Catrice, Nails Inc, Sinful Colors Reviews and GIVEAWAY!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Catrice, Nails Inc, Sinful Colors Reviews  

Hi Ladies!

I want to apologise for being so M.I.A on the blog these past two weeks. Super lame, Desle! There was so much going on with work and my family that the blog was the last thing on my mind. Who can believe that we have actually hit September? Eeek, the year is almost over. What a scary thought! Any way I am back this week with a nail polish review post since I haven't done one in a while. Spring is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere so that means our nails need to look extra pretty and bright not only on the hands but toes too.

Nails Inc in Baker Street
What a beautiful shade of awesomeness! I am absolutely in love with this polish. The colour is a classy chic blue that can be worn to any event or with any outfit. The consistency of the polish is quite runny so you have to glide the polish slowly across the nails for an even application. Two coats would be enough for a beautiful manicure. Considering my history with Nails Inc polishes I really didn't expect this one to amaze me as it did. With a top coat the polish lasted 4 to 6 days.

Sinful Colors in Let's Meet
This was the first time I used Sinful Colors nail polish range. For the low price I was so surprised at the great quality of this varnish. This is a beautiful golden yellow shade with a slight shimmer. The polish applies sheer on the first coat. Two to three coats would be sufficient for a bright bold manicure. I particularly loved the staying power of the varnish. My manicure lasted all week with a top coat. I have bought more polishes from the Sinful Color range and can't wait to do more manicures.

Catrice in Rasberry Fields Forever
This too was the first time I used a Catrice nail polish. I don't know why I never got around to buying them. This is a beautiful dark pink berry shade bordering close to red, depending on the light. The staying power of the polish was pretty phenomenal. With a top coat my manicure lasted about 4 to 5 days with minimal chipping. I used two coats in the manicure above. On the first coat the polish glides smoothly and covers the nail in bold colour. The brush is quite thick so you have to be careful in the amount of polish you are using and not to mess all over your nails. I definitely recommend Catrice nail polishes. They are good quality, last long and are inexpensive.

Nails Inc Fibre Optic in Mayfair Mews: 
 One word... Yuk! I don't hate this nail polish but I really don't see myself reaching for it any time soon. It is suppose to give a funky fibre glitter effect but the texture and finish of this nail polish is just bland. It does nothing to enhance the look of your manicure. It makes your nails look messy. I would not recommend it. There are many other glitter nail polish effects that are 10 times better. Big miss for me.


In other news I have a mini GIVEAWAY. Whoop!!!  I am giving away this Grazia Nail Art set to one lovely lady. All you have to do is comment down below with your email address and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Winner will be announced in a week. Open to South African residents only*

Have a fabulous week Divas! Xoxo

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