Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Peach Beach Review (International Series)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Peach Beach  

Hi Divas!

Hope you are all doing great this week. It has been really cold and wet in Cape Town. It seems that Winter is finally upon us in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though the sun is barely peaking through I am still managing to keep my summer glow with a beautiful blush by Too Faced called Sweethearts in Peach Beach. I have wanted this blush for a long time because of the very pretty heart shaped box it comes in. The packaging is absolutely adorable and so sweet. I love the pink box with a touch of gold print. These boxes are perfect to display on your vanity table. It gives your makeup space a vintage and romantic feel to it. Don't this blush look like something Maria Antoinette would have used?

The blush is divided into three shades as you can see in the photo above. The first shade is a shimmery light peachy gold. This is the lightest colour in the box and can be used as a pretty highlighter across the cheeks. The middle shade is a soft rosy pink colour with a hint of purple undertones and has a satin finish. The last shade is a deep gold almost bronze colour with slight shimmer. All three colours can be used separately or mixed together to create a beautiful flushed peachy glow. The colours add wonderful dimensions to your cheeks, so your face won't end up looking flat with just one shade but it will be contoured, blushed and highlighted all at the same time. The finish is very beautiful and depending on your mood, you can go for a light sweep across your cheeks for a slight glow, or you can layer the blusher for a heavier bronzed look.

Peach Beach is the lightest shade out of the Sweethearts range and will suit any skin tone. It too is very versatile in that you can use it as an everyday blush or for special occasions. I love the peachy glow it gives to your face and light bounces beautifully off the highlight shade giving you a glow from within look. I found that the other two blushes in the Sweethearts range were heavily pigmented with dark pinks and purples, so I think Peach Beach is definitely the middle ground between the other two. The only con I have to say about the blush is that the packaging is very bulky and not travel friendly. It won't fit easily into a small makeup bag. This is actually not a problem for me because I take a massive makeup bag with me when I travel long distances anyway, so I will surely squeeze this pretty blush in there too.  ;-)

Hope you found this review helpful. Thank you for reading.

Much love!

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  1. I have the darker shade and much prefer this one. I'll probably get it before the end of the year. It creates a beautiful glow on your face Desle.

  2. Oh wow... This blush looks amazing on you Desle... WOW !!

  3. I love these shades I have to have them even if my wallet doesn't agree! lol


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