BLEND AND BLEND SOME MORE!
You will need a makeup brush or beauty sponge and blend those cream products until they look like shadows and highlights on your face instead of sharp drawn crayon lines.

What's my verdict on this product:
I love it! This is perfect for me as I mentioned before that it is so convenient and travel friendly. Both cream products blend wonderfully onto my skin without it looking cakey or harsh. I love that the shades are natural and they won't make me look like a oompa loompa once applied on my face. I like to set the contour and highlight with matching bronzers and highlighting powders to seal the cream products on the face. The lighter shade is strictly for highlighting purposes. If you want to hide blemishes or dark circles you will have to apply your favourite concealer underneath before you apply this product for extra coverage. The trick that I found to creating a flawless non cakey look is applying a light layer of foundation first on the face then apply your concealers and this wonder stick. Set everything with your desired powders and your face will look naturally highlighted and contoured. As contouring is an extra layer on your face it is important to not cake up your foundation on first application. Start light as you will be layering it with contour creams and powders. This will prevent your makeup from creasing under the eyes and end up looking like a hot cakey mess.

 Forget it or Get it!:
If you are looking for a no fuss contour that looks natural and blends well, then give this Wonder Stick a try.  I loved that it's a trouble free, no fuss product that gives me a natural contour. GET IT!

Hope you found this review helpful
Divalicious kisses

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  1. Desle (I mean contour warrior) you are TOO FUNNY! I couldn't stop laughing at the faces you made. Glad it worked for you! I have those contour palettes (a year late) So I'm going to try them. LOL

    1. Hehehe, thanks Kim!! Can't wait for your contour palettes reviews :-D xxxxx

  2. You are so funny!! Love your warrior contour faces :-D This stick sounds great.

    1. Hehehe, thanks Bianca! lots of love. xoxo


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