10 Things That Made Me Happy in April (2015)

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy in April (2015)

Hi Divas!!!

Oh my gosh ladies, I can't believe that we are almost half way through the year. It is May already... Shut the front door! April was a lovely month for me. It was filled with adventures, happy moments and over all good vibes. I haven't done a ''10 Things that made me happy'' post in a while so I thought I would do one for the month of April. I hope you enjoy reading and don't forget to share below what made you smile or what were your happy moments for the month of April.

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1. Easter Time: I love Easter because I get to spend quality time with my family and indulge on yummy chocolates without feeling guilty about it. Big YAY for pigging out on chocolate!

2. Switching up a Summer and Winter wardrobe: In Cape Town April is always an unpredictable month when it comes to weather patterns. One day you wearing mini shorts and the next day you all wrapped up in a warm scarf and putting on your leather boots. I have really been enjoying wearing four different seasons of clothes in one week.

3. Catching up with University Friends: As you get older you slowly start to lose touch with your high school and university friends, due to the business of life and sometimes being in a different town or country to them. One of my good friends was busy preparing to leave for London, so we decided to have a get together in Stellenbosch, at the university where we studied together. We had so much fun laughing, chatting and being crazy. We also had way too many cocktails and tapas. It was all good though. I could let loose, because I wasn't driving. Lol ;-)

4. Enjoying Bath and Body Works Candles: Thanks to the increase in Loadshedding these days I have turned the dreadful mass electricity blackouts into a sweet smelling and calming time for me. This is my first time using these candles and I am in love! I will definitely do a full review of them on my blog. For my international readers who have no idea what Loadshedding is, I give you three words: THIRD WORLD PROBLEMS!

5. Reading a Good Book: I haven't finished a good book in a while because I have been travelling a lot and didn't have the time to read.This month I finished two books which I am absolutely delighted about. Both books were completely different in genre but I enjoyed them equally. There is something about finishing a good book that just delights my heart. 

6. My Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette: I know I have mentioned this probably a 1000 times before but I am absolutely in love with my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I swear, it's the only eyeshadow palette I use on a daily basis. The colours and textures of these eyeshadows are just too beautiful. Everyday that I wear it, it makes me feel pretty and happy. I really need to do a review of this too.

7. Korean Cosmetics: Thanks to my lovely friend Nicole, I have become hooked on Korean makeup and skincare. She sent me a box a long time ago filled with Korean products and I swear I can't get enough. I have a haul and some products I want to review for you on the blog later in the year, I am busy building up my stash. The one thing that really attracts me to Korean Cosmetics are their irresistible packaging. It is so kawaii and pretty. 

8. Manicure Fun: To carry on with my Korean Cosmetics obsession, I am loving the Korean brand Etude House Play Nail polishes. I have been playing around with different colours and designs. The colours are sweet pastel shades and the formula is very opaque. I love placing flower designs over my manicures for a pretty kawaii look.

9. Dancing in a Duck Costume: Hahaha, yes you read right! During the Easter Holidays one of the companies I work for, staged the Ugly Duckling show for kiddies to enjoy during the holiday period. And guess who was casted as the Ugly Duckling? Yip, Me! I had to sing and dance with a big orange beak mask on my face and covered in a feather costume which shed everywhere even in my mouth. It made me laugh so much, because how many people can say they dance in duck costumes for a living? Lol for days!!! ;-D

10. Feeling Like a Kid Again: My absolute favourite part of April was feeling like a kid again at Ratanga Junction. I recently enjoyed a day at the theme park, riding the deathly roller coasters (including the infamous Cobra ride), sliding down water tubes, swinging in mid air on the slingshot ride and screaming my lungs out on the Monkey Falls and landing in a splash of water all drenched, as seen in the photo above. The last time I was at Ratanga was more than 10 years ago. It was really great to have an adventurous day of pure fun.

Have a fabulous week Divas!
Lots of love. 

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  1. Those would make me SMILE too! HaHaHa Easter and Spring are such pretty times of the year. The change of weather, makeup and Easter treats. Very nice!

  2. love posts like this, i'm so happy to finally be dressing for spring/summer!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Thank you sweetpea! Big yay for change of season ;-)

  3. Your nails... Wow !! You really rocked some amazing designs in April xxx

    1. Thank you so much darling for the sweet compliment. It means so much to me. XXXXX

  4. Cocktails and tapas, now we're talking. Love this post Desle! :) xo


    1. Oh yeah, Victoria!! Thank you so much lovely lady. xoxo

  5. Your post made me smile and feel happy, Diva Desle. It's so uplifting. :-)


Thank you for your comment:-)