NYX Haul and Reviews

Monday, July 14, 2014

NYX Haul and Reviews

Hi Divas!

Sorry that I have been M.I.A last week. I was very busy with work and didn't find the time to blog. This week I am back and I bring to you my mini NYX haul. I have never really used NYX products up until now and I must say that I feel I have totally been depriving myself from an awesome makeup brand. I bought these goodies at Clicks for a show that I was doing. I needed makeup products that would be pigmented and long lasting, since I was dancing like a crazy person on stage every day. Here are my four reviews of the goodies I bought and used this past two months.

NYX Super Fat Eye Marker: 
The eye liner/marker comes in a thick tube that resembles a black highlighter. The packaging is sturdy plastic that can be held comfortably in the hand. The marker has a thick black tip just like a koki pen. It is designed to create a thick black line across the eye. This is great to use if you are creating a rock chick edgy look and want a thick line for a smoky eye. This marker is also perfect to create the perfect Arabian eye liner which I have used it for. If you are new to winged liners and cat eyes this is a great product to start out with and practice drawing a precise line across the eye. I could control the pen perfectly when creating my winged eye liner. The marker works well if you are pressed for time and you want a beautiful black winged line without having to slowly draw it across with a gel liner and brush. The pigmentation of the marker is fabulous. The black is sharp and intense. It does not smudge easily but if you do rub your liner vigorously when it is completely dry it will smudge a bit. If you want a smudged liner it would be best to smudge it before it dries. I love this marker and use it every day. It makes a big difference to if you want to create dramatic eyes.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk: 
Every beauty guru on YouTube has been raving about this jumbo eye pencil so of cause I had to give it a try. I use this as an eyeshadow base to create a smooth light canvas for bright eyeshadows to pop with colour. I also use it as a primer so that my eyeshadows last all day and do not crease. I have used it to line my lower water line as well. The pen is quite thick so you have to lightly glide it across the water line or you will end up looking really sickly (not cool!). The product is soft and glides smoothly onto the eyelids. It blends really well and does not melt or slide off my lids. I do apply pressed powder underneath the pencil to keep my eyelids matte and oil free. The packaging is paper and plastic and resembles a crayon. I am very disappointed with the packaging of these pencils even though I love the product. When I bought it I was hoping that the pencil had a twist cap at the bottom and I could just twist the product out. Unfortunately these jumbo pencils need to be sharpened. You will need a very sharp jumbo pencil sharpener as the paper is quite hard. Needless to say I had to buy me a brand new sharpener.

NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Gold:
This is a fun glitter product that I would place in the 'extra' makeup category. This is not an essential makeup product but it is great to whip out for a fancy dress party, stage makeup and the like. The glitter liquid liner has been created for the eyes but can be used anywhere on the face for some decoration. It has a mini slim brush that works well for creating precise lines and patterns on the eyes and face. The product is easy to use and lasts long.

NYX Slim Pencil Liner in Pinky:
This is an inexpensive lip liner that I feel can rival some of the best MAC lip liners out there. The pigmentation and durability is excellent. I have one in the shade Pinky. I use it with most of my pink lipsticks because the colour is quite versatile. The tip is sturdy and does not break or crumble when applied on the lips or when the pencil is being sharpened.

Below are the tips of the products and swatches. As you can see the pigmentation is excellent and the textures are ultra smooth.
NYX Super Fat Eye Marker; NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk; NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Gold;
NYX Slim Pencil Liner Liner in Pinky.

Hope you found these reviews helpful, ladies. Let me know if you have tried any of these products below. Have a wonderful week ahead.
Much love!

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  1. The gold liner is sooo gorgeous! Wow! Now I need it!

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  3. I'm on a look out for inexpensive lip liners. I'll definitely give this one a try :)

    1. These are awesome. You won't be dissapointed :-)

  4. Great review. Very pretty colours. :)


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