Favourite Winter Thing Tag

Monday, August 17, 2015

Favourite Winter Thing Tag 

Hi Divas

This week I want to take a break from the reviews and do a fun tag. Winter is almost coming to a close in the Southern Hemisphere. I am really glad that Summer is approaching again because Cape Town has been particularly cold these last three months. I am so looking forward to the warm sunshine days, lazing around on the beach and wearing my pretty bright dresses again. What I will miss about Winter time is not worrying about whether I look fat in an outfit or not. In Winter you can wear heavy coats and big slouchy jerseys to cover up the extra bulges on the body. Lol, that is my favourite thing about Winter. I think this tag is done. Hehehe, just joking. I will be doing a random Winter tag in this post. Hope you all enjoy reading and learning a little more about me. You can answer some of the questions in the comment section below too.


1. Do you like winter?
No. I am a Summer baby. I don't like getting cold.

2. What is your fave fashion accessory for the winter season?
I love wearing different coloured scarves and textures. It really brightens up an outfit and changes the look. 

3. What is your fave winter activity?
Reading and drinking tea/coffee in my bed.

4. What is your fave winter scent?
I adore the Guerlain scent La Petite Robe Noire. It is a beautiful sweet and fruity scent that is very warm and inviting. I love the cute bottle packaging too. It is fit for a diva! ;-)

5. What is your fave winter drink?
Anything with coffee in it. I love drinking decadent lattes and Mocha cafes. Yum!

6. What is your fave winter lip colour?
I like a dark smouldering lip. Be it a dark purple, red or plum shades. My favourites are Gemma by Stila, Rapture by Urban Decay, Shanghai Express by Nars and Cinnamon Spice by Wet n' Wild.

7. What is your fave Winter holiday movie?
 I don't really have an absolute favourite Winter movie, but I do enjoy watching The Holiday and The Secret Garden with a big bowl of popcorn and my warm oversized blanket.

8. What is your fave winter blush?
Too Faced Sweethearts blush in Peach Beach is my favourite. It gives a beautiful peach and bronzy glow in the winter time. It really warms up the face.

9. What is your fave winter holiday treat?
 My bed! I rarely go away on holiday during the Winter months. I prefer being cozy in my bed.

10.What is your fave nail colour/polish for the winter season?
 I don't have a favourite Winter nail polish as I wear all my bright colours all year round. I enjoyed my leopard print manicure that I did a while back. It is dark and vampy, yet still fun to wear. I want to recreate that manicure again. It is great for Winter time.

I really hope you enjoyed this tag
Much love!
Divalicious kisses

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  1. A beautiful post, Diva Desle! Some really nice winter favourites. The Secret Garden is one of my absolute favourite films of all time. :D

    1. You love that movie too??? That is so cool! ;-)

  2. Desle, we could be sisters because I love the same things! HaHaHa I love rich colors for lipsticks, warm drinks and a great book. We're going into Fall here!

  3. It's so weird for me to read this post because here is so hot at the moment! Love UD Rapture!


Thank you for your comment:-)