Guerlain Super Aqua Serum BB Hydra Cream + Review

Monday, October 05, 2015

Guerlain Super Aqua Serum
BB Hydra + Review

Hi beautiful Divas!

I have had this BB cream for almost a year and I am only doing a review on it now. This is one of my favourite BB Creams by Guerlain called Super Aqua-Serum BB Hydra+. Shoo, what a super long name! Basically the name explains it all; a BB Cream mixed with Guerlain's famous Super Aqua serum and it's really hydrating. Review over! I am only kidding, I have lots more to say. As many of you probably know by now BB Creams, also known as Beauty Balms, are like tinted moisturisers on steroids. They are packed with skincare benefits, such as moisturising, reducing pigmentation and scars, while providing flawless coverage for an even complexion. The BB Cream comes in a 40 ml squeeze tube in the blue Super-Aqua packaging. The Super-Aqua serum which is infused in the BB Cream promises to give maximum hydration to the face, while combating fine lines and wrinkles. The skin will appear more plumped, youthful and hydrated.
The product as a SPF 25 PA++, which is quite low for the hot summer sun but not that bad if you are going to be sitting in an office all day. There is a mixture of a perfume and sunscreen scent which is quite pleasant to me, but for those who are sensitive to fragrances might not enjoy it.

The texture of the BB Cream is very light and has a consistency of a lotion. I prefer to squeeze a little product onto my hand and blend it all over my face with my fingers. The coverage is very light, so you can build it up to a medium coverage as much as you want as it won't look cakey or overbearing. The product blends wonderfully onto the skin and gives a natural and radiant glow. It is very moisturising and would be perfect for people who suffer with dry skin. I love to wear this BB Cream on long haul flights, as I get decent coverage as well as the skin care hydrating benefits of the serum. Long haul flights air con can really dry out your skin, so this product is perfect for overnight flights. The staying power of the product is pretty decent. I noticed that the product broke down around my nose area at the end of the day but the rest of my face still looked flawless. I have combination skin and get oily around my nose so I expected for the product to wear off around that area.

 The BB Cream has a light texture and coverage. It does not cover up scars and blemishes. You will definitely need concealer for that. The biggest con about this product is that it only comes in two shades, which is Light and Medium. I have the shade Light which is obviously too light for me. Luckily like all BB Creams, it does oxidise on my face to suit my skintone. Those with deeper complexions will definitely have a problem finding something that matches their exact shade. If you want a product to even out your skin tone and give you a hydrating radiant glow that is light in consistency then you will love this product. As I said I love to wear this on long flights or days when I want to have minimal makeup but still have an even glowing complexion. To me this product is more like a glorified tinted moisturiser than a heavy BB Cream because it is so light in coverage. Nevertheless I still love it and would want to own another tube when this one runs out. Can I mention that my mom's complexion looks amazing with this BB Cream?! It works magic on her face. She definitely looks more youthful and glowing. Big thumbs up from my mom! Lol ;-)

Thank you for reading.
Much love!!!

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  1. i didn't know they had a bb cream! i love the coverage you got Desle. i never had much luck with bb creams, so i will have to look into this. thanks girl.

    1. I love everything Guerlain. They are amazing! ;-)

  2. Sounds like a really lovely product! I may give it a go instead of getting the Christmas meteorites! They are just so pretty!


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