Stila Lip Glaze Set

Monday, June 02, 2014

Stila Lip Glaze Set

Hello ladies!

Stila Lip glazes have been out for a really long time and I finally got to try them this past month. I have three colours in Persimmon, Melon and Cranberry. As most of you may know I love wearing bright lips so I was very excited to add these products to my makeup collection. The three I have comes in a set but you can purchase the lip glazes individually too. The glosses comes in an array of colours in a 1.5ml tube and promises to give a high shine glossy look on the lips.

The lip glazes are packaged in a pen like tube with a lip brush on top and a twist cap at the bottom. The pen is similar to a concealer pen as the bottom cap is twisted for the product to ooze out onto the brush. I love the way the lip glaze applies on my lips. The formula fills the brush and is easily brushed onto my lips. The application is not messy at all and the product glides smoothly and evenly. One coat would be sufficient but I like to pack the colour onto my lips so I add two thick coats as shown in the picture below. 

Stila Lip Glaze in Persimmon: A bright cherry red shade.
Stila Lip Glaze in Melon: A bright peachy coral shade.
Stila Lip Glaze in Cranberry: A warm reddish brown shade with a hint of berry.

I was very surprised at the consistency of these lip glazes. The formula is very thick and pigmented. With one coat my lips were coated in colour. The lip glazes do not apply sheer at all. If you want a glossy look with intense colour then this is fabulous. The lip glazes are shiny like gloss but very pigmented like a lipstick. They are sticky on the lips though. Even after they have worn off, my lips still felt a little sticky from the gloss. They definitely leave a slight hint of colour on my lips when it is worn off after eating as well.

These are great to wear on its own but I love to wear these over my lipsticks to intensify the colour and make my lips look more glossy and juicy. If you are not a fan of thick sticky glosses then you probably won't like this product. I know that some women have a love hate relationship with sticky glosses. I don't mind the sticky formula and I love the intense colour and shine on my lips. Have any of you lovely ladies tried these? Let me know below.

Have a great week Divas!!

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  1. Ohhh!!! I used to have these in nude! So pretty ^^


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  2. I love Stila make-up, but I can't handle their lip glazes. Although they look so pretty, I find I spend the whole day eating my hair because it gets constantly stuck to my lips :)

  3. Yes they are very sticky and I can imagine your hair will stick to them. But I love the bright colours too;)


Thank you for your comment:-)