SUMMER Holiday 2015: Summer Tag

Monday, January 12, 2015

SUMMER Holiday 2015:  
Summer Tag 

I'm back Divas!!

 Hey girls, what's up? Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and New Year Holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself eating and eating some more. I swear, I think I overdosed on chocolate and ice cream. My festive season was pretty chilled. I had a fun New Years Eve braai with my friends and watched the fireworks displays from a roof top building. I also really enjoyed taking long walks along Seapoint promenade and breathing in the fresh sea air. Most of you have probably started work already. I am still on holiday and currently enjoying a really good book. I let you know about the novel when I am done with it. I will be doing the Summer Tag this week to kick things off on my blog. (For all my international readers it is Summer time in the Southern Hemisphere.) Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what your favourites were these past holidays below. Much love!

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1. What is the best part of Summer time?
I love the vibe that summer brings. Everybody is happy, relaxed and in a party mood.

2. Do you tan or burn?
I tan and turn into a chocolate brown biscuit ;-)

3. Favourite Summer nail polish?
I usually wear neon pinks in Summer but this year I bought these cute pastel speckled nail polish from Tip Top. I have been loving them and wearing them non stop. The shades remind me of ice cream flavours and makes me super happy.

4. Favourite Summer drink/ beverage?
Passion Fruit and lemonade. 

5. Favourite Summer Clothing Item?
 I have been loving mini shorts this year in different colours.

6. Favourite current phone app during summer?
 I'm not really into phone apps but the one I used the most this summer was Sound Cloud to listen to all my favourite Summer jams.

7. Favourite Summer movie?
I love watching Casino Royal in the Summer time. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because Bond is in the Bahamas and then he travels to the beautiful Montenegro and Venice. You see all these stunning holiday destinations with beautiful beach sceneries.

8. Favourite Summer beauty product?
Why do tags always ask these hard questions? I can't choose one. I love everything! If I really have to choose something this year it would be fragrances. My favourite Summer perfume Burberry Summer and Sweet Pea body mist by Bath and Body Works. They are very light refreshing sweet fruity scents that make me feel beautiful and uplifts my mood.

9. Favourite Summer activity?
 Swimming, swimming and more swimming. Oh and eating tons of ice cream!

10. Favourite lip product for the Summer time?
I love wearing bright pink lipsticks during the holidays. I have been reaching for my Lime Crime lipstick in Geradium a lot lately.

Happiness and love Divas!!! 

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  1. I ate a lot of chocolate this Christmas too! I miss summer so much. It's snowing here and it is so cold!

    1. Ooh, I would love to experience a White Christmas one day ;-)

  2. Thanks for such a bright, colourful and lovely post, Diva Desle. It makes me long for summer. :-)

  3. You've had a superb Summer Desle. I love the movie Casino Royale. Daniel Craig is awesome. Lemonade is always so refreshing.

    1. Thanks Kim ;-) Yeah, I love that movie so much. I could watch it over and over again.

  4. Swimming is my favourite activity!!! That and drinking cocktails :) Great post Desle ... ;)

  5. Oh this was a very entertaining tag!


Thank you for your comment:-)