Soap&Glory (International Series)

Monday, August 04, 2014

Soap&Glory Range (International Series)

Hi Divas

I thought I would start an international Series on my blog since I have many overseas brands in my beauty stash that are either not available or hard to find in SA. I want to do reviews on these products to help you make informed decisions when you buy these products online or you go overseas and have a crazy beauty shopping spree, like I did ;-) It is always good to know what is out there and know what to look out for when you travel. 

First up, we will be travelling to the U.K for the awesome Soap & Glory brand.

About Soap & Glory: 

Soap & Glory was founded by Marcia Kilgore in England. This brand not only comprises of bath and body products but has an extensive makeup range too. Their products are packaged in baby pink colours with slogans that will either make you laugh or blush. This brand is very playful and sometimes cheeky as well when it comes to product names. They draw inspiration from vintage pin up women mixed with 21st century humour.

Products I used:

- The Righteous Butter: What can I say about this butter? It is everything I ever wanted in a body butter plus more. Firstly it comes in a big pink 300ml tub. You ladies know I love all things pink so this is a serious bonus for me. Secondly the scent of this body butter is so amazing I could just sniff it all day long. It consists of mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach and warm vanilla notes. Thirdly this body butter is super moisturising. I would lather my skin with it in the evening and the next evening my skin would still feel soft and moisturised. This is perfect for dry winter skin as it contains shea butter and aloe vera. The butter formula has a moisture trap matrix to keep the skin hydrated for longer. I usually use this twice a week because it is so moisturising on the skin. I can understand why this is an award winning body butter. It is amazing and I want more.

-Clean On Me Shower Gel: Ladies!!! Hide this shower gel away from your husband, sisters, kids and everybody in your house hold. I swear to you this is the best shower gel I have ever used in my whole life. Take it from me, you wouldn't want to share one little drop with anyone. The 480ml tube of shower gel has a built in body lotion and mandarin peel extracts. The body wash is thick and creamy and lathers wonderfully on the skin. I can't get enough of the beautiful sweet fresh scent. I sometimes open the bottle just to take a whiff of it. Once you use this bath time will never be the same. My skin always felt clean, luxurious and moisturised. I need to buy 10 bottles!

-Flake Away Body Scrub: I have the travel size tub of this scrub. It is a thick sticky paste with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. I rub the paste all over my body with my hands until the sugar dissolves. This sea salt and sugar exfoliates the skin while the shea butter and sweet almond oil leaves your skin feeling soft and glowing. This is a lovely scrub that is gentle enough to use every day. The scent is made up of Soap and Glory's famous original pink scent which is sweet with a little orange citrus twist. I would definitely buy a bigger tub of this scrub.

-Hand Food Hand Cream: The hand cream consists of Shea butter and Macadamia oil to moisturise and nourish dry hands. I must say that I was a little disapointed with this hand cream. I was expecting the hand cream to do wonders for my hands. Unfortunately it has a very light consistency and does not work well for dry winter skin. This would be best for summer time when your hands need a little moisture. This is my least favourite scent from the range. The smell is a little artificial and not soothing or calming. I probably would not purchase this again as I love hand creams that can be used all year round.

My favourites and absolute must haves:

It has to be the Clean On Me Shower Gel and the Righteous Body Butter. I truly feel like I don't want to live without these two products. They are the best in the range.

Things I still want to try: 

I would still love to try their makeup products and their Sugar Crush body range.

Soap & Glory is available at in South Africa. Thanks for reading ladies. Hope you will find this series useful and informative.

Lots of divaliscious kisses.

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  1. Thanks for the very informative post, Diva Desle! It really helped me to choose which Soap & Glory products to purchase. Lots of love! :D

    1. Aww, thanks for reading, Saundy. Sending you tons of love right back. Xxx

  2. Great review, I haven't tried this brand before because my skin is super sensitive so I'm always reluctant to try new things

    1. These products are really gentle but if you are still unsure they sell great travel sizes for you to try out first before you buy a bigger size product.

  3. I need to get something from Rubybox. Sounds amazing. :)

  4. I love soap and glory products...! Right now im in love with their bubble bath ^^



    Oh! There is a Back to School giveaway over at my blog ^^

    1. Ooh I never tried the bubble bath yet. Thanks for the recommendation:-)

  5. Great Review Hun.. xxx


Thank you for your comment:-)