Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation (International Series)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

Hi Divas

Since Benefit will be reaching South African shores again soon, I thought I would do a foundation review from the range. I bought this foundation at Sephora in Qatar earlier this year. I usually do not buy foundations as I prefer BB creams and tinted moisturisers for a light coverage. What attracted me most about this particular foundation is that it is described as a light to medium coverage that brightens your complexion creating a ''your skin but better look''. The foundation is meant to give a luminous glow and has vitamin C and E derivatives to brighten the skin and give a youthful appearance. The box states that it is oil free and has an SPF 25 as well. The foundation comes in 9 shades ranging from Ivory to Nutmeg. I do have to say that I find the naming of the shades a little confusing. I usually buy sand or honey in a foundation shade. With this product the shade beige is much darker than the honey shade, which is very weird because beige is always known to be lighter than honey in the conventional shade range. Anyway there are two types of beige shades in the range and I picked up the lightest of the two which is Beige,''I'm all the rage''.

The foundation comes in a sturdy 30ml plastic bottle with a pump. I actually like the packaging of this product as it is travel friendly and won't break easily if it falls on hard floors. Plus who doesn't love a pump with their foundation? Pump bottles are much more convenient and hygienic. I also love that the bottle is see-through so I can see exactly how much product is left. I usually use two pumps of the foundation to cover my entire face. The foundation is quite runny so I prefer to use my fingers when blending it onto my skin. I then go in with my makeup sponge afterwards to blend the foundation around the edges of my face like my forehead, chin and nose area. The formula of the foundation is very light. It blends easily and looks natural on the skin. If you are wearing your exact shade you won't be able to tell that you are wearing foundation. Your skin will definitely look luminous, glowing and your complexion will be evened out.

-I love that the foundation is very hydrating and breathable. You won't feel like you are wearing makeup when you layer this on. It looks very natural on the skin and not cakey at all.
- The bottle is travel friendly and easy to use

-Unfortunately this foundation does oxidize later on in the day. Plus my shade Beige is a little too orange/golden toned for me.I definitely need a lighter shade in this foundation.
- This works best for dry to combination skin tones. If you are oily it will leave your face looking shiny throughout the day.

To solve my shade problem I have been mixing this foundation with a lighter shade foundation from Essence. I will do a review of my Essence foundation soon. I feel that this combination gives a pretty result on my face. I really hope you found this review helpful.
Thank you so much for reading!

Divalicious Kisses.

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  1. I love this foundation! But I use the powder one from them :)
    Have u tried their primer?


    1. I got the sample of the primer and I really liked it ;-)

  2. I have stopped using foundation but I want to pick it up again...

    1. You should try bb creams. They are so easy to use. xxx

  3. It's a pity about the it oxidising... That sucks when that happens. :(

  4. Great review Desle! I tried their Big Easy Foundation and none matched my skin tone. Plus they were all orangey in tint. I also tried this foundation and I didn't get a color match. So I've stayed away! LOL

    1. Hahaha, you make me laugh Kim. The struggle is REAL! ;-D

  5. Love Benefit products, but I haven't tried their foundations! I am curious about the Big Easy one!

  6. A good review, Diva Desle. I like that the bottle is travel-friendly. :-)


Thank you for your comment:-)