Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Marshmallow (International Series)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Marshmallow

Hey beautiful Divas, what's popping?!

I have been on a Too Faced makeup high recently. Seriously, I feel like I am addicted to the brand. I have lots of products to review from the line that I am loving. I am hardly ever disappointed when I use something from them. Too Faced has stolen my heart because of their very cute and girly packaging, their cruelty free badge and their amazing quality in their makeup products. Not forgetting their cheeky name 'Too Faced'. I sometimes giggle to myself when I mention the brand to someone else. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try one of the Melted lipsticks because of all the great reviews and hype it received from beauty bloggers on Youtube around the world. I really wanted the shade Melted Fig but they were out of stock at Sephora, so I bought Melted Marshmallow instead.

Firstly let's look at the packaging. The lipstick comes in a 12ml squeeze tube. The colour of the tube matches the colour of the lipstick. Therefore my tube is a soft baby pink with a gold top. The tube is sturdy and fits comfortably in my hand. It is small enough to pop into a makeup bag or a little clutch purse. The applicator has a furry white sponge tip which stains after you use the product. To apply the lipstick you squeeze the tube and little bits of product starts to ooze out of the sponge applicator. You then glide it all over your lips like a normal lipstick. The applicator distributes the product evenly across the lips. I just love the soft cushion feeling of the applicator sliding on my lips. It is very gentle and comforting. 

The texture of the lipstick feels very creamy as you apply it and dries to a semi matte finish.What I like most about this product is that it is a liquid lipstick but it does not have the sticky or runny texture like a gloss. It applies literally like a lipstick that has been melted by the sun. It is creamy and very opaque. For the particular shade that I have which is Melted Marshmallow, I prefer to wear it with a darker pink lip liner underneath. I feel that the colour suits my skin tone better this way. This shade is a barbie pink with blue undertones. It can make me look a little washed out because of my honey skin tone. My favourite lip liner to pair it with is Nude Pink by NYX. This too makes my lipstick last longer and stops the lipstick from smudging outside the lips.

When it comes to lasting power, it definitely stays put for a couple of hours if you haven't eaten anything. Once you have a drink or eat food, the lipstick tends to rub off easily. It does leave a pretty lip stain on your lips though. So your lips don't look completely washed out of colour once rubbed off. I also like the fact that even though these lipsticks dry to a semi matte finish they do not dry out the lips completely or cause flaking. You can go throughout your day wearing the product without worrying about chunks of lipstick balling up. I really like the texture and colour ranges of these lipsticks. I would definitely buy more if I had the chance. The next one on my list is Melted Fig.

Have a fabulous week
Diva kisses!

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  1. I've been wanting to try these! There's metallic version now I think! I need to try more Too faced products!

    1. There is a metallic version????????? Oh my hat, I need them in my life!

  2. Wish these products were more readily available locally :/ Looks lovely!

  3. I love Too Faced products also. The packaging is always so pretty! You are going to love their Sugar Pop palette Desle. So many pretty colors. I didn't know they had a FIG color. I need to look for it. That shade is very pretty on you.

    1. The sugar pop palette looks so beautiful. I am putting it on my wish list. Thanks Kim ;-)

  4. That colour looks great on you and I love that packaging! x

  5. Lucky lady!! Wish these were available in the country


  6. This colour looks really stunning on you . This is seriously a gorgeous barbie pink . xxx


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