Clarins Instant Definition Mascara Review

Monday, September 15, 2014

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara Review

Hi Divas!

This week I bring to you a mascara review that is seriously well over due. I have had the Clarins Instant Definition Mascara for a while now and have been using it on and off. You see I hate wasting makeup products. Even if I have 10 mascaras that are open, I won't be able to throw any away just because I found a better one. I use all my makeup till the last drop. Of cause if it's something that is hazards to my wealth then I will throw the product away immediately. I would say that I definitely have a love hate relationship with this mascara.

 The Instant Definition Mascara promises to give intense volume to lashes. The mascara has a unique shaped brush that is tapered towards the tip. The bottom section of the brush has fanned out brushes which are meant to volumize and add dramatic effect from the base of your lash line following through to the ends. The tapered section at the tip has small individual brushes that are meant to grab hold of the inner corner lashes and brush the lower lashes too. The mascara formula contains red algae which aims to protect lashes from breaking or becoming damaged. Glycoproteins in the formulae thickens lashes and adds shine.

Brown eyed girl!

Firstly, I just love the packaging of this mascara. It comes in a beautiful gold metal tube that looks so elegant on a dressing table. It has an old Hollywood glam feeling when I use the mascara. It reminds me of the late 50's and 60's Hollywood actresses with their gorgeous vintage dressing tables and glamorous makeup. The packaging is beautiful and elegant. I give it 5 diva stars.

The formulae of the mascara is creamy, thick and quite sticky. It tends to sit heavy on the brush as you apply it to your lashes. This in turn will cause clumping if you are too in a hurry when brushing the mascara. I have noticed that to achieve the best results you have to grab the lashes at the root with the brush and slowly glide it towards the end of lashes. This will ensure a smooth application with less clumps. Once you have done this your lashes will appear thicker and more dramatic as you can see in the photo above. As for the brush I am really not a fan of it. The bristles are too short and do not grab my lashes well. I love long dramatic lashes and this brush does absolutely nothing in lengthening them. I find that the brush works best on my lower lashes as it is very narrow in shape and stubby enough to brush them out. On a good day I will give the mascara 3 diva stars. On a bad morning I will give it 2 diva stars. So to be fair, I give it 2 1/2 stars!

Pros: - Packaging is beautiful
-Works great for lower lashes
- Gives volume to lashes

Cons: - The formulae is too thick
- Tends to clump on the brush and lashes
- Brush does not lengthen lashes

To conclude the mascara is not worth the high end price tag. The packaging is beautiful and the mascara does volumize lashes but if you want to pay extra for a high end mascara I recommend getting something else. There are many mascaras on the market that will do a much better job than this one.

Thanks for reading, ladies.
Hope you found this review helpful:-)

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Have a fabulous week. Divaliscious kisses. Xxx

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  1. Thanks for the review, I'm actually looking for a new mascara so this helps eliminate one option ;)

  2. Thank you for the very helpful review, Diva Desle. I like the packaging too, it looks very glamorous. :-)

  3. thanks for this well written review!

  4. I have missed reading your beautiful blog recently! Really lovely detailed review, thank you my sweet friend! I also think the packaging is just beautiful! I'm with you though, I wish the formula was a little more volumizing. Thanks for the lovely treat this morning beauty! Sending tons of love!

    1. Aaww, thank you lady! Love you very much. XOXO


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